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Types of love birds with pictures This is what gives us the most psychological comfort when we look at it. It is almost devoid of bright colors that send peace and calm. It is also what attracts our attention the most, and it reveals to us the supreme beauty of the creative power. Also, lovebirds convey to us the relationship of love and tenderness among themselves, as they have a delicate feeling of living with their partner as if they were lovers. It is common for bird lovers to want to own some lovebirds at home, as they have a beautiful appearance, wonderful colors and a sweet voice that gives an atmosphere of love and affection in homes. The world of birds is a pure world that suggests freedom and beauty. Therefore, we will present to you an important article that sheds light on the types of lovebirds with pictures with their description, ways to care for them, what most causes their death and how to choose the appropriate food for these delicate and delicate birds.

What are lovebirds?

Likes birds, which is known as the loving man. The name of the lovebird was given to the African small parrots, as they are one of the most famous or popular types of parrots. They are very intelligent and loving pet birds with a wonderful and attractive form. We also note that they are somewhat fiery birds. Lovebirds are known not to speak like parrots who have the ability to mimic human speech. But there are rare types of lovebirds that can imitate sounds like whistles or bells, but they must be taught to do so at a young and early age. One of the most important characteristics of lovebirds is that they are moody according to each type, and they can live for 20 years. Also, the sizes of these birds vary from 5 to 6 inches, so they are very small, and one of the smallest types of parrots. Unlike large parrots, they have a short, stubby tail of feathers.

Types of love birds with pictures

We are now sharing with you, dear readers, the types of lovebirds with pictures, with the characteristics of each type. There are nine species of lovebirds, and they belong to the genus Agapornis. It is also called by this name because of the strong bonds of the pair. These types are as follows:

  • The peach-faced lovebird is a type of lovebird.
  • Black lovebirds are one of the types of lovebirds.
  • Masked lovebirds are a type of lovebird.
  • Lovebird Nyasa is one of the types of love birds.
  • Black-necked lovebird species.
  • Madagascar lovebirds.

Peach-faced lovebird

It is one of the famous species of lovebirds, native to the dry land of South West Africa. It occurs in large flocks of 10 to 30. This species was found and reported at the end of the eighteenth century. It is a very popular species because it is easy to breed and maintain and gives excellent production.

Black lovebirds are a type of lovebird

It is also a popular bird species that is always in danger due to the small space that this species contains. They are also called eyerings, which include friendly and masked birds. They are one of the species distinguished by their wonderful and attractive appearance and bright colors, which we will present in our article on the types of lovebirds with pictures to see how beautiful this bird is.

Masked lovebirds are a type of lovebird

They are also a type of lovebird known as colorful masked lovebirds or yellow birds. It is one of the types of small African parrots found in the interior plateaus of northern Tanzania, trees and forests of Tanzania. This remarkable species can also be found in northeastern Kenya and Tanzania exclusively in the Sahel. The black head that looks masked and the characteristic bright color are characteristic of this species.

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Types of love birds with pictures

Fisher’s Lovebird is a type of lovebird

It is one of the types of lovebirds belonging to the parrot family, as it was given this name by the German Gustav Fischer, who named it after him. And which is native to one of the small regions of East-Central Africa. Also southeast of Lake Victoria in the interior plateaus of northern Tanzania. They also go west when drought occurs to Rwanda and Burundi to get the right humid weather. It has several colors: Blue Fisher, Mauve Fisher, and Green Fisher. It has bright colors that are very attractive and eye-catching.

Types of love birds with pictures

Black-necked lovebirds

This species occurs in large groups in tropical Africa, especially in the forests of Cameroon and Central Africa. It is also found in the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana and Uganda. Also in Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia. It is one of the species characterized by the presence of a black color on the neck that makes it unique and distinct from other species. They are one of the types of lovebirds in the pictures we have shown you.

The Nyasa lovebird is a type of lovebird

It is one of the types of African small parrots that belong to lovebirds. It is characterized by its green color with an orange color on the chest and the presence of this color on the top of the head. It is one of the famous species with a unique shape and is very popular.

Madagascar loves birds

We will now show you the most beautiful types of lovebirds with photos of Madagascar lovebirds. Where this species is considered a species native to the island of Madagascar, located off the coast of Africa. It was also found in large numbers on one of the neighboring islands. It is customary for this species to be bred in pairs. It is gray in color and reaches a length of 213 cm. It also weighs 36 grams. This species has large wings but is known to be unintelligent in flight.

Types of love birds with pictures

Other types of lovebirds

There are other types of lovebirds spread around the world because we have previously shown you the most beautiful pictures of famous lovebirds. We will tell you the names of other birds:

  • The lovebird Agapornis pullarius, which is widespread in Africa.
  • Also the birds of Agapornis swindernianus, also found in tropical Africa.
  • Agapornis nigrigenis, a species of turtledove common in Zambia.
  • We also have Agapornis lilianaeg, which is a distinctive type of lovebird that has a red or white bill and is found in Malawi.
  • Red-faced lovebird.

How to raise lovebirds

After showing you the types of lovebirds with pictures and explaining to you their characteristics, we will tell you the most important points to follow if you are a fan of breeding lovebirds. They are as follows:

  • First of all, it is necessary to provide special cages for them, so that they are spacious and tightly made of metal wires.
  • It is also necessary to take care of their food and drink and change it every day.
  • One of the important points is to trim her nails from time to time so that they do not scratch each other.
  • Also, the tips of the feathers should be trimmed from time to time to keep their shape nice.
  • Watercress and sweet pepper should also be placed in the cover period.
  • These birds are also known to love to play and fight, so make sure you allocate time for them to play.

What are the causes of death of lovebirds?

Many people enjoy looking at the love bird because of the beauty of its appearance. After showing you the types of lovebirds with pictures, we will tell you about the main causes of their death and the factors that affect their life. They are as follows:

  • Eating a poisonous plant causes her to die.
  • Cholera is a deadly disease that affects birds.
  • Tuberculosis of birds, which causes death in case of infection of the bird.
  • Breathing polluted or poisoned air.
  • Drink contaminated water.
  • female death.
  • Presence of harmful insects.

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lovebird feeding

After showing you, dear readers, the types of lovebirds with pictures, we are now going to talk about a very important issue regarding the safety and continuity of lovebirds, which is the feeding of these birds. The food of lovebirds is considered one of the most important points that we need to take care of and give them a big part in raising these birds because any mistake in feeding them or neglect will cause the loss of these sensitive birds. It is necessary to achieve a balance in the diet of lovebirds, and provide the seeds and grains that they prefer, and provide foods that contain these important nutrients such as protein, water, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to try to provide these elements in her diet in order to continue and produce for you other pairs.

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lovebird behavior

Daring, curiosity and diligence are the most characteristic of lovebirds. It is expected that these characteristics, together with the aesthetics of these birds that you got to know when we touched on the types of love birds in pictures, are the reason why people love them and are attracted to raise them. Lovebirds are known to be busy with each other as the man and woman express their love for each other, caress and care for each other, and sometimes they don’t mind that someone tries to play with them. But these types of birds like to interact a lot, play and constantly move around the cage. You see them moving a lot inside the cage, and these things are noticed a lot by the owners. In our article, we have shown you the types of lovebirds with pictures so that you can enjoy looking at the beauty of this type.

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So we have come to the end of our article Types of love birds pictures. As we mentioned to you, the behavior of these birds and the most important points to consider in the breeding of this species. We also touched on the important issue of their nutrition, which must be taken care of for the survival of these birds. This is so that the owners of these birds can enjoy their beautiful voice and attractive appearance, which attract the attention of many.

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