Customs Administration Administrative Regulation System for the year 2022

Amman- The Law and Opinion Bureau has published the draft of the administrative organization system for the Customs Department for the year 2022.

According to Article 11 of the system, the Customs Department Administrative Organization Act No. (27) for the year 2011 is revoked, and the instructions and decisions issued pursuant thereto shall continue to be applied until amended, revoked or replaced by others. .

Here is the text of the order:

Customs Administration Administrative Regulation System for the year 2022


Regulation No. ( ) for the year 2022

Customs Department Administrative Organization System

Issued in terms of section 120 of the Constitution


Article (1) – This system shall be called (the Customs Department Administrative Organization Regulation for the year 2022) and shall enter into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Section (2) – The following words and phrases, wherever mentioned in this system, shall have the meanings assigned to them below, unless the context otherwise indicates:-

Minister: The Minister of Finance.

Department: The Customs Department.

Chief Manager: The director general of the department.

Directorate: The basic unit in the organizational structure of the department that carries out a main task in which the number of its departments is not less than two.

Customs Centre: Any customs center established in the Department in terms of the applicable Customs Act.

Committee: The Planning and Co-ordination Committee in the constituency formed under the provisions of this bye-law.

Section (3) A- The department aims to provide a leading customs service that meets the requirements of economic development and keeps pace with developments at national and global level by achieving the following objectives:

1- Contribute to increasing the efficiency of the national economy, encouraging investment and improving the national industry’s ability to compete.

2- Facilitating the movement of passengers and trade exchange between the Kingdom and other countries.

3- Reduction of illegal commercial activities.

4- To provide the treasury with income.

B- The department works to achieve its goals by:

1- Update and development of customs processes and procedures.

2- Facilitating and simplifying procedures for passengers and goods.

3- Monitoring the movement of passengers and means of transport across the borders of the Kingdom in accordance with the powers of the Department in accordance with the legislation in force.

4- Updating and developing the means to combat smuggling and illegal commercial activities.

5- Upgrading the infrastructure and legislation, development of human resources, and development of administrative and technical work methods.

Section (4)- The organizational structure of the department shall be as follows:-

A- General manager

b- The internal control unit.

b- Assistants to the General Manager.

C- Advisors to the Director General.

D – directorates.

E- Customs Centres.

f- Customs laboratories.

Article (5) – A- The Director-General is linked to the Minister and is responsible for carrying out the tasks of the Department and for the proper functioning of the work therein.

b- The internal control unit is linked to the minister.

C- Associated with the general manager are:

1. Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

2. The assistant for customs technical matters.

3. The assistant for commitment and facilitation matters.

4. Consultants.

5. Office of the Director General.

6. Anti-Smuggling Directorate.

7. Directorate of Institutional Development.

8. Directorate of Legal Affairs.

9. Customs centres.

Article (6) A- The Assistant Director-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs is linked to the following directorates:

1. Human resources.

2. Financial matters.

3. Logistics and processing.

4. Public service and succession.

5. Public relations, media and international cooperation.

B- The Assistant Director General for Customs Technical Affairs is linked to the following directorates:

1. Rates and agreements.

2. Temporary entry.

3. Exemptions.

4. Value matters.

5. Issues.

6. Transit and procedures.

7. Customs laboratories.

C- Associated with the Assistant Director General for Compliance and Facilitation Matters are the following directorates:-

1. Risk management.

2. Customs intelligence.

3. Information and Communication Technology.

Article (7) A- A committee will be set up in the department called (Planning and Coordination Committee) under the leadership of the Director General and the membership of:

1. Assistant General Manager.

2. Directors of the following directorates:-

 Institutional development.

 Human Resources.

 Finances.

 Legal matters.

 Information and Communication Technology.

3. Two directors of customs centers nominated by the Director General.

b- The Director General nominates one of his assistants as a Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

C- The committee will study the following matters and make recommendations on them:

1. The department’s work plans and programs and ways to follow up their implementation.

2. The department’s performance, achievements and effective ways to promote its work to ensure optimal achievement of its goals.

3. The general plan of the training programs for the employees of the department.

4. The department’s annual budget draft and the schedule of job creations therein.

5. Draft laws, regulations and instructions related to the work of the department.

6. The department’s organizational structure and the linking of directorates, customs centers and departments in accordance with work requirements.

7. Any other matters referred to him by the Director General.

Article (8)-a- The committee meets at the invitation of its chairman or his deputy at least once every three months or whenever necessary The side with which the chairman of the meeting voted.

B- The head of the committee may invite any of the advisers or any of the department’s employees or any person outside him to participate in the committee’s meetings to obtain his opinion on the matters presented to him without to have the right to vote.

C- The Director of Institutional Development shall be the Secretary of the Committee who prepares for its meetings, records its minutes, organizes them, keeps its records and transactions, and follows up the implementation of its recommendations.

Article (9)-a. The Council of Ministers, on the recommendation of the Minister, based on the recommendation of the Director General, creates any directorate in the department, merges it with others, or abolishes it.

B. The Director-General may, on the basis of the committee’s recommendation, create or cancel any department in the directorate, customs center or customs laboratory, or merge it with others.

Article (10) The Minister shall, on the recommendation of the Director General, issue the necessary instructions and decisions to implement the provisions of this regulation, including the following:

1. Determination of the duties and responsibilities of the customs directorates and laboratories.

2. Description and classification of posts in the department.

3. Determination of the organizational structure of the customs directorates and centres.

4. Determination of the relationship and methods of communication and coordination in the department.

Article (11) – The Administrative Organization System of the Customs Department No. (27) of 2011 shall be repealed, and the instructions and decisions issued thereunder shall continue in force until amended, repealed or replaced by others.

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