The English in the World Cup in Qatar..the lords of money

The British remember only one memory in the history of the participation of those who were considered the “cradle of football”, that is the orphan victory in the World Cup held on their soil in 1966, which they in various ways won, the most important of which is the bias of the referees in their interest, which distanced the integrity of this World Cup. Was it evidenced by holding all England matches in London and at Wembley Stadium, which can accommodate ninety-three thousand spectators, with a clear and blatant benchmark by Sir Stanley Rouse, then president of the International Federation?

Mondial just stained the queen’s gloves!
The World Cup in England has been marred by many anti-sportsmanlike events, to the extent that observers have not found it embarrassing to call it the “World Cup of Football Violence”, but care, with all care, has been around the gloves to prevent Queen. Queen Elizabeth II, as she handed the cup to her winning sons, captain Bobby Moore wiped his gloves in his shirt and shorts with a special towel from the royal podium at Wembley Stadium, before Her Excellency shook hands, so the Queen’s glove remained pure white, unlike the World Cup!

After 36 years, specifically in the 2002 World Cup, the England team was weak on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee celebrations, struggling to score a draw against Sweden thanks to a David Beckham penalty, which from an outcast to a hero, but the quarter-final against Brazil was titled: Coffee No Tea. This quarter-final was the fifth and final in Great Britain’s record, which also includes two semi-finalists in 1990 and 2018, finishing fourth both times.

So, England is waiting in Qatar for the first major victory since 1966, especially after losing the final of the European Championship to Italy 2020 (the final was held in 2021 due to Corona), and the opportunity is available after qualifying for the 2022 World qualified. Cup from the top of his group without losing (eight wins and two draws), and the coach prepared Gareth Southgate is a team that is at the top of the most expensive teams that qualified for the World Cup in Qatar in terms of player market value (1.32 billion euros) ), with team star Harry Kane third with 100 million euros, behind Frenchman Kylian Mbappe (160 million).

Technical stability with the most successful trainer
England in Qatar is guided by two main factors: ambition and stability, despite the disappointing performance in the group stage of the European Nations League, where the “Three Lions” team reached the lowest point in its group, which also includes Italy, Germany and Hungary included, and was one of four teams to leave the tournament without a win after the fourth round.(Two draws and two defeats) He scored only one goal, and a penalty by Caen in stoppage time, and six goals conceded, including four at home. against Hungary. This is the first defeat by four goals or more at home since 1928 against Scotland 1-5. These results put the English in danger of falling from the first tier to the second tier.

However, the English count on the technical stability of their team with the presence of coach Southgate since 2016, who in their eyes is the most successful technical coach by all standards for England in the modern era, and with the anger of the fans towards the Hungary quartet , Debbie Hewitt, president of the football association, renewed his confidence in his coach and announced that he will continue to lead the team until 2024. He described him as the most successful coach he had seen in 55 years, especially because he led. the national team to the semi-finals of the Euros and the semi-finals of the World Cup.

Other factors are in the interest of the English team, fifth in the world ranking according to “FIFA”, and also in the field of technical stability, especially the diversity of schools with the presence of a group of the most prominent international coaches in the English Premier League : Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), German Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) and Italian Antonio Antonio Conte (Tottenham) and German Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea) .. In addition to the accumulated experiences of its current stars, many of whom have participated in the last Russian World Cup tournament in 2018 and took fourth place, and then the runner-up of the European Cup after the penalty defeat against Italy 2-3.

Kane top scorer and Bellingham discovery
And we must not forget a group of first-class stars in their clubs, led by Harry Kane, the Tottenham star, the third top scorer in the qualifiers (12 goals), the second top scorer of the team (50 goals behind Wayne Rooney). , 53) and the owner of the quartet in San Marino in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. In addition to the winger Raheem Sterling (27), who left Manchester City for Chelsea, who, according to coach Tuchel, would be a great addition to the team, and even had an active influence in English football. Since joining City at the age of twenty from Liverpool in 2015, he has scored 91 goals in 225 Premier League games.

In addition to the stars of the front row, there are also Liverpool captain Gordon Henderson, City defender Walker, his colleague Stones, United striker Watford and midfielder Phillips, who joined City from Leeds and played 214 games with the latter since 2015 and was selected as the best player in the team in the 2021-2022 season.

There are promising stars, one of whom will be one of the discoveries of the Qatar World Cup, that is Jude Bellingham (19 years old), the German Borussia Dortmund player, who is good at playing in all positions and physical strength and football has. intelligence. He played 43 games in all competitions last season and scored 6 goals with 8 assists, in addition to a goal with the national team in 5 games. In addition to Bellingham, the talented Trent Alexander-Arnold (23) is a Liverpool player. And City wingers: Phil Foden and Jack Grealish, Chelsea winger Mason Mount and fellow defender James, Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka and United’s Jayden Sancho.

There is a chance to qualify from Group B, which will see a British derby with Wales, a first against Iran in a major international tournament, and a strong encounter with the United States, which Southgate values ​​because they have good players.

There is a candidate for England for the tournament, but after France, Brazil and Spain.

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