From the bedroom to the execution chamber.. she killed her husband with the help of her lover

a girlfriend beauty

with eyes wolf he went Stood up Mohammed, and he old in twenties Of the age, in cage accusation, within Hall court crimes the shortest, wander mind, remember his life that It was live it not apathetic any something Comfortable mind do not have clash worries on me his shoulders distance, remember That the moment miserable that Occurred In which his eyes on me Mrs. married, and decide that run it and residence Relationship not legitimacy with her to wake up on me reality bitter, and he it is a became accused in a crime kill, Faces fate dark, Event Himself time catch on him it is a no call to to deny distance right now; Probably Find in recognition comfort, escaped Of his eyes some drops Of «tears crocodiles», while mistress I stood beside him steadfast no you say with a word what you will say distance her crime hideous, she was Of given up Over her femininity her paper and her grace hide her eyes Over eyes her children the three Who says deprive them Of their father and left them in darkness orphan face them life alone no dad Neither Mother, departure for them shame will follow them throughout their lives, surpass Of wander with voice president court and he Say: «wisdom court in presence To punish Everyone Of Fatema and Mohammed by reference their papers for the Mufti to take banner legal in their execution, to kill them the man».. To be through this judge End when he did it the two accused and ends The Road forbidden that they signed in it.. and in the lines following tell the details tricks and more ugly in That the story.

The story began in Luxor Governor More than twenty years before her marriage, when Muhammad’s eye fell on Fatima, the girl who was seven years younger than him and he admired her until he fell in love with her, he dreamed of her day and night, until he decided to reveal to her what was going on inside him, and when he tried to stop her on The Road, she refused, because her custom and traditions prevented her from standing with a young man she did not know, so she liked him more, until he decided to marry her, and as she sat with him for the first time she liked it, and love entered her heart, and her family agreed, until their wedding took place in the middle of a large family party attended by relatives and friends, and he moved The two for the marriage nest, Muhammad worked day and night to provide for her needs and spared her nothing, as he served as a guard worked for livestock.

The days passed and their lives were calm and reassuring until God blessed them with three sons, the eldest of whom is now a 17-year-old girl, and the youngest a 12-year-old, but the woman indulged her whims cheaply. I got to know him by chance, and they exchanged glances and whispers, to begin betrayal and the road of no return, and the matter developed between them into a sexual relationship, months of forbidden nights, in which the two in the mud to fulfill their forbidden desires, she forgot that she was a wife and mother of three children, she met her husband’s love with treachery and treachery, and fell into the arms of her lover, and she was not satisfied with that , but her thinking made Satan slap her when she persuaded her lover to propose to her daughter, so that he would come close to her, enter the house and leave when he wanted without anyone doubting him, and indeed he introduced her daughter, and the father and daughter agreed with him, and she continued The forbidden woman’s relationship with him, until the demon of her mind controlled her, stripped her of all feelings of grace and humanity, and cloaked her in ingratitude and carried strength, e n she forgot the ten and twenty. years she lived with her husband, and decided to get rid of him so that the atmosphere could cleanse her; she persuaded her lover to kill her husband so he could clean up In the end it didn’t take long for her to convince him of the idea of ​​murder, and the two sat and thought of a way to get rid of the man get rid of, until the whole plan is drawn up.

day the crime

After the night had closed its curtains on the area, and everyone was sleeping, Muhammad came sneaking secretly, masked like thieves, until he entered the farm guarded by the man, and while the man was sitting drinking a cup of tea , the accused was unconscious and stabbed him with a knife, leaving him covered in blood and at the same time escaped. The victim’s daughter was then in her room getting ready to sleep, until she heard the sound of dogs barking in an annoying manner, which brought anxiety and terror to her heart, so she went out to found what was happening, and found her father under his blood, and there was a masked young man running into the farm.

The girl stood stunned by the horror of the scene, then began to scream until everyone woke up, and they took the father and rushed him to the hospital in an attempt to save him, but he died before he arrived at the hospital, the woman made the collapse and shed tears, she wore the black dress, to announce her grief after the murder of her husband, fake tears She shed her from her eyes so that no one would suspect her not, and she began to fantasize that her crime would not be revealed and she would finally win the lover, but she woke up from a terrible nightmare and the detectives knocked on her door to arrest her.

report and rule

The police station was informed, and the detectives moved to the place of the report, and a search team was formed to uncover the circumstances of the accident, and through intensive investigations, it was found that the woman had an illicit relationship with a person with had the name. “Mohammed. H» is 23 years old, living in Qena governorate, unemployed, and that her husband always quarrels with her, so she agreed with her lover to come to the engagement of her eldest daughter and then kill her husband and from get rid of him. legally and drifted to the forbidden road, the two were arrested and confessed the details of their heinous crime, and the case was referred to court.

After two years of deliberation on this matter in the courts, the Luxor Criminal Court closed the curtain on it by referring the two pieces to the Mufti.

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