Gulf News – “Information Technology” University of Bahrain is working to gain international accreditation for its graduate programs

The dean of the College of Information Technology at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Hessa Jassim Al-Junaid, said that the college is developing its graduate study programs, and noted that it has recently formed a committee to propose mechanisms and criteria for the evaluation of graduate students. programs on a regular basis.

The Dean stated that the College of Information Technology – which offers five master’s and doctoral degree programs – is seeking international accreditation for all its graduate programs, and the programs are: PhD in computer and information sciences, master’s degree in software engineering, master’s degree in information technology, and masters in machine learning. and Intelligent Computing, and Masters in Cyber ​​​​​​Security.

Dr. explain. Al-Junaid that the College of Information Technology – the first college in the Kingdom of Bahrain to specialize in this field – urges graduate students to publish their research in scientific conferences and journals, and organizes an annual conference to encourage graduate students to publish their research there.

The dean reviewed the benefits of postgraduate study programs at the college and their opportunities in the labor market and urged those who wish to join them to register quickly, as the opportunity is still available, as the registration period for postgraduate study programs at the university has been extended to 13 August 2022 AD.

  • PhD in Computer and Information Sciences

She stated that the PhD program in computer and information sciences is a unique program at the regional level, as it prepares students to work as university professors and researchers, or as consultants specialized in the field of computer and information sciences and related fields . She said: “Studies indicate that the need for specialized and scientifically advanced cadres will increase in the coming years,” noting that “the design of this program has been aligned with the needs of major related projects, to train managers and provide consultants to develop technical systems in both the government and private sectors, and in consulting institutions Specializing in computer sciences.

  • Masters in Software Engineering

Regarding the master’s degree program in software engineering, she confirmed that this program opens new horizons for graduates to work in various fields that are in demand in the market, including the design and analysis specialist for simple and complex systems, a specialist in software testing and quality assurance, and a specialist in software project management, in addition to a specialist in the use of advanced methods in artificial intelligence.

She said: “According to field studies, software engineering is one of the most sought-after disciplines in the domestic and international markets, due to the significant increase in the development of computer systems and their entry into various fields, and software engineering jobs are among the first five required positions in the field of information technology.”

  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Regarding the Master’s Degree in Information Technology, the Dean indicated that the College of Information Technology began offering a master’s degree program in Information Technology in 2011, with the aim of “playing a major role in the development of industrial and academic resources related to information technology hold, and to realize the vision of making the University of Bahrain part of the stages of transformation of the Bahraini economy.” Towards a knowledge-based economy, by encouraging effective, sustainable and efficient initiatives in line with the achievement of Bahrain Vision 2030.

She said: “Masters in Information Technology graduates gain advanced knowledge and leadership skills to advance their careers in the field of information technology. In addition, they participate in exploration, innovation, research and learning in the field of information technology.”

  • Master in Machine Learning and Intelligent Computing

About the master’s degree in machine learning and intelligent computing, she said: “This program came in response to the increasing demand for specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a market study and a benchmarking study were carried out, both of which showed the necessity of such” program in Bahrain,” noting that “artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a very important area in government, business, and science around the world.”

The dean stated that the college conducted a study of the program, which resulted in promising responses, as 85% of respondents confirmed that their institutions needed experts in machine learning and intelligent computing over the next five years. And 98% of respondents said that they would encourage their employees to join the program once it was offered by the University of Bahrain.

  • Master of Cyber ​​Security

Regarding the master’s degree in cyber security, the dean said: “The field of cyber security is likely to be one of the fastest growing job fields in Bahrain over the next five years,” noting that “at least ten types of job opportunities are identified. for graduates of programs in the field of security.” These include: Network Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, Network Operations Manager, Associate Security Engineer, Security Engineer, IT Security Manager, Assistant Security Officer and Security Officer.

Among the basic skills of the program are awareness of many encryption standards, to determine the required level of data security and network concepts related to security, and implementation of many encryption standards and penetration and vulnerability tests.

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