A fine of 300,000, the wizard’s fine in case of not verifying the authenticity of personal data, the authority’s website

24/07 01:55

Article (38) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data provides that any controller or processor who does not fulfill his duties as set out in Articles (4, 5 and 7) of this act, with a fine of not less than three hundred thousand will be punished. pounds and not more than three million pounds.

Section 4 of the Act states that

Subject to the provisions of Article (12) of this law, the controller must comply with the following:

1 – Obtain or receive personal data from the holder or from the authorities competent to provide it to him, as the case may be, after the approval of the person involved with the data, or in the cases provided by authorized by law.

2- Ensure that the personal data is correct, consistent and sufficient for the specific purpose of its collection.

3- Establishing the method, method and standards of treatment in accordance with the specific purpose, unless he decides to authorize the processor to do so by virtue of a written contract.

4- Ensure that the specific purpose of collecting personal data for processing purposes is applicable.

5- Do or refrain from an action that will make personal data available, except in the cases authorized by law.

6 – Take all technical and organizational measures and apply the necessary standards to protect and secure personal data in order to preserve its confidentiality, and not to violate, destroy, change or tamper with it before any illegal action not.

7- Delete his personal data immediately after the expiration of the specified purpose, but in the event that it is retained for any legitimate reason after the end of the purpose, it must not remain in a form that identifies the person concerned with the data.

8 – Correct any error in the personal data as soon as he is informed or aware of it.

9- The maintenance of a special record of data, which must include a description of the categories of personal data it has, specifying who will disclose or make available this data to them, its support, periods, limitations, scope, mechanisms for deleting or modifying personal data, and any other data related to the transfer of such personal data across borders and description of procedures Technical and organizational data security.

10 – Obtaining a license or permit from the Center to handle personal data.

11- The controller outside the Arab Republic of Egypt is obliged to appoint a representative for him in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in the manner indicated by the Executive Regulations.

12 – Providing the necessary capabilities to prove its commitment to the application of the provisions of this law and enable the center to carry out inspection and supervision to ensure that.

In the event that there is more than one controller, each of them shall comply with all the obligations stipulated in this law, and the person concerned may exercise his rights vis-à-vis each controller separately.

The executive regulation of this law defines the policies, procedures, controls and technical standards for these obligations.

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Article (38) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data states that any controller or processor who does not fulfill his duties will be punished with a fine of not less than three hundred thousand pounds and not more than three million pounds.

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