Hijri New Year 1444 Messages Congratulations Hijri New Year 1444

We wish you, the visitors of the “Arab Struggle”, congratulations and as the countdown to a new Hijri year approaches, we welcome it with all our love, prayers and wishes, and that it will be more beautiful, wonderful and better than last year.

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Greetings messages for the Islamic New Year 1444

On the occasion of the arrival of the Islamic New Year, we are pleased to publish the words of the messages of the Islamic New Year 1442, beautiful and expressive words of congratulations and communication, presented to the lover, friend, fiancé, husband, family and relatives, and we hope you will be satisfied.

Do you know that today I love you more than I loved you yesterday.. and I will love you tomorrow more than I love you today.. A blessed Hijri year for you my love 1444.

Another year will end..but don’t worry..there is another year coming which will decorate your life with joys and happy events.

I hope the new year brings you happiness and peace and the fulfillment of your wishes.. I wish you a happy new year 1444.

May the new year enter you happily and achieve new achievements in your life. I wish you a year full of joy, comfort and happiness.

May I have a new year as bright as your eyes, as sweet as your smile, and as happy as our relationship, Happy New Year, I wish you a wonderful new year.

Love lasts for good, and evil goes away with good intentions, and because you are in my heart, every year and you are in the new year with a thousand million good.

Every year and you are good, every year and you are their moon, every year and you are all love.

Be quick for us, O God, answer, write for us a more beautiful year, grant us better days, and honor us with a wider means of life, for me and for those I love, Lord.

Jealous of the gifts that match those eyes, Jealous of the one who shakes your hands, Jealous of you for you, blame the year you’ve passed while you were in, and blame a heart that loves you in a new year .

The world was decorated with ornaments of congratulations, when the sun rises on the first day of the new year, may it be good, omens and fulfillment of wishes, and every year you are good and happy.

Every year and you are in my life joy and pleasure, every year you are on my path of light and light, every year and you are a life partner, no matter how the world twists and turns in us, every year you are the precious and the beloved and the master of all presence, a happy new year to you my dear.

People congratulate us on the days of joy, and in turn we congratulate everyone with whom we lived joy, and because you are a source of love, happiness and joy. Today I welcome a new year, in which I hope that my Lord blesses you with my life, a blessing and a source of goodness and joy.

Every year and I love you more than a year, every year you are in my eyes and on my head are preserved, and every day that I meet you is a day of celebration.

Every year and those I love with a thousand good, every year we send and receive messages with our God and goodness, and may this year be better than the one before it, and may God write in it health for us and you and goodness.

Msjat greets Hijri New Year 1444

On the occasion of the approach of the Islamic New Year 1444, we continue to bother you with everything new and communicate with you through this article through a bouquet of the most beautiful words of Msjat and written messages of congratulation, communication and greeting between you to publish and your loved ones, and happy new year.

  • In the new year I wish you more health, well-being, happiness and wealth.
  • Say goodbye to the old year and embrace the new year with great hopes, dreams and ambitions. I wish you a happy new year full of joy.
  • I hope that you will enter the new year with fulfillment of all your wishes.
  • Another year has passed, and another year has arrived. I hope you achieve everything you wish for, and may God protect you and bless your life. Happy new year.
  • I came to congratulate the one who occupied my thoughts on the new year, and I pray for him with all my heart that I will be the first to congratulate him, and every year and the dear is well.
  • A sweet year for the dear, a sweet year for the one who lives in my heart and imagination, a sweet year for the beautiful.
  • I cried when I woke up, to people with a saved heart, I congratulate her, and from my heart I prayed, to make this year a good year surrounded by goodness, and may it be a year of sustenance and be justice, and I asked my Lord to write it for you as a year of forgiveness of sins and prosperity.
  • In our new year, Lord, I entrust my future and my wishes to You, and to compensate me for the good that has passed, and to grant me the best that is to come.
  • Years pass and take from us old age and nostalgia, we grow and grow with us our wishes, and by a new year we ask You, my Lord, to fulfill our wishes.
  • I offer you a bouquet of happiness, and for the New Year, I congratulate you who have read the letter, and I hope that my Lord will grant you a return.
  • I send my congratulations to the sweetest people, who are overwhelmed by their wealth, not with gold or with diamonds, and I wish them with all my love and feeling a happy Hijri year 1444.
  • I wish the one I love a happy new year, a long life, and he fulfills his many wishes.
  • Messages run to the mobile phone that I love, and above all I rush and give him love, and send him congratulations and a bouquet of roses and kiss him on the cheek, and every year you are the owner of the heart and love.
  • The omens of joy came, and in the new year the birds sang, and with joy they echoed.
  • O dove of love and peace, spread goodness among my loved ones and convey greetings and peace to them, and bless them with a new year that has brought us goodness from the Lord of peace, and every year you are among those who honor become with the grace of Islam.
  • Every year you are closer to God, please and purer, every year you are in the care of the Merciful and the people of goodness and peace, every year you are among the people of Paradise, intercession and honor, a blessed year for you
  • My hearty congratulations and blessings on the occasion of a new Hijri year, I ask God to bless you with goodness, obedience and faith, you and your loved ones.
  • Every year and you are good to everyone, every year and a smile does not leave your beauty, every year you light up my life with your kindness and pampering, every year and a year and you are with me, beloved and dear.

Greetings messages for the Islamic New Year 1444 in English

  • Congratulations that I send to you from the heart on the occasion of the Hijri New Year 1444
  • Every Hijri year you are a thousand good and happy happy new year 1444
  • I wish you a happy Hijri year 1444
  • Best wishes for a new year 1444

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