They don’t ask young people to come back one day. “Sahba Al-Omar” brings back memories of the racket on the “Alexandria Sea”

Forty years of stories of the world’s friends… and the return of activity to the beach is the most precious wish

The English left the game before the evacuation.. and an archive of black and white photos from the drawers to the cell phone’s memory

The glamor of women’s collections writes a new history for “Raquet”, the bride of the Mediterranean

Written by_Hind Raafat:

“Shatt Alexandria, Shatt al-Hawa, our soul. Alexandria threw us on the passion”… Fayrouz’s feeling and warm voice, along with the cheerful Rahbani tones that evoke feelings of freedom and liberty, are the best soundtracks for this beautiful scene, and even for the Alexandrian summer in general.

A scene that requires continuous documentation of the happy times spent by a group of friends with young hearts, even if their heads are stained, clips that are repeated daily that none of them tire of, nor the followers of the beachgoers who peek at them from time to time.

Familiarity and harmony is the title of that scene in which you occupy yourself with the sea of ​​Alexandria, men who seem to look old and you feel the youthful vitality in them, who are good at swimming, playing backgammon and playing sports, and finally they gather in tanning sessions that often end with memories of racquetball.

Years when the world witnessed the playing of racquet, despite the tasks, responsibilities and family life that could have taken them away, but the racquet was able to reunite them on the shores of the globe.

It has been the most popular game on the beaches for many years. The memory preserves the scene of wooden rackets catching the tennis ball between a number of players, of whom there are at least two, moving lightly and gracefully to the right and left to adjust the rhythm and speed of the ball’s circulation A professional way to play two, three and sometimes four players.

Therefore, the decision to stop playing racquet on Al Mamoura beach two years ago came as a great shock that destroyed the memories of the old years, and a feeling of losing a large part of their diaries and their most important hobbies. lose.

Major generals who have reached retirement age in the army and police, holders of positions in large companies and banks, teachers, professors, athletes and others who have held prestigious positions in various sectors for many years are members of the company of the world who could fully perform their work duties in addition to taking care of the trip of a lifetime and its company through which they take the time What is required of work, family and everything but their friendship, and they are also racket experts who use their experience and distinction in bringing the game to young people, an experience that goes beyond the idea of ​​playing to the foundations and rules on which a lovely game is built. In a way that gives it a distinctive sound while playing, like the sound of thunder or gunfire.

The racket game left by the British occupation before its departure, when the officers played it on the beach of Sidi Gaber in Alexandria, and the children watched them from afar. To play two rackets and a ball, these two sons Captain Haddad and Captain Nasr, may God have mercy on them, who are the most famous for playing racquet in Alexandria and even throughout the Republic, so they became the reason for the spread of the game and its practice in all the beaches of alexandria.

Each beach has its own group that plays the game in the summer and even in the winter, and Al Maamoura is one of the oldest racquetball groups that has been playing the game for over 40 years, as the youngest player in it is over sixty. , the love of racquet still remains in their hearts and the desire and hope to restore their activity and their game alive between them.

A collection of photos kept by the group as a private archive that not only tells the old days, but also the effects of the transformation of technology that started with a photographic archive in drawers and snapshots that became in the memory of cell phones were recorded.

Pictures that tell stories of the journey of a lifetime that started in the eighties and continue on the same beach, nothing has changed about it, not even their place on the beach that never changes, so that their general rules remain constant “love for the life” ”, “desire for happiness and departure” and urge to overcome any difficulty or worries about the “Safa sitting” between water and loved ones who have good faces.

And because it is fun to play for everyone, Al-Mamoura Group referred to a pioneering and important experience in the beaches of Alexandria, which is a pure women’s team for Alexandria racket, founded by Engy Mukhtar, the daughter of one of the game’s flags in Stanley Beach, and it was able to attract a large number of women and girls, which was the reason for the distribution and practice. The game is in a number of clubs, but it cannot be overlooked that there is a group of women who preceded the game and experienced the experience, but in the framework of individual efforts and games for more than 20 years.

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