“I couldn’t meet my girlfriend in the hot weather”… Unable to love because of climate change

The monotony of days with extreme weather affected him, so he became moody, and his lifestyle was affected by climate change, and his day brightened only at sunset. This is how Amir al-Din Muhammad, a young man in his twenties weighing more than 135 kilograms, suffered from high temperatures and hot weather, until he felt that he could not go out to the dressing table he had opened on the corner of the street he lives in, in a suburb of Giza governorate in southern Egypt, and so he was assigned to his twin job during the day, provided he was committed to working at night.

The twins, who are similar in shape and weight, differ in their character, as Amir al-Din’s mood is negatively affected in the summer, unlike Taj al-Din, who can adapt to climate change, but he could not adapt to the change in the mood of his twin.

The lifestyle they were used to was affected, and had negative effects on the return of their own work, their health and psychological state, and their social and emotional relationships.

Three years ago I gradually stopped moving in the summer and entrusted all the work to my twins.

Amir told Raseef22: “I like winter more than summer, and I move a lot during it and it doesn’t lead to any sweat, and I don’t need to drink as much water. Three years ago, I gradually stopped moving in the summer and entrusted all the work to my twins.”

weakening of social relations

In the life of a prince, a girl dreamed of being associated with her, and for this dream he worked day and night to collect the money needed to marry her, and they dated, but the love in his life comes in a late rank. One day, he was on a date to meet his girlfriend in the afternoon, before she went to her workplace in Haram Street, and the temperature was around 38 degrees Celsius, and he did not keep the date, but he discussed the situation with his own philosophy.

The young man said, “I couldn’t go out to meet my lover because of the hot weather, and I was afraid of her anger, so I decided to send my twin brother to her to replace me, to save the situation , but Taj refused, fearing that she would discover the game and put the relationship in a state of unwarranted apathy.

Amir relies on his twin in all family obligations and duties, despite their different personalities. His brother Taj has a calm and rational personality, while Amir’s personality is funny and energetic, mixed with madness. Amir does not go to family events because he does not like gatherings and crowds, especially those that take place in the summer, and his twins attend on their behalf, which has caused some strain in his relationship with his family, which increased the burdens. of Taj al-Din.

Amir says: “I felt like I was starting to lose everything, and my business and personal and emotional relationships were deteriorating, and I was ashamed of my twins, who started doing all the work without objecting.” Strict so that I can adapt to the extreme atmosphere, but this decision put me in a bad psychological state that reached the point of depression.”

I couldn’t go out to meet my friend because of the hot weather, and I was afraid of her anger, so I decided to send my twin brother to her to replace me, to save the situation, but Taj refused, for fear that the game would be discovered.

When a person is exposed to the slightest change in his daily lifestyle, he becomes anxious and suspicious, and psychologically unable to get used to living in an environment different from the one he is used to. A recent study published in the British medical journal BMJ OPEN, entitled “Health Effects of Climate Change: An Overview of Systematic Reviews”, confirmed that there are negative effects of climate change on people’s mental health, as their psyche is directly affected when faced with extreme weather conditions.

emotional disturbance

Doctor Jamal Muhammad Farwiz, a consultant in psychiatry, neurology and addiction treatment, told Raseef22 that many mental illnesses increase with the climatic period between autumn and spring, during which some suffer from emotional disorders, which is a mental disorder that has some unusual changes in the energy of the patient His activity levels, mood, concentration and ability to carry out his usual daily tasks.

Froese revealed that serotonin, known as the “happiness hormone”, is one of the hormones secreted by the colon and human skin, and during the summer, the increase in temperature affects the person’s mood, and emotional disturbance occurs, in the form of excessive activity or severe depression.

The doctor explained that people who live in areas with a high temperature change their mood quickly, while people who live in areas with a moderate or cold climate have a good mood.

On the extent to which overweight people are affected by climate changes, he said: “It is certain that people who suffer from obesity and overweight people are affected by climate change, and it is difficult for them to perform their normal daily tasks under extreme weather . , and they are more susceptible to emotional disturbances.” .

During the summer, the increase in temperature raises the mood of the person.

Regarding emotional relationships and their impact on the extreme atmosphere within the repercussions of climate change, Froez says: “Many emotional relationships become cold in the face of climate change, and when the moods of the parties to the relationship are affected, there are those who cannot not. estimate the injury of the other party to psychological disorders due to the climate, nor especially that the first party may suffer from the same disorders without knowing, and accuse him of a sudden change, blame him and think that he is the the cause of this is apathy, and in the worst cases it can lead to hastening the end of the relationship.

When a mother cannot love

Karima Lutfi, a thirty-six-year-old housewife, is facing the most difficult challenge since she got married almost 13 years ago.

In the past three months, Karima felt what she had never felt before, as her financial obligations, high prices and electricity bills, along with the fire department and climate, affected her mood, and she was unable to give the same amount of love. not provided. , attention and care that she previously provided to her family.

Karima’s psychological state is affected, due to the amount of pressure she is subjected to, and she is the mother who is between the hammer of her mood which has changed with all the variables around her, especially the high temperature, and the anvil of her responsibilities in providing attention, care and providing stability and tranquility that she has always struggled to preserve in order to preserve her small family.

Karima told Raseef22: “The electricity bill, which went up without warning, due to the use of the air conditioner in the house, was deducted from the month’s budget, causing a financial crisis for which I did not find a solution . rationalization of consumption, but I found that the constant and increasing temperature rise It does not fit this solution.”

Karima did not give up quickly, and looked for alternatives to reach the most suitable choice: “I decided to use the concept of rationalization in the needs of the house, giving up everything that was my consumption, in exchange for that to the value of the electricity bill, given our inability to do without air conditioning, but I found that The rise in prices left me no room to move, so the knots increased with new knots.”

The electricity bill, which had risen without warning due to the use of the air conditioner in the house, was deducted from the month’s budget, causing a financial crisis. I resorted to rationalizing consumption, but I found that the constant and increasing temperature does not work with this solution

She adds: “The change in our lifestyle broke the barrier of stability and tranquility, and caused a split in my self-confidence, so I couldn’t confront, and it had a big impact on my psychological state, and this effect was doubled by the pressure I endured during three months, during which I tried to hide the large deficit in The budget of the house, so that no one would feel the crisis, but I was psychologically unable to show love to my family to provide, and I was weak, and my features revealed me.”

Within this context, Dr. Amal Ibrahim, a family relationship consultant and president of the Arab Women’s Festival for Creativity, told Raseef22 that climate changes directly affect the life of a person, who is a member of a small family, which in turn is a component of society.

Dr. Amal pointed out that these variables represent a significant and direct impact on the economic situation of society, increase the financial burden on small families, and lead to difficulties in facing challenges and addressing problems, so that they grow and aggravated to an extent that prevents the maintenance of family stability, and the result may reach divorce.

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