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Beirut – The modern woman is considered a leader in the home, work and society, so how if a mother does what she can to ensure the greatest degree of comfort and happiness for her children, it is therefore not a selfish thing to not devoting time to herself, but on the contrary, when the mother is happy, the family is also happy.

Therefore, daily life should be handled more smoothly and not drain the energy of mothers to the point of collapse, but they should think for themselves and not neglect what they did before, as they need their own space from time to time and not to make a double effort in education because it leads to tension Fatigue, psychological discomfort, lack of satisfaction and happiness.

Doaa Abu Dia has managed to communicate with her two children and considers herself lucky because her husband is understanding (Al-Jazeera)

Time management

The head nurse, Duaa Abu Dia, is very proud of herself for being able to reconcile work and family despite the pressure of her constant work, but she managed to live with her two children (her eldest daughter Dana and her youngest son Ali ) to communicate. , and dedicates all her free time to them and walks with them, and considers herself lucky because her husband is very understanding and involved. In family life and in raising children.

Abu Dia explains that although she carries all the weight on her shoulders and does not get enough time for herself, she was able to organize the time and dedicate time to take care of her appearance and sports and her favorite hobby, which is horse riding. to practice riding with her husband.

She also tries to go to the beauty center once a week to take care of her skin and nails, relax and take a break. She doesn’t want to lose her temper and negatively affect her family. She also loves cooking, and use her day off to cook popular food, to bring joy to everyone’s hearts.

And she concludes by saying: “Every woman should be smart in her decisions and not give in to despair, and persevere in the face of life’s challenges, no matter how difficult they are. Every problem has a solution , and the most important thing is to think calmly and deliberately to make right decisions.”

Nuha Khazal sacrificed everything and sacrificed herself for the sake of her family and children, and neglected herself in the early periods of marriage, so all her concern was to make her family happy - (Al Jazeera Net).  The second is in the north.
Noha Khazal (second from right) does not regret sacrificing everything for her family (Al-Jazeera)

sacrifice everything

Noha Khazal, a housewife and mother of 3 children, sacrificed everything and sacrificed herself for her family and children, neglecting herself in the early periods of marriage, according to her description. Her list of priorities, and now that they are big and mature, she feels that what she did was not in vain and that her effort was not in vain, she is very proud of her first born son who became an airplane captain and her daughter studying economics and commerce, and she is taking a deep breath now.

But she has become accustomed to giving and sacrificing and no longer thinks of herself, despite her husband’s recent insistence on taking care of herself and spending time pursuing some hobbies. even pushed to go shopping, buy new clothes, take care of her appearance, register in a sports club, and take language and computer courses, as he appreciated what she did regularly. All these years and he wants to repay her, even partially, for the effort she made, as I told Al. Jazeera.

4- Kinda Hussami says if you want to be a mother, don't deprive yourself and take care of yourself first.  If you want to succeed in any area of ​​your life, you need to start taking care of yourself - (Al Jazeera Net).
Kinda Hosami: If you want to be successful in your life, you have to start taking care of yourself (Al-Jazeera)

Take care of yourself first

In turn, educational counselor Kinda Husami tells all young mothers, “If you want to be a mother, don’t deprive yourself and take care of her first, and if you want to succeed in any field, you have to start by taking care of yourself , and if you want to be a better mother, don’t neglect your personal needs. The mother’s shoulders are suffocating as if she is a superhero, but at the end of the day she is human and needs to rest and take care of herself and her family.”

Hosami continues, “Due to the many pressures, I arrived at a certain period of time to start screaming irrationally and discovered that the only thing I was missing was taking care of myself, so I decided to take some measures at home to become calmer and more calm by organizing time at home, work and with the children to feel better spirits and enjoy life more.”

private space

For her part, sociologist Lodi Hamza advises mothers to take care of themselves and their psychological, physical and moral health in very simple ways. Every mother is the main supporter of the whole family.

6 Sociologist Ludi Hamza tells every mother, be self-loving, your family loves you as you are - (Al Jazeera Net).
Lodi Hamza tells every mother, be self-loving because your family loves you as you are (Al-Jazeera)

Everything about you is special

You are wonderful as a mother as you are, there is no perfect or perfect person, and everything in you is special even your mistakes, so you don’t need to worry, stress and panic, accept yourself and be proud be who you are, and be self-loving, your family loves you as you are.

spoil yourself

Why don’t you find time for yourself? Why deprive her of the things that are close to your heart? Relax yourself and spend some time to take care of your beauty or take a walk with friends or practice your favorite hobby, it is not wrong to reward yourself and rest and pamper yourself like you are a princess not, if you do not take care of that personally, no one will care about this, everything in the matter is serious and time Although you are a mother.

9 Accept yourself and be proud of who you are, and be self-loving, your family loves you as you are - (Pixels).
Accept yourself and be proud of who you are as a mother (Pixels)

be positive

Don’t make negativity the center of your life, put away complaining, complaining and constant excuses for not having time to enjoy, but on the contrary, smile and seize the opportunity and turn things into positive energy, don’t give up and be confident that you are strong and that your life will change for the better.

Do your hobbies

Try to find a special space for yourself despite all the pressure and the many worries, do not neglect the hobbies you used to love, renew your activity and vitality, do not complicate matters and remove pessimism from life’s face challenges with solidity, and always think that raising children is not a bad and difficult thing, but on the contrary, turn it into something fun. It is entertaining and does not disturb your mood, the more you find things easy, the more positive and optimistic you are.

The most important secrets of happiness

Don’t alienate everyone who stood by you and supported you before, don’t forget friends and loved ones, it’s nice to spend good time with loved ones to feel happy and refreshed and that we are not alone in this life not, and it is also very important to find enough time for you and your husband to restore the vitality of love, giving love Happiness is also the basis of a happy family’s success.

Always think that raising children is not a bad and difficult thing, but on the contrary, turn it into something fun and entertaining and do not spoil your mood - (Pixels).
Always think that raising children is not difficult and turn it into something fun and entertaining (pixels)

Be happy mom

According to Lodi Hamza, “If the mother does not have the positive energy to infuse it into the soul of her children, she will live in a state of tension and quarrels, no longer caring about her own interests, her outward appearance neglect, and do not spoil herself with the pretense that children take all her time and consume all her energy, therefore it is necessary that she enjoy her motherhood without exaggerating Care and the pursuit of perfection in education.

The specialist advises mothers to stay away from moodiness, because dissatisfaction generates moodiness, and she does not miss moments of entertainment, especially with her husband, he also needs it, and to allocate time for the mother alone is very important : “Love what you have. without looking at others, thinking about what he has.” Others bring nothing but anxiety and nervousness, and don’t hesitate to put a big smile on your lips, because laughter is one of the secrets of a happy mother,” according to Lodi.

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