Students visit the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Association

(MENAFN- Akhbar Al Khaleej)

The Bahrain Businesswomen Society received a number of 20 students from the University of Bahrain and one student from Arizona State University IF YOU On a field visit to pupils of the NG Engineering Office in the field of architecture and interior design As part of its annual use and part of its social responsibility.

Ing. Noor Al-Mutawa, Executive Director of NG Engineering Office and Vice-Chairman of the Media Committee of the Business Women’s Association receives Interns periodically throughout the year, and in the summer you receive a larger number to be able to support, build and develop The trainees’ professional ability for ‘ A prosperous future keeps pace with global development in light of the constant change in all aspects.

Their visit to the association’s headquarters came as part of their training program to educate and equip them for the labor market, and as an initiative to train young talent. And to take advantage of their creativity, as one of the association’s goals is to encourage young women to enter the business sector An opportunity to work on a project to renovate the headquarters of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Association in terms of the external structure and interior design of the headquarters. During the visit, a preliminary idea of ​​the current situation of the headquarters was taken, and photos and measurements were taken by students to start the first phase of the design.

The idea came to work on new architectural designs to move the headquarters of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Association, to match the headquarters. The current association with the aspirations of the association to develop the headquarters and use the available spaces in a consistent manner.. and because the association receives delegations Official and diplomatic at global and regional levels in order to consolidate economic relations and to support of women to serve in In various economic and commercial areas, given the significant expansion of the association’s activity in recent years and the increased number of women Businesses and owners of commercial records, which the association’s headquarters is a mirror of their ambitions and contributions to society makes.

It is worth noting that Eng Nour Al-Mutawa is a university professor at the College of Engineering in more than one university and a member of the board Management in the Association of Engineering Offices, took the initiative of architectural design and interior design of the association’s headquarters as a project that confirms The principle of community partnership between young students and their inclusion in real projects that qualify them to enter the professional and commercial battlefield During the visit, the spaces of the place were exhibited and the interior spaces were looked at to optimize the interior spaces to utilize And the exterior, including the garden courtyard, and the allocation of a suitable reception area for the events and occasions held by the association within its activities. Architectural challenges were also raised in the current construction and how to find technical solutions at the lowest cost The project is the first real architectural experience ing for the pupils and pupils to practice the application of the academic and theoretical part acquired in the years of the year To obtain a bachelor’s degree.

The president of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society, Mrs. Ahlam Janahi, and members of the Board of Directors praised the initiative to involve university students In a real participation in the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society, I hope that all our graduates have a broad horizon of thinking will have In free trade work, the students’ dream should not only focus on waiting for work..

Mrs Ahlam also contributed last year to give an awareness lecture on the role of women in the commercial sector On a large group of female students at NG Ingenieurwese, and contributed to honoring them on Women’s Day last December, in which the governor of the Northern Honoring female trainees seeking employment in the field of Engineering, Governor showed great interest in providing a day dedicated to hosting employers and arranging job interviews for each trainee. The governor also organized a workshop for them to familiarize themselves with the building permit system, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipalities.

All government institutions and agencies come together with the participation of the private sector to enable young people to get better opportunities to make their way in a career. Therefore, the Bahrain Businesswomen Society confirms its appreciation to Eng Noor Al-Mutawa, Vice Chairman of the Media and Relations Committee The general public in the association and to all members who are trying to move forward at a steady pace to develop and achieve the objectives of the association in training Qualified human cadres with young women hands who will raise the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain in all disciplines.


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