The dangers of focusing on the crust and neglecting the purpose of religion

When Shirin Abu Aqila was killed, I felt sorry for some Muslims who were blinded by God from the essence of the issue, which is Israel’s assassination of the icon of the Palestinian media, and focused their attention on the insinuations, that is say on the permissibility of seeking mercy on her because it is not permissible or the permissibility of describing her as a martyr. I am aware of the Tunisian society around me, and the first shock I experienced as a teenager was when I was no more than 14 years old. when the first edition of Diwan (Songs of Life) by Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi was published in Beirut in 1959. But I was shocked when I read “Criticism”! Al-Shabi published it in a newspaper accusing our distinguished poet of “atheism”! Because he said (Destiny must respond…) and I was with my daring teacher, I was sure of the superficiality of this critic and his surrender to the pearls of will and genius, the passing of condescension and his adherence to what he believes is a support for religion, ban religion! A few years ago, during the reign of Jaafar al-Numeiri, a friend of al-Khalas asked me: “What is the secret of your concern for the Sudanese story of Maryam, when the poor woman in her prison in Omdurman awaited execution. , after a Sudanese court decided to kill her to establish apostasy? Especially the East is burning before our eyes in each of its countries.” And my friend added: “I do not understand the secret of your interest in the fate of a woman in an Arab Islamic world, which is one billion and 800 million people. , and we do not know its fate and we do not understand the reasons for its misfortune?” I told him that I am a human being and I have a beating heart, a living conscience and a thinking mind like all other people, and that I had previously happened to see a picture of this woman in a French newspaper, smiling, hugging her child (or children), and her husband next to her, happy with his little family. From what the viewer of the picture could not mistake, I was touched by the human family scene of this young woman, and frankly speaking, I saw in her my two daughters and in her child I saw my grandchildren, and I ‘ a feeling of conscience that calls me to say what I think is the truth, based on the tragedy of a woman who is not an atheist (whatever her religion is Islam or Christianity) a tragedy that I have, in my appreciation for the tragedy of the Sudanese judiciary (I have a story with him in the eighties when the Sudanese thinker Mahmoud Muhammad Taha was executed with the consent of the military tyrant Jaafar al-Numeiri, and the accusation was .. (heretical! ) Then they hanged the man and hanged him on a rope for a charge that we do not understand in our time. So, by the Lord of the Kaaba (the heresy!), I denounced this heinous crime during my position as spokesperson for the then ruling Constitutional Party, and was a direct cause of the temporary weakening of relations between my country and the Sister Sudan, because diplomatic norms require reservation and respect for the principle of non-interference in the so-called internal affairs of other countries, but the conscience of the educated, regardless of his position in power, cannot remain silent about the truth and becomes a dumb devil. For history, the then Prime Minister Mohamed Mazali and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Beji Caid Essebsi, may God have mercy on them, applauded my position and did not blame me for my initiative. Sudan had a special situation because of the nature of the Sudanese divided into a mostly Muslim north and a mostly Christian south We are all aware to this day of the people of the extent of the conflict between the two parts.
Perhaps the current case of Maryam is nothing but a naive and ridiculous continuation of the same practices. The Sudanese judiciary is limited to rigid forms and mummified interpretations of what some of its judges believe to be Sharia and Sharia, of which they are innocent until the day they are resurrected. My opinion is that the threshold for apostasy was circumstantial according to the danger of apostasy to the entity of Islam at its dawn, because according to our current legal definition it meant treason, and it meant joining the camp of the unjust enemy. military court in all countries of the world of a criminal law is nothing but the criminalization of treason and espionage and the danger of the security of the country and people in danger. To this day, most military laws implement the death penalty for all against who these charges are proven to preserve the security of the state and the security of society against sabotage.. Then, the line The Immortal in the Glorious Qur’an is (There is no compulsion in religion), which is the verse which surpasses the changing. time circumstance to set a highest value for eternity, in addition to the fact that Muslims do not live on Mars, but rather in a global system with different cultures and civilizations, but their interaction and cross-fertilization, especially in the era of the digital revolution that unified people’s values ​​or forced them to respect differences and coexist with those who differ from them, without one nation having dominance over other nations. The judgment issued against Mary does not convince the world of the validity of our opinion, so much as it brings us more hatred and turns the hearts of people against us, especially because the woman says that she was born a Christian and not the religion in which she was raised. I will not hide from you that I was very pleased with the outcome of Maryam’s case, by overturning the initial ruling and setting her free. How then can we strive for dialogue with the people of other monotheistic religions when we place them beforehand in the cage of unbelievers and apostates, but instead make them unsafe for their souls? Remember with me, dear readers, the story of the freeing of slaves, despite the absence of a definitive Qur’anic text mandating their emancipation. Rather, God Almighty in his clear book has guided the minds of the believers step by step in the direction of liberation and liberation, and has left the message of achieving equality between people to human effort, to the extent that my country Tunisia slavery in 1846 before the United States outlawed and criminalized it. before the colonization of our country by France, sent a written letter to US President Abraham Lincoln advising him to free slaves and abandon the slavery of blacks, reminding him of what Al Farouk Omar Ibn Al-Khattab said, may God be pleased with him and his approval (When did you enslave people? Their mothers gave birth to them free.

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