PANET | They killed him and killed the dreams of his bride | The father of the murdered Nasrawi: “Our society is decadent.”

About twenty days before the celebration of his betrothal to the bride, with whom he built palaces of beautiful dreams.. the young Nasrawi groom Ahmed Fakhoury was killed and everything beautiful was killed

dream to..
The murdered young man, Ahmed Al-Fakhouri, is another victim of crime that ravages our society and preys on its victims, victim after victim, like a ferocious beast, devouring the dreams and aspirations of youth between its fierce fangs and the stealing safety from people. , and killing the tranquility and peace of mind that the Arab community has longed for.

The family of the murdered Ahmed Fakhoury was on a date with joy, they were preparing to celebrate the engagement of their son, the groom, before bullets tore through his body. The late bought the wedding clothes that were spotted by the camera of Hala channel and the Banit website. It was “still with her tiger”.. new as it was from the shop.. It was placed on Ahmed’s bed in his room, the walls of which mourn his departure after many years in which he lived..

In one moment everything collapsed.. a moment that was the hardest, worst and longest moment a father could live.. It was the moment they called the murdered Ahmed Fakhoury’s father and told him: ” Your son was killed. .come.”
At this moment, joy turned into sadness, despair and grief.. Hope was extinguished in the heart of the family and its wishes were crushed..

“Young man and man .. the ant does not harm her”
Walid Fakhouri (Abu Khaled), the father of the dead young man, the late Ahmed Fakhoury, says in a gloomy and dull tone to the Banit website and Hala channel: “Ahmed was known for his morals. He does not harm her not, a humane and gentle young man.
The father of the late Ahmed Fakhoury added and told the Banit website about the circumstances of the crime: “Ahmed and his brother work with me in the bakery, and it is assumed that his brother will replace him at ten o’clock at night . in the work shift, and his brother came down at ten thirty to receive the shift from him, then they called me and told me your son offered There was a fire in the store, so I went down to the store and what happened has happened praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.”

“On the tenth of next month his engagement was supposed to be.”
The grieving father continued, telling the Banit website and Hala channel: “On the tenth of the next month, his sermon was supposed to take place, as we spoke to him about a bride, praise be to God, Lord of the worlds. , and he was getting married next year, and he was preparing his house.”

Father of the dead man: “Our society has reached low levels.”
And the father of the late Ahmed Fakhoury added, in a message he wanted to reach everyone – and he said: “Our society has reached low levels, and I say this through the flags, our society has reached low levels, our Arab society reached a degree, with my respect for people, but I will say a word that can hurt many, but our society It has come to the point that animals pity each other, but we, “brown people,” do not sorry not
Holding back tears, he continued his speech, telling the Bannet website: “A person comes and kills my son while he is working in the store in cold blood, and opens an automatic weapon on a young man in his first life while working. and kill him. This is our society. Animals pity each other and we don’t pity each other anymore.”

“Every day there is a dead man because we have strayed from religion”
The grieving boy further told the Banit website and Hala channel: “Every day there is a dead person because we have moved away from religion a lot. Our youth today, may God fix them, are far from religion. If they near religion this thing will not happen. He kills, gropes and commits fornication because he is far from religion. And I tell all young people that they should respect all bad things, from drugs, weapons and infidelity and stay away from , that is the things that lead us to this case.”
Father Walid Fakhoury concluded his speech to the Banit website by saying: “The responsibility is mainly on the parents, not the police or the state, but the parents. I have children… If the parents are attentive to their children and they ask where they are going and where they come from and where did you get the money and the car that costs one million shekels and you are unemployed.From work these are matters for which the parents are responsible, not the police. ”

The father of the murdered bride: “Ahmed is one of the few young men with his qualities, morals and manners.”
For his part, Kamal Al-Juma’a (Abu Obeida), the father of the fiancé of the late Ahmed Fakhoury, told Banet: “Ahmed is one of the few young men with his qualities, morals and etiquette. Ahmed did not speak no. wrong, all his words were of high level and refined.. I don’t know what happened to him and the situation he reached until they worked with him this thing but we say God is enough for us and He is the best agent for those who have committed this crime.”

Father of the bride: “Our society has reached rock bottom, even below rock bottom.”
Kamal Al-Jumah added, telling the Banit website and Hala channel: “Frankly speaking, our society has reached the bottom, even lower than the bottom. Our society is in an unenviable situation, more than necessary and unbearable. It is no longer known. who is targeted and who is not, (Good and kind people are She goes, and the people who walk this way are trying to fix her hair. I am sending a message to the police that what leading us to murder, what matters in our society is the police’s failure and failure to disclose the facts that occur in Arab society.”

“Ahmad worked day and night, and he was a gentleman who turned no one away.”
In an interview with Banit website with Khalil Fakhouri (Abu Hussein), the uncle of the late Ahmed Al-Fakhouri, he said: “My brother told me the news, as I immediately went to the hospital. Ahmed – not because he mine is not. cousin – but he was really one of the best young people in Nazareth, he was very ambitious, he loved He respected people.”
And the sorrowful uncle went on with his nephew and wept bitterly: “He worked day and night, and I knew many of his secrets. He always told me, Uncle, I want to work and marry. He was very ambitious and looked forward. He loved his work very much and loved his family. To anyone, he was the owner of Nakhweh.”
Uncle Khalil Fakhoury added: “As I see it, our society is going to an abyss, there is no question, more than what happened to Ahmed, there is no question, because glory to God they say at the end of at that time you will no longer know who is the murderer and who was killed, and that is what happened to us.”
Khalil al-Fakhouri, uncle of the late Ahmed al-Fakhouri, added: “I say to the youth, return to God and to religion, because everything that happens to us is caused by our distance from religion. Everything that is bad about your.”

The late Ahmed Fakhoury – personal photo

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