Passion for women.. Fatima, Marina and Ihsan are the champions of self-employment, funded by the Enterprise Development Authority.. Egyptian women stormed men’s professions in Aswan, Minya and Damietta, carpentry and metal workshops

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Fatima, Marina and Ihsan are only models of self-reliant heroines and engaged in professions that were restricted to men only, and they stormed the furniture, carpentry and metalwork industries in El Mina, Damietta and Aswan to become the subject of people’s interest and models of passion for self-employment with the support of the Enterprise Development Authority.

A number of women and female entrepreneurs from the Enterprise Development Agency emphasized that their passion for self-employment and the support of the Enterprise Development Authority was behind them to realize their dreams, by setting up their own projects or expanding their already existing projects. reflected in the improvement of their economic and social life.

The Enterprise Development Authority is keen to provide various aspects of support for the promotion of the small and micro enterprise sector as a locomotive for development, especially industrial projects that bring a lot of added value to the markets. Small and micro enterprises are stable, productive and profitable, contributing to the improvement of the standard of living for them and their families, by providing them with various training and professional services free of charge, with the aim of helping them to work for themselves and to qualify them to start small and micro enterprises, and to create a suitable climate for women to create prospects for self-employment.

The Agency has partners in success, including youth and graduates in general, and women and girls in particular, who are passionate about self-employment and desire to establish their own projects, and have the will to work to realize their dreams :

Fatima tells that she started her project with her husband in 2009, and it was a small workshop for rent for the production of doors and windows, the area of ​​which did not exceed 18 square meters. The projects in Aswan have funding of around 50,000 pounds.

Fatima adds: With this amount I was able to continue the journey that stumbled a bit, then got up again and started to expand the project to the production of all kinds of furniture and furnishings (bedrooms / children’s / dining rooms) and the increased demand for workshop products , due to the quality and price compared to other places and therefore increased productivity and then the number of employment; When the job required another sum, I went back to the agency and got another financing, worth half a million pounds.

Fatima continues: Over time we managed to get a new headquarters for the project, owned and not rented, with a large area of ​​about 400 square meters, and the number of workers increased until it was 7 workers reached, and production continued until the workshop gained a good reputation among the people of the Daraw center in Aswan.

As for the young engineer, Marina Milad Abdel Sayed, a project owner in the heavy metal facilities activity in Minya Governorate, she says: I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2013 from Minya University and decided to join my father in his factory to work. , which he owns and works in the field of heavy metal installations such as pedestrian bridges, cars and hangars, and after one year passed I was able to be independent from my father and work on my own and a new factory of my own to make metal accessories for furniture from them manufacture; Hinges, corners, hooks, etc., and expanded production and worked to improve the quality of products until I could export my products to the UK.

Regarding the project development agency’s support, the engineer, Marina, explains: At the beginning of the establishment of my factories, I needed financial support, and I actually got it through the project development agency, and it was 2,000,000 million pounds at the time, and after about 5 year of the first loan, and approximately in 2020, I got the second loan from the EDA. The device is also worth five million pounds.

Marina confirms that the support of the device helped her to expand production and close several contracts with a company for a period of five years until she became the owner of one of the largest iron factories in Upper Egypt, and the number of workers in her factory is now 60, after the number of workers at the beginning of the establishment of the activity was not More than 20 workers.

In Damietta, Ihsan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, and the nature of the study helped her break into the well-known furniture activity in the minds of men, and the qualification helped her successfully manage her project and then expanding and developing, until her workshop became a symbol among the most famous furniture makers in Damietta.

Ihsan says: I started my project in 2019 with self-savings that did not exceed 50 thousand pounds, and I was able to obtain a headquarters in Damietta Furniture City through the initiative of the Central Bank.

She explains: I used the device and obtained more than one financing with a total value of 3 million pounds through which I was able to increase the volume of production and meet the increasing demand for products. Continuously in the governorates and Cairo, something no less important than the funds themselves.

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