331 jobs available for Iraqis in Saudi Arabia

The General Authority for Foreign Trade and the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council have identified 331 occupations available for private sector institutions to bring in talent and labor from the Republic of Iraq. This came in the context of a letter received by the Federation of Saudi Chambers from the General Authority for Foreign Trade, in which it referred to the objectives of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council to strengthen relations between the Kingdom and the Republic of Iraq to strengthen, which includes promoting the recruitment of talent and labor from the Republic of Iraq, and the role of the Council to enable companies to recruit them Professions and enabling recruitment through the (Qiwa) platform.

Occupations offered for the recruitment of Iraqi competences:


B consultant advisor

Aviation Safety Advisor

Management consultant

Training consultant

Legal Adviser – Public Systems

Legal Consultant (Special Systems)

Research Scientist (Medical)

General practitioner doctor

General health specialist doctor

Tropical medicine specialist

General practitioner

Internal medicine specialist


Endoscopy specialist doctor

breast specialist doctor


Vascular specialist doctor


Endocrinology doctor



blood transfusion specialist

Allergy specialist



Ultrasound Resident Physician

Emergency resident physician


Obstetrician and gynecologist


Orthopedic specialist

Ear, nose and throat specialist


Nuclear medicine specialist


Sports medicine specialist

Occupational pathologist



General Veterinarian

Poultry specialist veterinarian

public health veterinarian

Livestock vet


Oral and Dental Surgeon

general health dentist

forensic physician

general physicist


light physicist

sound physicist

electromagnetic physicist

electronic physicist

physical mechanics

physicist specializing in astronomy

medical physicist

nuclear physicist

physical chemist

physical geologist

astronomical observation

general astronomical

Professor of Library Science

education teacher

Fine arts professor

music teacher

Performing arts professor

Professor of financial and business sciences

Professor of Information Systems

Professor of Computer Engineering

Professor of Civil Engineering

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor of Electronic Engineering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Industrial Engineering

Professor of Health and Environmental Engineering

Professor of Architecture

Professor of Human Medicine

Professor of Surgery

dentistry professor

Associate Professor of Medical Sciences

Professor of Pharmacology

pharmacy professor

Professor of Religious Sciences

history professor

Archeology professor

law professor

etiquette professor

language teacher

psychology professor

Professor of Sociology

geography professor

Professor of political science

Professor of economics

Professor of anthropology

Professor of Zoology

professor of botany

physics professor

professor of astronomy

meteorology professor

professor of geology

Professor of Geosciences (Geology)

chemistry professor

Professor of statistics

math professor

Professor of agricultural sciences

Professor of Veterinary Medicine

professor of aeronautics

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Petroleum Geologist

Chemical engineer, petroleum industries

Petroleum Engineer

organic chemist

inorganic chemical

Analytical Chemist

physical chemist

water treatment chemist

general chemist

industrial chemist

paint chemist (pigments)

