To establish a development council for Akkar and the North, and for sustainable development that preserves humanity

The head of the executive body of the Amal movement, Mustafa Foani, renewed the call of the parliament speaker Nabih Berri to establish a development council for Akkar, the North and Baalbek-Hermel, considering it a call for sustainable development which preserves the human being, helps to eliminate deprivation, prevents rampant corruption and increases the resilience of people, as is the case through the steadfastness of people in the south and Akkar of By supporting tobacco cultivation and working on the development of its resources .

Foani’s words came at the end of a tour by Akkar governor, which was carried out by a leading delegation of the movement under its leadership and with the membership of Bassam Tlais, the official of the Central Municipal Office of Voluntary Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Dagher, the official of the office of municipal affairs of Mount Lebanon and the North, brother Ali Al-Hajj.
The delegation began its visit to the headquarters of the Union of Coastal and Central Al-Qayta` Municipalities, where it was received by the President of the Union, Ahmed Al-mir, the heads of the neighboring trade unions, the heads of the municipalities in the region, and the region’s mayors. President Nabih Berri, and touched on the social situation of the Akkar region and its needs, and that Akkar is as it was in the mind and heart of the leader Imam Musa al-Sadr when he deprived the south and Baalbek-Hermel to the dispossession of Akkar and that Berri strives to obtain approval for the establishment of the Akkar and Baalbek-Hermel Development Council.
He renewed the movement’s support for their demand to lift the hardship of this dear and honorable region with its people, who were not stingy in making sacrifices, especially from the sons of the military establishment.
The delegation continued its tour, where it visited the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Akkar, Archbishop of Salillos. After welcoming the delegation, His Excellency praised Archbishop Imam al-Sadr’s patriotic views and the views of the President and welcomed the delegation’s visit to the hardship area.
For his part, the head of the executive body of the Amal movement praised the church’s positions, its pastoral and social role and its standing with the people, especially at this sensitive stage our beloved country is going through.
He touched on the general political situation and the need for the Lebanese to unite with each other to save our country and the role of President Berri inclusive.
It was a visit by MP Sajia Attia at his home in Rahba, who welcomed the delegation, the role and role of President Nabih Berri, his sophistication, his views and his interest in the demands of the disadvantaged areas, including Akkar . Hajj Mustafa Al-Fawani pointed out the role and responsibility of the MPs to pursue the development issues of this region.
Then the delegation moved to the office of the Mufti of Akkar, Sheikh Zaid Zakaria, who welcomed the delegation, referring to Imam al-Sadr’s national and inclusive views and to the role of President Berri and his interest in the Akkar region and his role in calling for the establishment of the Akkar Development Council.
In turn, Dr. Foani praised the positions of His Eminence, the patriotic Mufti, and the guardian of all segments of society and his complementary role with the positions of President Nabih Berri in terms of strengthening the Islamic arena.
The delegation traveled to Halba to visit the Head of the Distribution Department, Sheikh Malik Jadeeda, who welcomed the delegation and praised the state of President Nabih Berri and his patriotic views, translating this visit to areas of hardship and the political and embodied development role. of the Amal movement.
In turn, Fouani thanked him for the good reception, and pointed to Sheikh Malik Jdeidet’s pioneering role and his positions to bring the sects closer.

Afterwards the delegation moved to the Middle Derby area, where the President of the Union of Municipalities of the Middle Derby Mr. Abboud visited Merheb in his house in Al-Bireh, where a popular and municipal reception was held for the delegation in the presence of heads of municipal unions, mayors and mayors who welcomed the Amal movement and its leadership, led by president Nabih Berri and his honorable national views.
There was a speech by the President of the Union, Mr. Abboud Mareeb, who thanked the Amal Movement for standing by their side in their demands to the state administrations. Afterwards, numerous mayors of municipalities spoke who had many development demands, including the creation of a circle of souls, addressing the waste crisis, and the demand to provide the financial nature of the elected.
It was a speech by Tlais, during which he promised to follow up on the demands of the municipalities and the mayors.
In conclusion, Dr. Mustafa Foani thanked the President of the Federation, Municipalities, Mayors and Events for the hospitality and reception, praised their service role and met the Amal Movement with its political and development role.
The delegation concluded its Akari visit of Wadi Khaled by visiting MP Muhammad Yahya and condoling the death of one of his family members.
Then the delegation moved to the residence of MP Muhammad Suleiman in the town of Heisha, who welcomed the delegation and the positions of the leader of the movement, and wished the delegation help with the demands of the Akkar Development Region, especially that the region in urgent need for development.
In turn, Dr. Foani MP Muhammad Suleiman thanked for receiving him and promised to help with the demands of the state administrations.
At the end of the Akari tour, a visit was made to the town of Qarha, where the delegation expressed its condolences to brother Latif Obaid on the death of his father, in the presence of the region’s activities, the heads of the region s municipalities and the head of the Wadi Khaled Mayors Association.
And a speech by the Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Mustafa Al-Fouani, said:

For Akkar, where the sky embraces the poor and the needy
For Akkar, where the minarets embrace the church bells, out of love and praise to God and serving man
For Akkar and its towns, villages and immortal valleys hangs on the melody of belonging to the homeland and to the town of Imam al-Sadr Qarha a model of civilized and human interaction
For Akkar, according to Imam Musa al-Sadr’s speech, we will not calm down as long as there is one deprived in Lebanon
Akkar for President Nabih Berri, where her presence is the conscience of remembrance and action is a revelation of good work
Akkar has in the conscience of the movement of hope that it is in the heart and that it shortens the suffering of a homeland and that his person is the person of our movement and that is our charter
There is no occasion for Akkar to be brought to the heart and mind of President Nabih Berri, and he has always called for its fairness for development, the presence of a promising state and for his children people of loyalty, dignity, generosity and martyrdom.
Amal movement has a presence in every town in Akkar and the north, before it al-Sadr, its president, the prophet and his cadres… :
We swear by the beauty of Lebanon and its mountains
To the south, east and north
We swear by the blood of the martyrs
with orphans’ tears
mothers moan
pain wounded
Al Maktumin lost
Concerned about students and intellectuals
Children panicked at the border. With the determination of the Almoravids and the Mujahideen…..
We swear that we will not be silent about hardship
And we will spare no effort to reach the truth
And fight against enemies…

Al-Fawani added, “Today we are in the Amal movement. We do not visit Akkar and the North and its activities and references. We among them rather suffer together and work together, and we long for cooperation from all to share assumes restoration of confidence after a series of social, economic and health collapses, and the resistance of Lebanon, President Nabih Berri, who has never known except the path of internal dialogue, is halal.” all our crises
The call of brother President Nabih Berri to establish a development council for Akkar and the North and Yaalbek-Hermel, which is a call for sustainable development that preserves our people, helps remove deprivation, prevents rampant corruption and the resilience of people increase, as is the case by strengthening the resilience of people in the south and Akkar by supporting tobacco cultivation and working on the development of its own resources. Far from the policy of marginalization, exclusion and tampering, and far from the mentality of fragmentation and classification of citizens that some people follow, and when sectarian monsters leave their minds … he said to the MPs of Akkar and the people of Wadi Khaled: “All ministries are yours, and all reviews are your right, and everyone has to meet you… It is what it is.” President Nabih Berri, and this is a movement of hope, and this is our charter and the teachings of Imam al-Sadr. “.

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