“Al Dhafra toast Al Rutab”.. The conclusion and announcement of the results of the model farm

Ihab Al Rifai (Al Dhafra Region)

The activities of the Liwa Date Festival will conclude tonight, Sunday, and its diverse and interesting activities have been enjoyed by the public and visitors who have been eager to be present at the festival grounds since the launch of its activities on the sixteenth of this month. It included many programs and activities that touch the interest of the public of different nationalities, cultures and age stages.
The organizing committee was keen to provide all requirements of comfort and happiness for the public and participants.
At the end of the festival, the Al Dhafra Elite Dates competition is launched today, and an amount of 725,000 dirhams has been awarded to the competition, where the first place winner will receive an amount of 200,000 dirhams, the second place will receive 150 000 be. dirhams, and the third place will be 100,000 dirhams, and the prizes are distributed up to the fifteenth place. To participate in the Al Dhafra Elite Al Rutb competition, the number of items contested must not be less than 20, and the participating quantity for each item must not be less than 3 kilograms, and that the production is local and from 2022 must be. season, and that it is at the appropriate stage of maturity, and that its size is appropriate and does not exceed a percentage of Its moisture is less than 50%, and it does not contain unripe fruit.
The Liwa participants also continued their excellence to win prizes and climb the podiums in the various competitions of the Liwa Date Festival, which testifies to strong competition from different regions of the country. Abu Dhabi is one of the ten centers organized by the jury has been announced.
The results of the competition resulted in Fatima Ghanem Al Mazrouei winning first place, while Raysa Mohammed Al Mansouri came in second place, Azbah Sultan Ghaleb Al Mansouri in third place, Shamma Ibrahim Al Mazrouei in fourth place, Abdullah Muhammad Al Rashidi in fifth place, Shababa Jaber Sultan Al Marar in sixth place, and Moza Muhammad Al Mansouri in seventh place In eighth place is Aisha Saeed Al Hamli, in ninth place is Fatima Rashid Al Mazrouei, and in the tenth place is Aisha Saif Al Mazrouei.

The Most Beautiful Ratab competition represents a state of excellence that has given room for creativity and innovation among the participants in the competition.
The festival’s organizing committee was keen to establish a set of necessary conditions and criteria that must be met by the participant who wants to challenge the competition of the most beautiful wet superstition (rutab basket), namely that the superstition model must be innovative and new. , who do not participate in it in previous seasons, and be well ventilated. And that the model carries a new idea and connects the nobility of the past with the beauty of the present, and that the myth must be reed (handmade), and the material used to decorate and shape the basket is 80% of it handmade, and the ease of transporting and moving it, and that the general shape is consistent between its colors and components, and inside it is wet of The luxury type, weighs 5 kilograms, and to carry a card fixing the item showing the raw materials used, the manufacturing methods and their names, and the type of wet.
The Liwa Date Festival, in its 18th edition, witnessed a review of the project of recycling palm waste and its use in the production of high quality wood panels, which contributes to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of the economy, and an excellent practical model provided by the supply of high quality panels that are in high demand in the construction and furniture industry. .
The pavilion of the Tala Wooden Board Company was eager to display the products recycled from construction waste to the festival audience, who expressed their admiration for the quality and durability of these products.
Ammar Al-Ani, director of Tala Company, explained that the company collects and recycles palm waste in the country and transforms it into high-quality wood panels that are produced locally using the latest technologies and equipment by following the highest standards in the production process to trust, contributing to the reduction of the UAE’s imports of wood panels.
Al-Ani pointed out that the fibers of the palm waste (leaves and stems of the fruit “the taste”) are distinguished by their strength and durability, as they withstand high temperatures and great pressure, making them an obvious raw material for the production of high-quality panels that can be used in building and construction operations and the furniture industry, explaining that the exploitation of this waste has great benefits for the manufactured product, and if it is left unused, it will constitute an environmental burden. Palm waste is usually sent to landfills or mixed after drying with other elements to produce compost, and it takes a lot of time and effort until its components organically decompose.

Visitors from all over the world enjoy the exciting events
The Liwa Date Festival witnessed the influx of many visitors and tourists to enjoy the various activities it included including various competitions and paragraphs held within the framework of the festival be it entertainment, educational, heritage or various sections were, in addition to the main competitions of the festival.

The festival has succeeded in attracting those interested in growing dates from different regions of the country, transforming the festival into an important cultural, heritage and tourism carnival in the region.
Ihsan Abdullah, one of the festival’s visitors, confirms that this is her first time visiting the Liwa Date Festival, but she is very satisfied with it.
Marianne Lones from Australia confirms that he visited the festival 5 years ago and was keen to be present this year, which coincided with his presence in the country, and that he still retains some of the heritage artefacts he acquired on his first visit have and were happy with them.
Lunes believes that the festival is distinguished in what it offers to visitors, especially the heritage opportunities that he would like to enjoy at the festival, be it paragraphs or exhibitions, and that he is still amazed by this great love for the palm and the wet , which he touched during his presence at the festival, whether it was the previous time as well as the current one.
Abdullah Salem, a Gulf visitor, confirms that the festival was able to establish itself on the tourism map in the UAE, after everyone found what he was looking for. To see what the festival has to offer in this area, as well as families, and lovers of handicrafts, as well as hotels and restaurants, who were eager to be present to take advantage of what the wet world can offer in the field of food, referring to the opportunities that the festival offers. For government and service bodies and departments in order now the target audience to contact and communicate with it, through the many events it organizes, and it attracts Arabs and foreigners.
Sanaa Moussaoui from Tunisia points out that the festival offers a variety of programs for the visitor, and what touched her the most was the competition of exhibitors in discovering new products from the palm and dates, and what she saw in this fun and an invitation to innovation and creates a challenge and competition to always discover something new about this good tree, and that she bought many products Made of dates to gift to her friends in Tunisia.

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