food chemist

Chemical engineer, petroleum industries

General chemical engineer

R&D Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Fertilizer Industries

chemical engineer for food industries

Professor of Chemical Engineering

water expert

Production line expert

Geodesy expert

insurance expert

organization expert

Strategy and planning expert

manpower expert

Marketing Salesperson

GIS expert

port operations expert

car rally expert

sports expert

Beautician and hairdresser

sewing expert

Living Tissue Laboratory Consultant

anatomy consultant

Medical analysis consultant

Radionuclide production consultant

public health consultant

Tropical medicine consultant

General Medicine Consultant

Internal Consultant

Gastrointestinal and colon consultant

Respiratory therapy consultant

Pulmonary Consultant

heart consultant

Vascular Consultant

Endocrinology consultant

Anesthesia Consultant

blood transfusion consultant

Hematology consultant

Allergy consultant

Dermatology consultant

General Surgery Consultant

colorectal surgery consultant

Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Vascular surgery consultant

Endoscopy consultant

Consultant brain and neurosurgery

Neurosurgery Consultant

Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant

Ophthalmology Consultant

ophthalmology consultant

orthopedic consultant

Orthopedic Consultant

Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant

Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

Pediatric Consultant

plastic surgery consultant

Radiotherapy Consultant

Nuclear medicine consultant

Physiotherapy Consultant

Physiotherapy Consultant

Sports medicine consultant

Urology Consultant

Urology Consultant

Consultant psychiatrist

public health nurse consultant

Nursing consultant

Maternal and Child Nursing Consultant

Surgical Nurse Consultant

Radiology Consultant

medical imaging consultant

Medical Planning Consultant

Oral and dental surgery consultant

Dental Consultant

dental consultant for public health

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Occupational diseases consultant

Nutritional consultant

Patient nutrition consultant

Optometry consultant

Optical fitting consultant

legal advisor

General surgery specialist

Colon and rectal surgeon

heart specialist surgeon

Vascular surgeon

Neurosurgeon and neurosurgeon

eye specialist surgeon

Orthopedic surgeon

Ear, nose and throat surgeon

plastic surgeon

Urology Surgeon

Aircraft auxiliary power unit engineer

Train maintenance mechanical engineer

Aircraft maintenance mechanical engineer

Ship maintenance mechanical engineer

Shipbuilding mechanical engineer

Military aircraft calibration engineer

Military aircraft propeller engineer

flight engineer

General Operating Engineer

Geologist Engineer

Aircraft and Artillery Gear Engineer

blasting engineer

Mining Engineer

Development and specification engineer

Aircraft workshop production development engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Installation engineer of industrial equipment

Aircraft landing gear engineer

Factory Planning Engineer

hydro geologist

general geologist

Mining Geologist (Natural Resources)


Mechanical Engineer Hydraulics

Automotive mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer engines and machinery except marine

Welding mechanical engineer

General Mechanical Engineer

Maintenance mechanical engineer

Casting Mechanical Engineer

Central HVAC Mechanical Engineer

General production mechanical engineer

Production mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer for industrial machinery and equipment

Soil mechanical engineer

Materials Engineer

Material handling engineer

Mining Engineer


Aircraft brake component processing engineer

metal engineer

Project Engineer

general space engineer

Aerospace Engineer

marine surveying engineer

Quality control engineer

Civil Engineer (Ports)

Civil Engineer (Airports)

Civil Engineer (Traffic)

Civil Engineer (Roads)

Civil Engineer (Railway)

Civil Engineer (Dams)

Civil Engineer (Irrigation)

Civil Engineer (Bruges)

Civil Engineer (Metal Structure)

civil engineer

quarry engineer

Electrical Safety Engineer

Electrical Engineer, Transmission and Distribution

transmission electrical engineer

Electrical engineer controls and controls

General Electrical Engineer

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Electrical engineer electrical power generation

Distribution Electrical Engineer

electrical wiring engineer

Instrumentation electrical engineer

Water Analysis Efficiency Engineer

Sanitary water and sewage engineer

Surveying network engineer

Satellite Network Engineer

Network Engineer

Occupational safety and health engineer

Agricultural engineer

Aircraft Radio and Radar Engineer

interior engineer

Time and Motion Study Engineer

cathodic protection engineer

Well drilling engineer

computer engineer

Site Coordination Engineer

Interior Design Engineer

Urban planning engineer

environmental engineer

Naval engineer on board

Broadcast engineer

Senior Surveyor Engineer

Senior mapping software engineer

General Electrical Engineer

Electronic Maintenance Engineer

Electronic engineer for medical devices

Agricultural Machinery Engineer

Mining Engineer

Radio and Television Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer

Ship’s Chief Engineer

Financial analyst

Operations Analyst

credit analyst

experienced sailor

Ordinary sailor



Pediatric dentistry specialist

Learning Disability Specialist

Orthodontics Specialist

Speech pathologist


Mental Disability Specialist

Medical Equipment Specialist


Speech and Hearing Therapist

Occupational therapist


Marine physicist


Disability care specialist

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