Selling stars to rival teams.. Manchester City from “the last billion, Sheikh” to profits from transfers!

Manchester City does not feel threatened by the departure of its stars to rival teams in the league

When the name Manchester City is associated with the transfer market under any circumstances or name, we all remember the “money” that the team spent to make its recent history, or it is possible to remember that ironic phrase “the last billion, old man” used when any attempt by Pep Guardiola to achieve the European Championship.

The idea is that the conversation will revolve around money and how it is spent, and the idea that this charge will remain attached to the heavenly team until the end of time and never leave it, because it is the easy shortcut to the ending discussions about the technical superiority of City or the genius of Guardiola, which hurt some.

In fact, we are not going to discuss the status of Manchester City among the clubs and judge their technical level, but we are talking about their association with the financial failure in recent years.

The city is again the subject of accusations, but this time after its success in selling its players at good prices.

What have Manchester City done this market?

In fact, Manchester City remains the most luxurious English team next to its red team mate of the city, despite the economic crises that many teams are going through, and they have to spend money within a certain framework, but the heavenly team does not feel any pressure at all.

The signing of the Borussia Dortmund goal machine, the Norwegian Erling Haaland, succeeded quite easily and without any competition, as no team could pay this salary to the player, except Manchester United, which lost its luster in the deal in the transfer market due to its distance from the Champions League.

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The problem with City lies in the sale process. We can now talk about the genius of the management by getting rid of his players at very impressive prices, and even leaving the transfer market with financial gains of 51 million euros.

An outside view would have to praise the genius policy that helped the team in the transfer market of one of the most important young players in the world – next to Mbappe – and at the same time come out with financial gains.

But if we look at the details and look for the names that have come out, we will find that they have weight in English football, and even went to teams in the English Premier League, no doubt they are not yet in competition for the league title, but they can upset Manchester City throughout the tournament.

The heavenly team sold Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal for about 52 million euros, Oleksandr Zinchico to the same team for about 35 million euros, and Raheem Sterling for about 56 million euros to the Blues Chelsea.

Is it overconfidence or a need for money?

What happened to the Manchester City administration suggests two possibilities, the first is that heaven does not feel threatened by the Arsenal and Chelsea teams, and the second is that he needs money and knows that the English teams will pay more.

The first hypothesis is plausible as Arsenal are still trying to get back to the top four teams in the league points. As for the Blues, they are in a transition phase that will put a lot of pressure on them, and Rahim is going through a very bad period in his career, and he needs time to adapt and enter the atmosphere of Stamford Bridge.

The second hypothesis seems more logical because it is related to the English obsession with Premier League players. The fact that Raheem Sterling’s level in the last two seasons never makes his price reach 50 million euros.

And Gabriel Jesus, even if he is the experienced young player in the league and the owner of a brilliant future, he does not deserve the amount he paid for, as is the case for the Ukrainian left-back.

England has its own laws and prices, and it is possible that this point was where Manchester City played to get rid of these names at those prices.

What has changed at Manchester City?

Recent years have seen many changes in the mentality of Manchester City, and we are talking here not only about the administrative system, but also about the individuals.

After the long talk by the press and opponents on the heavenly team that it was the creation of money, Pep Guardiola honestly said his team is out of money yes, and did not try to explain anything.

This pressure may or may not have changed the sale policy, or probably not, but at least we can say that it played an important role in moving the City Management to try to balance things.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan


Previously, Manchester City made money and got little from the sale, which is the exact opposite of what the Liverpool administration was doing at the same time.

Where the Reds relied on showcasing young talents in an attractive way and then selling them to the mid-table teams for good money, in addition to selling players Klopp didn’t want in his first team by marketing them convincingly.

The city relied solely on its purchasing power, and did not give the sales side the importance it currently gives it. .

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