The case of Archbishop Al-Hajj interacted and turned Al-Diman into a political pilgrimage

Between Diman and Baabda, the issue of Archbishop Musa al-Hajj is still interacting and will not subside until it reaches its desired conclusions by restoring the right to its people according to the ceiling and conditions of the permanent synod of the Synod of the Maronite Church bishops, while the summer residence of the Maronite patriarch saw a political and diplomatic pilgrimage with the visit of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon Walid Al-Bukhari, the building is being prepared to host tomorrow the popular delegations that support B churches and the positions of to meet his master.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, was informed by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Haifa and the Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem, the Palestinian Territories, Amman and the territories of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the Maronite community, Archbishop Moussa Al- Hajj, and the Maronite Archdiocese of Byblos, Archbishop Michel Aoun, when they received them yesterday at the Baabda Palace, about the circumstances of what happened. At the Naqoura crossing, he assured Archbishop Al-Hajj that he “followed up on this issue as soon as it happened and it is now being dealt with.”

Minister of Justice

From Diman, the caretaker Minister of Justice, Henry Khoury, confirmed after his meeting with Patriarch Al-Rahi yesterday in Diman that he “sought to collect the available data on the file of the arrest of Archbishop Moussa Al Hajj,” and noted that he “sent a letter to the State Prosecutor of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oueidat for information. All information related to the file is available to date.

On the issue of dismissal of the military investigative judge, Fadi Akiki, Khoury said that his powers as a minister are limited and limited, stressing that the judiciary rules itself.

block “regeneration”

In a visit of condemnation, a member of the “Tajdud” bloc, MP Michel Moawad, confirmed that “Bishop Al-Hajj does not need to be defended by anyone, and Bkerke is the rock that will continue to build Lebanon’s entity and to defend human freedom. The judiciary, and the pluralistic Lebanese identity, and to renew our decision to confront the side of Bkerke and all the free people in Lebanon in the face of a new hegemony project that we want to subjugate,” and shows noting that “the comparison has become clear, either we submit and bear witness to the process of changing Lebanon’s identity, or we are submitted to a process of intellectual terrorism, treason and Fatah.” “Organic” files, even assassination and physical elimination.

He said: “Do not spill details in the file of Archbishop Al-Hajj, as he has the right to visit his congregation in Lebanon and Jerusalem, therefore he goes there publicly and returns from Naqoura.

Moawad concluded: “The issue is clear, and it is the attempt to subjugate the Maronite Patriarchate and its political position, and we know very well that if Bkerke now changes his position on the sovereignty of Lebanon or the presidency, the whole file will change, and our position is clear: “The Jerusalem road will not go through Bkerke!”

For his part, MP Ashraf Rifi of Al-Diman said: “My participation today with a delegation from the Tajadd bloc confirms that our struggle is not Christian or Islamic, but rather national with distinction. Lebanon. Today we are at the gates of a somewhat decisive and historical stage, so that we, as Muslims and Christians, go hand in hand with the right of this national building, for which it always registers decisive national positions.” “Hezbollah” and we are the resistance. Rifi continued: “We are patriots and we have proven that the Lebanese security and army are more important than Hezbollah. We are the resistance, not them, and it is the Christian resistance that saved Lebanon and won great victories, just like the national resistance. which included Christians, Druze, Shiites and leftist parties that achieved achievements in the face of the enemy, not The party that claims the resistance and makes its mantle.”

Regarding the former deputy, Jawad Boulos, he said: “We are not ready to accept what happened to Archbishop Al-Hajj, and I believe that every honorable Lebanese has the duty to stand by the patriarch in this rejected and rejected effort by those who launched it on the accusation of the synagogues in B churches of cooperation and for their audacity to intervene The question of a bishop’s relationship with his congregation, wherever this congregation is located, is reject.”


As for Deputy Nehme Afram, after his meeting with Patriarch Al-Rahi, he said that “the arrest of Archbishop Al-Hajj is suspicious,” calling for “the correction of the mistake that occurred quickly, the repayment of the money and its distribution. , and the return of his passport.”

He said in a statement that “this case is rejected for several reasons, firstly because it affects the entity of Lebanon, and its history goes back more than 500 years. Maronite congregations have been present since that date in the Holy Land, in occupied Palestine, in the West Bank and Jordan, and they have their seat in Haifa, and it is the core of canon law and is linked to the Maronite Patriarchate in Mount Lebanon. It is the duty of the diocesan pastor to communicate with his parishioners there, with Lebanon and with the families in it, and the church in need and pain. His duty is to do good, and to connect parishioners with their families to help each other, and to provide help if it is with medicine or money or that supports a decent life, not even with life, no Especially in our current situation.”

He added: “These are matters of politics. The issue is not related to the law of handling goods from the occupied territories. When people’s money is robbed, social security and the Ministry of Health’s services cease, and people die before our eyes, it is the duty of every citizen who can help by taking the initiative to stand up for his brother.”

And Frem added: “From a legal point of view, we note the confusion that is happening before our eyes in the judicial body. Two months ago, the military court issued a ruling considering that such an issue was not within its jurisdiction, so how could the opposite happen?”


For her part, the “Strong Republic” bloc member, MP Ghada Ayoub, considered that “the Maronite Church honestly demanded the dismissal of the government’s acting commissioner at the military court, Judge Fadi Akiki, as the main person responsible for the insult of Archbishop Musa. al-Haj, and the church’s claim did not come from a vacuum and does not fall within the framework of a response. The act, but the fact that this judge’s record of acts outside the norm and the norm requires it.”

She wrote on Twitter that “his accountability is a message to the political party that implemented his decision to attack the church, as well as a message to every employee and official that he will face the same fate if he violates his conscience and abandoned his role and turned into a tool and a mailbox for the kidnapping team of the state and the team covering this kidnapper.”

“On the Road to Freedom”

house call

As for the “Towards Freedom” movement, it saw Lebanon as suffering from a malignant tumor that is Hezbollah’s weapon and its dependence on foreign policy dictated to it and implemented by it “obediently, away from the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese, as it continues to deceive itself and its “incubating environment” as the opposite of what it really is.” .

She said in a statement: “Enough is enough, and as we have been appointed to make you respond to the voice of reason, while condemning and condemning all your suspicious and twisted methods, we affirm our full support for all the demands of the patriarchal building in his statement issued on 20-07-2022, the most important of which are:

1 – Stop the politicized hand of Judge Akiki, and refer him to judicial inspection immediately and without any delay.

2 – Return of all confiscated material from Archbishop Musa Al-Hajj.

3- End the pursuit of the pilgrim and close the suspect file for the purpose of his timing and goals.

The movement concluded by calling on “the Lebanese government to immediately and without any delay or delay present a public apology to His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch and Archbishop Al-Hajj, and to call on the international community to respect all relevant international legitimacy decisions before it is too late, by accepting its responsibilities to help Lebanon practically for the full and complete implementation of the decisions.” The UN Security Council 1559, 1680 and 1701.

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