Sisi demolishes Egyptians’ property for money and the administrative capital.” – Freedom and Justice Gate

As if Sisi and his brutal military coup regime see nothing in all of Egypt except roads and bridges leading to his new administrative capital, which will not protect him or protect him from the anger of the people, and anger and revolution coming to him from all sides.

The military regime continues its expansion projects at the expense of civilian homes, even in luxury neighborhoods built hundreds of years ago, to expand a traffic axis or build bridges or cafes that put large sums into the pockets of the brigades and soldiers, which prevents a single cent of army projects from reaching the state’s general budget. This is a phenomenon that has become very widespread in the governorates of Cairo and Giza in recent years, and the proceeds from the rent of these activities usually go to the army treasury, away from the state budget.

The executive authorities in the Cairo governorate are currently demolishing the housing units of Almaza area in the Heliopolis neighborhood, in order to expand the traffic axes leading to the administrative capital, in exchange for financial compensation or housing units in the ” Ahalina 3″ project, which was implemented by the government to transfer residents of slums in El Salam City, which are far from From the heart of the capital tens of kilometers.

The people of Almaza face a violation of their human rights, as oral communication from the government reaches them with speed of eviction so as not to demolish the houses on the heads of their families.

It is worth noting that Almaza is not classified as a squatter area, but rather the implementation of its properties is overseen by the Heliopolis Housing and Development Company, one of the state-affiliated companies. In preparation for its removal within the scheme of demolishing first row properties in Hussein Kamel Salim Street, under the pretext of its extension.

The people are crying that their complaints are not being heard, as one of the negative aspects of the demolition decision states that she “went to the Heliopolis prosecutor and court to report the demolition incidents, and she was told that the Almaza given to a sovereign authority.” And offered to the citizens to live there?

She added, “The Almaza area has caught the eye of investors, who tell us that they will build “cafes and playgrounds” on it.”

Lawyers for the “Defence” office for legal and legal work filed a lawsuit and entrusted some residents of the Almaza area with Article Two of a government decree issued by the Prime Minister No. and real estate located within the extension of Hussein Street Full Selim in preparation for expropriation.

In the lawsuit, the people demanded that the wall be removed from Cairo International Airport, near Almaza, as much as the space needed to widen the street, instead of removing 39 buildings in which they live, stressing that they do not oppose development work, but they demand an available alternative that balances all interests.

They also sent an emergency call to the residents about a year ago to the overthrown Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in which they complain about the decision to expropriate their private property in order to expand Hussein Kamel Selim Street, causing serious damage to the security and property of families and families who have lived in the area for decades, and have always been an example to follow in the promotion of their families.and their patriotism, and their organized homes within the streets of the wide area,” according to the need.

The coup House of Representatives, which was formed by the security and intelligence agencies on its own for this brutal policy, passed an amendment to the law on the expropriation of real estate for the public benefit, with the aim of the President of the Republic or his delegate the authority to determine the public benefit, accelerate the pace of procedures for forced expropriation of citizens to complete projects The roads and bridges that are implemented, and give the competent governor the power to make decisions to issue for the temporary seizure of some immovable property owned by citizens in cases of emergency.

Al-Sisi’s government is accelerating campaigns to remove real estate in all regions and governorates. Recently, the repressive agencies accelerated campaigns to evict residents in the sixth and seventh neighborhoods of Nasr City in Cairo, to remove their houses known as “blocks” and build new towers to replace them as part of a plan to area to develop.

This is the scenario that is being repeated with the people of the El-Marg and Ezbet El-Nakhl areas, east of Cairo, who have been unofficially informed by the governor to start removing their homes, to dozens of properties in the El -Include margin. and Ezbet El-Nakhl areas, overlooking Sheikh Mansour, Trolly, Canal al-Jabal (west of the railway line) and Zakat Foundation. The martyr, Muhammad Naguib, Abdullah Rifai and the project, in order to build a to start a new traffic axis connecting the Marg area and Ramses Square in central Cairo, along the route of the first line of the metro.

According to the development plan, this involves the removal of the Mohamed Naguib Bridge in Al-Marj and a number of properties adjacent to it, and the demolition of the historic palace of Princess Neamatullah Tawfiq, daughter of Khedive Tawfiq, and the granddaughter of Muhammad Ali Pasha, which extends over a large area in the Marg of about 16 hectares, and was among the rest homes of the late presidents Jamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, and exile for President Mohamed Naguib after the imposition of house arrest on him in 1954, but over time it turned into a rubbish dump after being looted, demolished and burnt twice.

It is strange that the demolition affects licensed and official areas, next to houses that have been reconciled and large sums of money have been paid for them.

The demolition of houses on both sides of the ring road in Giza and Maadi and in the Basateen, Al-Haram and Al-Warraq areas continues.

On the sixth of October, and in the areas of El-Max, Maamoura and El-Montazah in Alexandria, in El-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, in the ancient Matrouh and Al-Alamein regions, in the regions of Old Cairo and central Cairo, with the same arguments and pretexts, as if development only comes at the head of the preponderance.

What is worse is that the fee is low and does not match the prices of housing and real estate in Egypt. Citizens are given meager compensation of 40,000 pounds per room, considering the reception hall and kitchen as one room, which 160 000 amount. pounds for a three-room housing unit, not exceeding a maximum of 30% of the market unit price.

So, Sisi is compassionate for the Egyptians who have found no one to sympathize with them over the past decades, which he endured from Sisi dancing and satisfied with his military coup, and he chose deputies who only work for the reverse Sisi and legislated. for him deadly legislation demolishing houses, closing factories, liberalizing prices and raising petrol, electricity and water, to the point of It has reached the point that he is selling electricity and water to the Egyptians at more than the price to sell them and export to Europe.

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