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La Vista Real Estate Development and Development is working on the establishment of many diverse residential projects in various locations in Egypt. Each of the important vital places, such as El Shorouk, 6th of October City, and the New Administrative Capital, in addition to Ain Sukhna and the North Coast. La Vista Company did not forget the Fifth Settlement, but instead worked on a series of successful projects settle in it, and during our topic for today we will make sure that Take a quick look at La Vista’s projects in New Cairo.

La Vista Fifth Settlement

La Vista Company was not satisfied with the establishment of one or two projects in New Cairo, but also worked on the establishment of four projects of a high level of quality, designed with great precision and sophistication to be in their beauty comparing the international designs. . It has everything you are looking for, and these projects are:

  • El patio oro.
  • El Patio 7 El patio.
  • El Patio Project 2 El patio.
  • El Patio 3 El patio.
  • El Patio 1 El patio.

El Patio Euro

The El Patio Oro project is one of the most famous projects of La Vista in general, and in New Cairo In particular, due to its excellent location and the various services and housing units it provides, we find that:

  • El Patio Oro project is located in the heart of New Cairo, especially in the fifth settlement area.
  • El patio oro is located in the Golden Square area, which is one of the liveliest areas.
  • The El Patio Oro project is only 10 minutes from the Cairo-Suez Road.
  • As for the Ain Sukhna area, El Patio Oro is only 12 minutes away.
  • It is only 7 km between El Patio Oro and the American University.
  • In a short time, you can reach the prestigious Madinaty project, which guarantees you more privacy, comfort and security, while being next to the most prestigious and prestigious projects.

Patio units

The el patio oro project includes a large number of different and very diverse units, ranging between:

  • Penthouse units contain two or three bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms varies between two and three bathrooms. The price of penthouses starts from 3,760 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the area starts from 152 square meters.
  • The El Patio Oro project also includes a large number of apartments consisting of two or three bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms varies between two and three bathrooms, with an area from 164 square meters and up to 255 square meters, with a starting price of 2,770,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment and payment system provided by the company in case you want to own one of the Patio units, it is suggested in the following:

  • The first payment plan: 10% down payment of the unit value, with the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • The second payment plan: 10% of the unit value, and the unit price in installments over 8 years.

El Patio 3 Fifth Settlement

La Vista Company was eager to present a different concept of luxury living through its El Patio 3 project, so we find that work has been done to establish this project next to the previous project, so that the La Vista Fifth Settlement series integrated will become and its brilliance increases, so we find that:

The El Patio 3 project was built in the heart of the fifth settlement area.

The strategic location of the project contributed to the accessibility of many important areas and main roads in record time.

The El Patio 3 project, Fifth Settlement, contained a large number of diverse and different units, both in terms of shape, area and design, and among those units:

  • A semi-detached villa of 550 square meters, consisting of five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and the price of this unit is 12 million and 300 thousand Egyptian pounds.

El Patio 2 in La Vista Fifth Settlement

Following the same vision and creative philosophy of La Vista Real Estate Development Company, it worked to establish its El Patio 2 project, which was characterized by its presence in the golden square area. The El Patio 2 project is located directly in front of Al Rehab. City.

The project was characterized by its continuous security and surveillance system throughout the day. This is in addition to the presence of a large number of swimming pools, waterfalls and green spaces that exceeded 50% of the total percentage of the project.

El Patio Connection 7

The last stop on our journey today is the El Patio 7 project of La Vista Projects in the Fifth Settlement. It is one of the most successful and largest projects of the company, which we find covers a large area of ​​163 thousand square meters The establishment of a large number of green areas and lakes, in addition to the availability of the largest number of services and facilities in his project.

7. patio units

Regarding the units available in the El Patio 7 project, we find that these designs of El Patio 7 were distinguished by their oriental beauty and ranged between:

El Patio Apartments 7

As for the apartments, we find that their areas vary from 148 square meters to 165 square meters. As for the number of rooms, it starts with three bedrooms. While the number of bathrooms starts from three bathrooms.

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7 Fifth Settlement

The space of the penthouse units starts from 170 square meters to 247 square meters. As for the number of bedrooms, it varies between three and four bedrooms. As for the number of bathrooms, it varies between three or four bathrooms.

La Vista Fifth Settlement Services

La Vista Real Estate Development was eager to provide a large number of services and facilities in its projects in New Cairo; To ensure its customers a high level of quality of life and sophistication, it had many advantages that made it succeed in attracting a large number of customers, including:

  • Green spaces.
  • Water bodies.
  • Equipped gyms to the highest standards.
  • supermarket.
  • social club.
  • Several swimming pools suitable for different age groups.
  • Sports club.
  • health centers.
  • Pharmacies work throughout the day.
  • 24-hour security and guarding, in addition to surveillance cameras.
  • Entertainment places for young children at a high level of safety.

Please note that all prices mentioned in the subject are variable and are continuously updated according to market changes and the vision of the real estate company developing the project, and the availability of units. La Vista Projects.

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