Ibn Aqiq discovered that his mother put anesthetic in her food every night, and when she searched for the dangerous cause, the disaster was unimaginable to the devil!

The story began when I was a first-year student at the Faculty of Agriculture, and I had big ambitions and dreams, especially because I loved my field of study and had a great desire to succeed.

And the days passed until the first year of university ended, and I was surprised that there was a young man who proposed to me, and my father quickly agreed without going back or presenting the matter to me opinion, and therefore I entered into many disputes with my father as a result of this matter.

In the end, I learned that this young man came through one of my father’s friends, so my father had a great desire to complete the marriage.

Two days later the young man came to visit us and introduced us, but the shocking surprise was that he was not a young man as they told me, he was a man fifteen years older than me!

I refused the matter a lot, but I could not stand before my father’s desire and insistence, and in the end the betrothal and betrothal took place, and the most difficult thing in the matter was that the marriage date was set after only three months.

And my life went against my desire, and the opposite of the ambitions I dreamed of, and the days passed quickly in which I tried to adapt to the new situation.

Until the wedding date arrived, and I felt great fear, and also in me was a sense of helplessness and anxiety, and I never felt as happy as any bride celebrating her wedding.

In the end I surrendered to the status quo and got married, and my new life began in an attempt to accept and live with the affair, but from the first day of marriage my husband was a person with strange and sometimes unacceptable characteristics.

As he was a strong-minded person who did not like to be discussed by anyone in his decisions, and he also dealt with me with orders and prohibitions, and there was no room for discussion or discussion.

Nevertheless, I lived with it without arguing, and maybe my personality didn’t like disputes and conflict very much, so I avoided getting into disputes or problems,

Perhaps because of this pressure, she developed hypertension, and it didn’t take long for her to develop diabetes.

And the days passed with this situation until I gave birth to our first child, and he was a beautiful boy who looked like the moon, and the most beautiful moments of life were when I heard the sound of his cry for the first times in life heard .

And my life began to take a different turn, because after the presence of my son with me, my life became valuable and there was a desire to exist more together.

Years passed like this, and my son grew up before my eyes, and I dreamed of a great future for him, but my husband never changed.

His treatment was always very harsh, even with his young son, he always dealt with him very harshly, and he never felt the affection of a father or tried to get close to him and I always tried to curb the matter keep.

Seven years after I had the first child, I gave birth again, and this time it was a beautiful girl, and my happiness increased with my children, and I thought that their presence in my life was the most beautiful gift that fate sent me

Years passed on this approach, and my husband was the biggest obstacle in my life. He always dealt with us without understanding or interest.

He did not try to get close to the children and understand their thinking and mentality, therefore his treatment reflected in the children’s personality.

My son was always in a state of isolation, and avoided sitting with us, and though he was twenty years old, but he was always far from his father, and afraid to speak to him, and in spite of me many attempts to get close to him, but I could not play the role of a father in his life.

And every time I talked to my husband, that what he did with the children was not true, and that he should at least get close to our oldest son so as not to lose him, but he also told me with ‘ treated a kind of neglect and lack of importance, and he saw that distress and cruelty were the only way to increase.

And the days passed without change, until one day my husband came to say that he will marry our son to the son of one of his friends!

Of course I refused, because my son was still young, and I also refused to marry this

The way, but the case of my husband was absolute, and he agreed on everything, and my son got married after only three months, with us in the same house, as it was a very traditional marriage, and his wife had with him lived in his room.

One day a phone call came to me from the place where my husband works, telling me that he had an accident at work and was taken to the hospital, and I rushed to the hospital, and there they told me that a large piece of iron had fallen on him from above, and that his condition was very difficult.

He was indeed in a complete coma in the hospital, which did not last long, because after three days he died in the hospital!

His loss also had an impact on my life. He may have been a difficult and cruel person at times, but in the end he was my husband and the father of my children.

After his death, I decided to devote myself to the children and think of nothing else, and I tried to get closer to them and create a state of understanding and friendship between us.

But my son, after the death of his father, his life began to change a lot, as he had his own opinion, and he did not listen to anyone except his wife, and he became like the bird that was in the cage, and suddenly he found his freedom, and he had some strange behavior.

I woke up one morning with a severe headache, and a great pain in my body, and it was a condition that I could feel for the first time in my life, but after a short time my condition starting to improve.

And the next day in the morning I also felt the same, and it started happening to me a lot, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it was to a lesser extent.

The strange thing is that every night as soon as I lay my head down on the bed, I don’t feel myself until the next day, and I go into a deep sleep.

I used to feel that there was something abnormal, and once I visited one of my friends and I talked to her about this matter, and she said that I should go to

The hospital there might be something wrong with my body but I wasn’t convinced about this but she decided and said she would go with me.

The next day we went to the hospital and the examination was done and I told the doctor how I felt, then I asked for some tests.

After the tests were done and the examination was done, the doctor told me that there is a percentage of anesthetic in my body, and that this is often the result of using a high-concentration painkiller, or abusing drugs .

It was surprising to me, especially since I have never used such medicine, but the doctor said that the percentage is high in my body, and there is no other solution, except that I took this medicine a lot.

Recently I feel these symptoms, and she said that it is dangerous for me, especially because I am sick with pressure and diabetes, and that such medicine has serious health complications, and it can cause death if it goes on like this!!

And we went out of the doctor’s office thinking about this matter, and in the end my friend told me to be careful with what I eat and drink.

Indeed, I began to focus on everything around me, and the doctor’s words and what she told me caused me great concern.

To the extent that I was meticulous about the smallest things, especially food and drink, and I began to doubt the food and drink I was eating inside the house,

Therefore, to find out the matter, I decided to bring me food privately without any of the boys knowing, and if I pretended to eat with them, I would eat the food I had brought without someone knows it.

On the first day, my daughter was normally preparing food in the kitchen, and when the food was ready, I saw my son quietly enter the kitchen,

And when I watched him from a distance, I saw him pour simple drops from a bottle of medicine that he hides in his clothes, and he put this medicine in the food designated for me!!

It was shocking to me when I discovered the perpetrator in the house, but I wanted to know the reason that motivates him to do this.

I pretended everything was normal, and I followed him constantly, until I discovered that he was doing this, for the sake of my dead!!

Because he knows that I have high blood pressure and diabetes, and that these medicines are doing great harm to my health!!

It was at the instigation of his wife!! After capturing his thoughts, she told him that your mother will marry after your father’s death!!

Therefore it must be disposed of in order to obtain the money!!

It was a disaster in every way, and I couldn’t keep quiet for a long time because I exploded in anger in my son’s face and told him that I knew everything.

So I filed an official report against my son and his wife because of these bad deeds, but after their arrest two days, I couldn’t help myself and felt sorry for him.

So I went quickly and dropped the complaint, and my son regretted what he had done and cried like little children, and despite the great wrong he had done against me,

But in the end I took that blame to his father, who always weakened his character and left him no room for decisions, so my son was weak, I listened to his wife, even when she pitted him against his mother set.

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