It is estimated at 900 million. Al-Ghulusi calls on the Ministry of Interior to investigate a grant paid to an unknown association in the Fez region

The head of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds, Mohamed Lagolousi, called on the Ministry of Interior to investigate what was spread in the media about the spending of the Fez-Meknes Regional Council for an amount of 900 million centimes to an unknown association.

Al-Glousi asked that a committee be sent to the council of the Fez-Meknes region to carry out all the necessary investigations, complete a detailed report on the matter, inform public opinion about its results and bring the alleged culprits to justice if it proves the validity of what has been circulated and that there is any wastage or wastage of public money because no one, regardless of his position, should be allowed to exploit centers. Responsibility to play with public money that was originally directed to serve development, as he stated It.

In a long post on his Facebook account, Al-Ghulusi indicated that the Council did not bother to provide any clarification on the subject even though the matter is related to the disbursement of public money and the management of public affairs. , and it is his duty to enlighten public opinion on an issue of concern to him, which increases the complexity and ambiguity of the issue in light of the continuation of the policy of silence until now and propagation Many rumors about this topic and turned it into a mystery that needs further explanation.

Al-Glousi asked: “Is the governor of the Fez-Meknes region aware of this matter? Did he exercise his role in administrative control in accordance with the law regarding the decision of the region’s council, if it is true that he provides support has in the amount of 900 million to an association not known for any activity? Was this support actually provided or No. During the era of which board provided this support, was the current board or the previous one? What is the criteria for providing this support, if true? Has any agreement been concluded in this regard? What are its scope and objectives? Has the door been opened for all associations to participate? Is the council portal available on a list of favored associations?”

He explained that the support of associations and the distribution of aid to them is mentioned exclusively in Article 92 of the organization law related to local communities (Law No. 113-14), and it is not mentioned in the two organization laws related don’t like regions, workers and regions. .

He continued: “While the conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements was mentioned in the three organizational laws related to all types of territorial groups (local authorities, regions, regions and prefectures), these territorial institutions can enter into cooperation and partnership agreements with other territorial groups close. , public administrations and institutions, or economic actors Or civil societies, provided it is related to the completion of a project or activity of common interest between the parties to the agreement, which necessarily indicates that the councils of the regions, workers and regions not legally entitled to provide any support or assistance to civil societies outside of the conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements.

The spokesperson said that section 46 of the organization law related to the authorities No. 111-14 indicates that the conclusion of this type of agreement requires the vote of the absolute majority of the members, and notes that the Ministry of the Interior previously sent a letter to workers and governors dated April 5, 2018, to inform them informed about the mentioned legal requirements related to the conditions Supporting associations and the conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements in accordance with the regulatory laws of territorial communities (local communities – regions – workers and regions), and informed workers and governors about the need to exercise the necessary administrative control when elected councils violate the legal requirements related to this support and the conclusion of partnership and cooperation agreements.

Glossy concluded that the different territorial groups are legally obliged to make decisions regarding support and assistance to the associations for the local communities and to conclude cooperation and partnership agreements for all the territorial groups (local, regional, prefectures and regions) decisions that the names of the relevant associations and the criteria for this support and the extent of the association’s activity within the framework of the rules Transparency, equality and management as constitutional principles.

Therefore, adds the jurist himself, it is not possible to provide arbitrary support or assistance to associations by local groups, or to conclude a cooperation and partnership agreement, according to the above explanation, for non-active associations that do not have programs and indeed not provide an addition to the union scene, otherwise the support would be a mere waste and waste of public money and encouragement of the quarter and corruption in order to create supporters and an electoral reservoir for officials in charge of public affairs to ensuring their continuity and their survival in public administration positions at the expense of public money.

The lawyer in the Marrakesh Authority said that the associations that benefit from arbitrary support or from partnership and cooperation agreements must submit detailed financial reports to the donor groups, supported by arguments that show the disbursement of public funds presented to them and the regional accounts proof. remains obliged to verify the validity of the statements and arguments submitted to prove the disbursement of those funds, as well as to ensure the safety of the procedures related to this.

Therefore, workers and governors, while exercising administrative control on the basis of the regulatory laws that regulate all the territorial communities, are obliged to ensure that the decisions taken are not contrary to the law, and they can object to this within the framework of their exercise of their role in administrative control to ensure the proper functioning of public utilities, according to what Al-Ghulusi wrote.

Media sources published reports that the head of the Fez-Meknes region indicated a grant of 900 million centimes, divided into two payments, each payment amounting to 450 million for the benefit of the Wassfa Belhamiya association.

The same sources said that the party had given support to a bogus association that exists only on paper and has no field activities, a support that nearly blew up the meeting of the party’s government office, after members of the region’s council of its independent president, Abdul Wahed Al-Ansari, to provide explanations about this generous grant that benefited from it.

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