In the video, Yousra Hama supports Beca: We love you from the bottom of our hearts

The festival artist Hamu Beka, who is banned from practicing the profession of singing by a decision of the Musicians Syndicate, received direct support from the star Yousra, who wanted to greet him while attending the wedding of producer Essam Emam’s daughter was, and said that she loved him from her heart.

Hamo Beca – Photo from his Facebook page

Hamo Beca documented the moment and published a video that he collected with the artist, Yousra, at the wedding of the daughter of producer Issam Imam, and she met him very warmly and praised him. (Yousra) and she says to you: (We love you from our heart) It is true that I am the one who loves you very much, and I love your art very much, and I love all your films , six of all.. I grow more tired until your voice reaches the whole world.

A large number of art and sports stars and celebrities took part in the participation of producer Issam Imam, brother of the leader, in the celebration of the wedding of his daughter, “Farah” with businessman Mahmoud Abdel Nabi, inside a hotel in New Cairo.

Among the audience were art stars Yousra, director Rami Imam, Lebleba, Hani Ramzy, Fifi Abdo, Hamo Beka and designer of the international bride’s wedding dress, Hani El Behairy.

It is understood that the retired head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, Hani Shaker, recently declared that Beka has the right to take the tests again next year, after which the festival singer posted several photos of him with Dr. Training for the Syndicate Examinations has been published. .. Invite me..

Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Sattar, head of the singing department at the Higher Institute of Arab Music, intervened to reveal the scenes of the videos and photos published to him with Beka, stressing that it was more than a year without his knowledge was taken. ago and not recently, as Becca said, describing the latter as a fraud to his audience who doesn’t want to evolve.

Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Sattar published a long explanation after Beka published the photo with a comment confirming the start of preparation to take the tests again, and he said through his account on the Facebook website: In response on my respected journalists and media friends, to end this topic completely, Hama Beca is a person who performs some kind of music, I don’t believe I hear it, but it exists and is widespread and has no denial from me or no one else needed.

And he continued: “Number two, simply, the union played its part in front of the media, and they show the truth that they don’t fight anybody without justification, and they like to help them or lend their hands in ‘ a more correct sentence for their most famous, and because of the great trust, praise be to God, of the union members in me and in my history in training voices for many big names. I have trained her all my life, and I will none of them mention out of respect for their privacy I was nominated to train him so that he can perform in the exam and what simply happened was that we met twice and through them I was able to determine if he had the talent which makes him perform in the exam or not.

He added: “After the two times they were groceries for maybe a year or so, and in which I took pictures of them without my knowledge, there was no other interview by the way because of his lack of interest in the original he had develop himself more or try to be better. It’s not real at all, and it’s the whole situation in great detail.”

And he said: “So I really have no other words or more information. This topic is for the respected journalist brothers who have thanked them for their interest. I wanted it to be equal to the support provided over the years is. of me and my respected colleagues, that we present respected and dignified voices and are a reason.” To increase public taste, I still hope that happens.”

He added: “My main point in response to my dear friends and my dear students and daughters, education and self-development are not monopolized by anyone. This is a reality, and I still help him with my hands, preferably from bad to worse , and so I keep not doing my job and my role is imposed on me, and I like doing it.”

Abdel-Sattar said: “The weakly talented mujtahid will succeed and will remain in need, and the complete talent who sits at home and waits for all the people who come to knock on his door will prefer his whole life in his home , and finally my role as a vocal coach for a period of more than 30 years, and a professor and doctor and head of the singing department at the Higher Institute of Arabic Music. This makes it impossible for me to refuse to help someone, and on the contrary, he has less talent than him, and I can see their comments and I am happy that, thanks to our Lord, I could help them to be better and also have the confidence that makes them criticize, everyone deserves a chance to to be determined. He can and has talent whether it is by percentage or not.

Yousra recently participated in the presentation of the first festive song in the events of her latest series “Happy Dreams”, which was shown in the Egyptian series for the Ramadan 2022 season, and the heroes of the work, Shaima Seif, Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, participated in the singing in collaboration with the famous artillery team.

The song is named “Fakkak”, from the words of Kanka and Shendi, composed by Al-Madfajiya, distributed by Diesel, Mix, Master Osama Tarek, and general supervision by Ahmed Karakeeb.

The lyrics of the song say: I don’t see it..they walk and I don’t see it. I just happened to come, with jewels all over us, knee or no knee, jaw, jaw, jaw, see your interest, jaw, jaw, jaw, stay comfortable, live it alone, no matter how many people I have, I want to be alone.

The series “Happy Dreams” with Yousra, Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, Nour Mahmoud, Nabil Nour El-Din, Jihan Al-Shamsherji, written by Hala Khalil, directed by Amr Arafa.

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