All life above the bed – Pier 22

bed of roses

“Take the two million dolls,” that sentence came after I picked out two sets of bedspreads for the nursery I just bought and started making the accessories.

I was not a spoiled bride to be able to afford the cost of buying a nursery while my apartment was being furnished. We put it off until the first child comes. The first girl came. It was postponed several times until my little girl was three years old May God curse the lack of money, the rise in prices and the order of priorities.

I finally bought her a room and started preparing everything she needs to be fit for a little princess, wishing her a life full of adventure, love and life.Completely lay over any bed.

I came back in my imagination to the bed that informed me of the presence of a sperm in my womb that had not yet been reborn.

With a clenched heart wrapped in a sense of shame, I slept on a leather bed in one of the gynecologists’ clinics. For the first time in my life, I tell the doctor about a problem that happened to me after I became a woman, and she asks me to examine me, diagnose the problem and tell me: “It is necessary to do a pregnancy test so that we can determine the appropriate treatment.” Her words startle me and my heart changes from shyness to wonder at the possibility of life inside me… We make sure of this and know that I am about to complete the first month of pregnancy.

When my mother gave birth to me more than thirty years ago, there was no more fashion now that there is a children’s room, just a big bed that the husband buys after his wife gives birth to sleep in a separate room alone with put her baby to sleep, so that the man can rest, and leave them in a room of torment separately.

Our house had that room of torture, after I completed three years, my mother put my younger brother to bed, and for years my mother, me and my brother shared that bed. I don’t remember any details until my mom decided to buy two separate beds so that I can sleep on one of them and she and my younger brother sleep on the other bed, provided the two beds are in the same room.

My husband first attacked me because I was very careful in choosing the type of mattress and the colors of the bedding for the two beds. The truth is the accuracy of the choice, not because I am a graceful woman, but because I know that a whole life lies above any bed… Metaphor

It gave me some independence, the ability to cover myself in summer and winter, and the ability to act out many movie scenes I love – fully covered – and to talk freely to myself instead of me mom’s crazy looks at talking to people who don’t exist.

Above that bed that was my own until I got married and moved into my own house, there was a whole life that not many people know about.

The bed in my father’s house was the only place I owned myself, I had complete freedom to live on it and own it, even after my mother died and all the furniture belonging to her was gone, to replace to be with new furniture that belongs. to a new woman my father married.

That bed held some memories with my mother, so he saw me sleeping with a high fever and she reached out to splash beads of water on my face, and he showed me always beside her on that bed sit, I now know that I wanted you to embrace me, which she did not notice, and on this bed I kept The first verses of the Koran, and on this bed I made the first grave for myself.

While I was sixteen years old, I made a grave for myself after the sheikh of the mosque recommended to us that the closest way to know God, obey his commands and avoid his prohibitions is to put ourselves in the grave to represent. The angels ask. us about our actions that we have done in this world. , to cover oneself completely and leave no opening for the light to enter and live the experience of the tomb, she said… It was a terrifying experience anyway.

We didn’t buy any new sheets for my bed in my father’s house since my mother died until she left the house. Several of the pages had faded from overuse, and had a few clippings that I always hid. The covers were not changed for new ones, but my life had a new day on top of it.

Above the bed I read a book for the first time in my life, got to know Naguib Mahfouz, and I kept many books under the pillow so that I could read them secretly without my father seeing me.

On the bed I sat all night studying my lessons, spread out my books and papers before me and began to study until the morning came. I used to cry because I couldn’t understand physics, and I was sure that I could solve grammar in a special way, so I knew that I loved studying languages.

For many years and years above this bed there were two more beds to which I belonged and which carried many of my feelings, my problems and my dreams, each of them in the house of one of my only friends at the time.

In my poor class there was no study bench, no place. The rooms are small, barely contain a bed or two with a small wardrobe, and there is no place to receive friends, because the sofa is in the middle of the apartment, which is not suitable for sitting with friends and not to talk alone. All these aspects of life were carried out above the bed.

When I was sixteen years old, I made a grave for myself after the sheikh of the mosque recommended to us that the best way to know God and obey His commands and avoid His prohibitions is to immerse ourselves in the representing grave, the angels ask us about our actions that we have committed in this world… Metaphor

We were three friends, each of us studied in a different college, although all related to the scientific field, the most common place for the three of us was to sit on the bed of one of us. I can smell the house now as I write these lines: a one-bed room on the second floor of an Egyptian house, the three of us sit on the bed and spend the whole day on it. We intend to study, so we start after hours of talking and laughing. We start and I always interrupt them. I ask for cups of tea which the mother of the owner of the house refuses to let me eat for fear of my health, and because “girls don’t drink tea,” we drink ​it creeps , so discovers the mother and laughs. On the bed, the three of us cried because of the betrayal and the parents’ lack of understanding of our feelings, and we talked a lot… We talked about love, marriage and engagement problems, and about “the boy who wanted to be with me to speak at university”, about the first dreams of love, about choosing the hijab wraps that suit each of us, and about the appropriate dresses. For her, on the bed we dreamed and cried and slept together very few times, after desperate attempts with the parents to stay out of the house.

Once we spent about three hours talking about the meaning of love, I’m rational and because I didn’t have any romantic relationship then, I saw love as us helping each other in life, that I do for him what he loves is and he does for me what I love, but they are both very dreamy, Love for them was to devote yourself to the other’s love, to do whatever brings comfort even if I have to make some sacrifice, now did we grow up and know that the three of us were wrong.

In my present home I live on a bed that is the sweetest of all the beds I have lived on in my life, a bed that I chose myself, and that I shared with the only man I have ever loved . On this bed I tripped when I changed my little girl’s diaper for the first time, and cried after she fell asleep because I yelled at her after a big tantrum. On this bed was the first admonition between two lovers who reconciled with a kiss on the forehead and a real hug, and the sad sleep was after they failed to reconcile once, and the period of separation increased. On this bed several weeks ago I decided to let my heart expand a little to accommodate a new baby with my little girl, and I started dreaming about what would happen to him on the other bed I fit bought sheets.

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