Al Mal’s regional director: Saudi-German plans to establish first green hospital in Egypt

Branches of Saudi German Hospital

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Dr. Mohamed Hablas, the regional director of the Saudi German Hospital, said it aims to find a model for a green hospital that others can benefit from in Egypt, as it aims to be the first hospital of this type in the country .

He added that the Saudi German Hospital is one of the largest chains of hospitals in the Middle East, and has decades of experience in building, equipping and operating hospitals according to international standards.

In an interview with Al Mal, he added that very few institutions around the world have integrated capabilities in the design, construction and operation of hospitals, as the majority turn to other than construction and design, while the Saudi-German Group handles all phases through its subsidiaries export. .

He explained that the group owns several subsidiaries operating in the Egyptian market, including HHC, which is responsible for the design and implementation of the construction process, EgySense, which handles the medical equipment process for hospitals, Mega Mine, which is responsible for information technology, and finally, Saudi Arabia The German» brand owner and responsible for the management and operation of hospitals.

Hablas pointed out that all Saudi hospitals strive to obtain international quality certificates, by periodically developing expertise, in light of the great and rapid development taking place in the world of healthcare.

He pointed out that the group opened its first branch in Egypt on March 2016, and explained that despite the hospital’s short duration of work in the local market, it managed to gain a good experience in managing healthcare services to provide, as it is the first hospital in Cairo Governorate to be accredited by the Accreditation and Monitoring Authority health within the comprehensive health insurance system.

He continued and said: The Egyptian market is characterized by qualified doctors with good raw materials and nursing cadres who lack training, in addition to the great need for healthcare in Egypt due to the population increase.

Regarding the comprehensive health insurance system, he confirmed that the hospital was the first to apply to the Health Accreditation and Supervision Authority, despite the presence of Cairo Governor in the last phase of the project 10 years from now.

He pointed out that there is continuous cooperation with the authority, as it has helped the Saudi German to adopt the Egyptian standards of the International Society for Health Care Quality (ISQUA), in addition to helping to identify those responsible for train the review of standards within health institutions to grant accreditation.

He pointed out that the “Saudi-German” launched an initiative to help the rest of the hospitals in Egypt to obtain this accreditation by benefiting from his experience and explaining the details and various steps, which explain the coordination with the system and cooperation in decisions and assistance. is indispensable, in light of the inability of either the public or private sectors The individual bears the responsibility for health care alone.

Regarding the file of green hospitals, he revealed that the “Saudi-German” began to study the transformation and took into account environmental aspects, from the design process through the use of materials and services to medical decisions and their effects on the environment , which was applied. in the new hospital branch in Alexandria.

Hablas added that the Saudi-German Company is communicating with more than one specialized institution to make the necessary measurements to plan the move to green hospitals, in addition to calculating the carbon footprint, explaining that the case contains many technical details and experiences that we don’t have previously encountered.

Touching on the investment plan, the regional director of the Saudi German Hospital said that the group owns an existing branch in the Cairo area, with a capacity of 300 beds, and is close to completing the construction and equipment of the second branch in Alexandria, which includes the latest systems in the world.

He revealed that the plan of the “Saudi German” includes the establishment of a medical city in Alexandria in two phases, covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters, including the second branch with a capacity of 300 beds, while the second phase will include the establishment of specialized hospitals, and studies will be carried out on those specialties, including tumors, ophthalmology and orthopedics, and that According to the needs of the area around the hospital.

Hablas pointed out that the process of establishing the second branch in Alexandria has reached the stage of installing the devices, and it is expected to open before the end of this year, noting that the investment cost of its establishment is one exceeded billion pounds.

He revealed that the Saudi-German Group owns about 11 existing hospitals in the region, and the same are in various stages of construction, noting that the group opens a new hospital about every year and a half.

He emphasized that the group is interested in investment opportunities in the new administrative capital, and at the same time pointed out that it is looking at suitable places to establish new branches, noting that the group is looking at opportunities to be outside Cairo during the coming period.

The regional director of the Saudi German Hospital revealed that there are talks with the government to acquire a piece of land for the establishment of the third branch in Giza governorate, and it is likely that the process of its inauguration and construction within 5 will be completed. years.

He pointed out that the main challenges facing increasing investments in the field of hospital construction are to overcome the obstacles that lead to the prolongation of the construction and processing process, to the operational stage of more than 5 years.

He added: The process of establishing a hospital needs at least 5 years until we reach actual operation, in addition to 3 years to achieve profitability, and then the investor in large hospital projects needs at least 8 years to realize profits on his investments to begin to achieve, which causes the reluctance of investors. About the establishment of new hospitals and the direction of the other alternative, which is acquisitions.

He pointed out that investment in the field of hospitals is very difficult, which caused Egypt not to own 5 5-star hospitals, unlike real estate investment and its ease, which contributed to the large number of 5-star hotels.

He emphasized that there is communication with decision-makers in the Ministry of Health, the Prime Ministry and the General Investment Authority, but that the process of change needs more time.

Hablas pointed out that the acquisition is not part of the Saudi-German strategy, which seeks to achieve profit in addition to contributing to a real service to the community by increasing the absorption and clinical capacities of the health sector .

Regarding ways to finance the group’s investment projects, the regional director of the Saudi German Hospital revealed that it depends on the financial capabilities of the shareholders, in light of the presence of international institutions with strong financial solvency, especially the international financing IFC and EBRD.

He explained that it is possible to list the Saudi-German Company on the stock exchange, according to the shareholders’ decision and the surrounding circumstances.

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