ALSIM Energy partners with Synergy Marine to supply low-cost rechargeable and non-combustible batteries to marine cargo ships

ALSIM high-performance battery technology promises to accelerate the electricity supply in the marine sector by reducing the risk of fires from lithium-based batteries.

BURN, MA–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire): Alsim Energy, a developer of next-generation rechargeable batteries, announced today that it will work with Synergy Marine and in collaboration with Japan’s Nissin Kaiyun Corporation to: applications for the developing shipping sector utilizing high-performance, low-cost ALSIM technology. Headquartered in Singapore, Synergy Marine is a leading global provider of ship management services, currently managing over 500 vessels.

Greenhouse gases from ships are expected to account for around 17 percent of total global emissions by 2050 if the sector does not step up its efforts to provide electricity. Port operations generate large amounts of polluted air—as much as half of total emissions in some metro areas—and some ports today require ships to use highly efficient fuels and adhere to speed limits within 20 miles of shore, while others have banned the use of existing ones. backup generators On diesel when the ship is at anchor.

Under the partnership, ALSIM Synergy and Nissin Kayon will supply 1 gigawatt of batteries annually for three years, in a move that will be the company’s first year of mass production, provided the battery systems meet key performance levels and regulatory requirements for ships and tankers. sea ​​freight ALSIM batteries can be used to power shipping vessels and tankers as they enter and leave port, provide power to anchored ships, and support applications for pressure reduction of electrical energy consumption during peak times at sea. Later this year, the company plans to begin trial manufacturing of its non-flammable batteries for electric vehicles, ships and stationary storage at its Massachusetts facility, with mass production expected to follow in 2025.

Captain Rajesh Oni, founder and CEO of Synergy Marine Group, said: “Zero-emission vessels are the future of shipping, and we are working with like-minded owners, including Nissin Kayon, to remove carbon from every part of the system as quickly as possible. as possible By lowering the cost of supplying electricity and reducing the risk of fires associated with batteries, ALSIM technology is well positioned to provide a more

A safer environment that will help the shipping sector achieve its goal of zero net emissions by 2050 – especially in light of the European Commission’s recent proposal to classify lithium as a toxic substance.”

By using low-cost, inherently non-flammable raw materials with robust global supply chains, ALSIM aims to offer batteries at a fraction of the cost of lithium-based technologies, making electricity supply safe and economical. These batteries can also help reduce risks to both crew and cargo, as well as reduce insurance costs for fleet managers and carriers.

“Synergy Marine is at the forefront of technology for the marine sector, and it is an honor to be part of the company’s journey to work with owners as they move away from fossil fuels,” said Mukes Chatter, President and CEO of Alsim Energy, said. “By manufacturing batteries from low-cost, non-flammable, readily available and inherently non-toxic materials, we provide an economically viable way to help them remove carbon while reducing operating expenses and insurance costs associated with lithium- and cobalt-based batteries technologies,” he added.


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About Alsim Energy

Alsim Energy is a leading developer of advanced low-cost, high-performance rechargeable batteries made from readily available materials that are non-flammable and naturally non-toxic, providing an economically viable alternative to lithium-based technologies. The company focuses on the commercial development and mass production of batteries for use in applications including electric passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, marine transportation and stationary energy storage to enable a carbon neutral future. For more information, please visit the following website:

About Synergy Marine Group

Headquartered in Singapore, Synergy is characterized by its consistent approach to asset management and the ability to develop customized thought partnership strategies with major owners. Synergy, whose network covers 25 offices in 13 countries and employs more than 18,000 seafarers, operates a fleet of more than 500 vessels, including those dedicated to the most complex LNG operations (including floating storage units) and petroleum gas operations vessels . more than 20,000 mega container ships with a twenty-foot equivalent unit, in addition to oil and chemical tankers, car carriers and bulk carriers. With a strong focus on crew welfare, digitization and environmentally responsible policies, Synergy is at the forefront of transforming the ship management sector. For more information, please visit the following website:


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