Tech News: Google bans 50 extremely dangerous Android apps, a clever trick that makes you invisible to others on WhatsApp

22/07 21:00

Delete it immediately.. Google bans 50 apps with a destructive virus

Google has banned 50 Android apps from its Play Store after they were spotted containing highly dangerous malware, including the devastating “Joker” virus.

OPPO launches its latest phones at an economical price. Know its features before you buy

The Chinese company, Oppo, has officially unveiled the global version of the latest versions of the flagship Reno series, which comes with leading specifications in the category of mid-range phones, and the new series includes three versions: Reno 8, Reno 8 Pro and Reno 8 Pro Plus, and the last version is the most prominent In the new company’s group, the phones come with a number of very clear capabilities, including support for the fifth generation technology “Five G”.

Forced stop.. This is how you make yourself invisible on WhatsApp without deleting it

The WhatsApp messaging application, one of the most used SMS platforms in today’s era, the company claims that billions of messages are exchanged daily on the platform, but there are times when you want to take a break from the busy life with many incoming messages notice.

Cat Stray Problems..and 3 Tips to Solve Them

Players of the popular cat game Cat Stray are facing some issues that affect the way the game works on PC right now. pcgamer”.

A new feature in Google Photos.. helps you find screenshots quickly

Google has added a new feature for Android OS users that can help those using the Google Photos app to take screenshots directly from the home screen.

Urgent warning for WhatsApp users.. a dangerous message from an unknown number, don’t believe it

WhatsApp users have informed WhatsApp about a bad wave of fraud that has cost victims in some countries of the world more than one million and 700 thousand dollars for this year alone, if you want to stay safe and keep your account. messaging platform is safe, here’s what you need to know.

Up to £7000 per person.. Apple pays compensation to those affected by MacBook defects

Apple Inc. has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought against owners of its MacBook laptops over defects in some models that come with what the company calls “Butterfly” keyboards.

At £4000, Honor is launching a new Android tablet with a big screen and amazing capabilities

Honor has unveiled a new Android-powered tablet called the Honor Pad 8, which comes with a large screen and rivaling specifications to the flagship tablets from Samsung and Xiaomi.

Delete it immediately.. Google bans 50 apps with a destructive virus

The earthquake in the city of Dahab, which occurred yesterday, Thursday, which occurred at 18:00 local time, with a magnitude of 3.3, raised questions: Has Egypt turned into an earthquake zone? This is what a report issued…

NASA took a big step toward the highly anticipated launch of its massive lunar rocket, as the space agency this week set three dates in late August and early September that currently offer ideal conditions for launching a new…

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that Facebook is revamping its main News Feed and introducing a new Feed tab where users can see posts from their friends…

The Chamber of Information and Communications Technology Industry (CIT) has the regulations for the elections of the main divisions in the Chamber, which are the Software Division, the Communications Division, the Hardware and Supplies Division and the Services Division, announced after forming a committee. from the board…

The moon is associated with Mars, during the first hours before sunrise, at dawn tomorrow, Friday, July 22, 2022. A new conjunction of the moon, according to the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, that the sky of the Arab world monitors the conjunction of the moon,…

Informed sources in the Russian space industry said Roscosmos may delay the launch date of the Luna-25 spacecraft, which is intended to study the lunar surface, RT reported. A source told TASS that experts…

The platform allows you to experience Samsung products in innovative ways to play in 14 different languages.

If you’re worried about taking a shower in the summer, your iPhone has a handy trick to help you out, as the ongoing British heatwave will almost certainly be interrupted by some rain…

The search giant, Google, the American company, fears the growing growth of the Chinese video application, TikTok, as the application attracts teenagers and young people, who are the largest group of Internet users, to not only watch videos…

Telecom Egypt issued the landline bill on July 15, 2022 and the first grace period given by the company on August 14, 2022 ends the value of the penalty for late payment. After the end of the first grace period…

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