Thales Group..a leading global company in the field of technology..what is the importance of the Bahrain market to the company?

  • Speaker: Christophe Ravoir, Regional Director of Thales Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has been an important and historic partner of Thales for over thirty years. The choice of Thales as a technology partner has been a source of great pride for several public sector organizations in the Kingdom, including the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Defense or the Information and e-Government Authority. To better demonstrate our commitment to the Kingdom of Bahrain and provide high-quality local support to our customers, Thales made a strategic decision to open a headquarters in 2016.

Thales’ vision in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region is “industry, innovation and education”, where we aim to support security, safety and growth, while preserving the sovereignty of the state, providing sustainable economic development and local talent be promoted.

In the coming years, Thales wants to expand its cooperation with both the public and private sectors in the Kingdom to support Vision 2030 and its ambition to develop a more digital and knowledge-based economy with outstanding civil and security infrastructure, and a strong local industrial technology basis to achieve growth, localization and industrialization strategies.

What are the main sectors in which the group currently operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain?

As innovation and sustainability are cornerstones of Bahrain’s strategy, Thales can offer its expertise in defence, aerospace, security and digital transformation.

In the field of defense, Thales offers solutions for different types of applications such as radar, marine equipment, anti-drone systems, communications, etc. as well as customized solutions, training, services and integration.

In aviation, Thales serves Gulf Air directly through its in-flight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity systems.

In terms of security, Thales has been selected to provide an integrated solution covering airport security, safety and operations, as well as communications and infrastructure for the Bahrain International Airport building, car parks and central operations complex. These technologies focus on intelligent security, relying on advanced modular solutions such as video analytics, abnormal behavior and status capture, incident management and resource management tools. Thanks to her long experience in the air transport industry, airport security and identity management. While Thales was able to offer an integrated offer to secure and improve all airport operations.

Finally, Thales is also playing an important role in Bahrain’s digital transformation journey with activities extending from digital banking and cyber security to e-identity and eSIM.

How do Thales technologies and solutions support businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of digital innovations, connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security and more?

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Bahrain has a strong digital infrastructure, as it previously announced its strategy to develop the digital economy for the years 2022 to 2026, which focuses on supporting artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in response with a focus on maintaining the security of shared personal data and information. This is at the heart of our business as our customers in aviation infrastructure, railway signalling, defence, security and identity place a high value on sovereignty and technological independence.

As the world becomes more focused on all things digital, everyone needs to have confidence in the abilities of organizations and companies to play their roles effectively while successfully tackling the challenges ahead. It became clear to us that flexibility is the key to adapting to new situations and building a future we can trust.

Technology and digital transformation have been our biggest gains lately. We often talk about the digital transformation of our world, the added value through new experiences and the questions that digital development raises. These technologies have become an essential part of our daily lives. Technology is the lifeblood that keeps us connected personally and professionally and we aim to create a sense of trust by offering simple and reliable digital experiences.

Our strong ability to research and develop and collaborate with local academic communities is the basis for developing and maintaining a relevant skills base that represents a strong framework around core values ​​such as prudence, trust and accountability. This is why we stand alone in the world of giants and serve the ambitions of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

4. What are the latest technologies that Thales offers to the aerospace sector in the region?

Thales is developing a new flight management system, PureFlyt, to meet the specific needs of Airbus commercial aircraft, specifically the A 320, A 330 and A 350. The new flight management system will improve interoperability for airlines and pilots and improve flight routes that help track reduce carbon emissions from airline operations.

The PureFlyt system is specifically designed to simplify pilots’ tasks while improving aircraft performance. By evaluating the true impact of carbon dioxide and non-CO2 emissions during flights, the Air Footprint Estimation system offers many solutions that lie at the heart of decisions and operations that contribute to reducing climate impact. Indeed, fuel efficiency and CO2 and NOx emissions are 3% to 4% better than previous generations of FMS solutions, thanks to Aviobook’s robust indoor flight enhancement applications.

Furthermore, with our In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) program, we make connected entertainment simple, seamless and secure for Gulf carriers. Gulf Air’s Thales Avant IFE solution that provides a fully customizable passenger experience is proof of this. In this regard, we offer the best in-flight experience with an incredible range of in-flight entertainment systems, the most advanced connectivity solutions and digital services that connect and inspire people throughout their journey.

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