I’ll continue with the “etiquette clips”… and the reactions didn’t bother me (dialogue)

Recently, the activity of the Egyptian fashion and beauty expert, Amina Shelbaya, has become noticeable through social networking sites, so that what she presents has become interesting to many.

Through videos that do not exceed the 4-minute limit, the fashion expert reviews the etiquette of eating various foods and drinks, in something that many of her followers are not used to, especially since she eats rice, grapes, bananas and others with a fork and knife.

The method presented by Amina Shelbaya, and its difference from the habits followed by many when consuming their food and drink, caused a state of astonishment that dominated her followers, which was evident in their comments on her various publications.

The remarkable appearance of Amina Shelbaya through the communication sites is like a new stage in the life of the Egyptian expert. Years ago, she took the small screen as a window to display the latest fashion and cosmetics, but despite her large credit on this platform, she decided to change her position so that she is closer to her audience, which is What she revealed behind the scenes during her interview with “Al-Ain News”, during which she also commented on the reactions on her recently presented content. And the text of the conversation:

What is the secret of your transition to social networking sites after years of media work?

I decided to switch to social networking sites at the end of last year when I noticed that the shows I hosted in recent years had become an advertisement for a number of beauty products, and that some guests were paying money to appear.

In this atmosphere, I found that my name might be harmed, especially because I do not like some of the products offered during the programs, which again contradicts the confidence of a number of women in me, and from here on I decided to go to social networking sites.

After the end of Ramadan this year, I contracted with a company to manage my social media accounts, including the required popularity, especially since the content presented during that time is strong.

Some see that you are deliberately provoking controversy behind the content you provide.. What is your response?

The answer is what I offer, tag videos are not posted daily, there is a set schedule that I stick to.

I also want to note that the content presented also includes the world of fashion and cosmetics, “Makeup”, and therefore, if I try to stir up controversy, I would deliberately publish more than one track during the day about etiquette .

Is the content provided directed at the person’s behavior within his home or is it related to his way of dealing in public and official events?

If a person does not apply etiquette inside his house, he will not be able to apply it outside, which means that if I am used to eating with hands inside the house, when I go out and get a fork and a knife, I will not be able to eat with them.

Were you worried about reactions to your content before you submitted it?

I was surprised, like many, by the reactions. I really didn’t expect to make this noise. The videos presented are like any previous clips I have presented. I don’t see anything in it, but when I went back in time and checked what happened to me during my presentation of my first television show, I remembered that the content was met with “terrible controversy” at the time, because at the time it was a new color for people, and the same is happening to me now.

To be honest, the controversy that arose 20 years ago about the content of my programs was more subtle than what I am exposed to now, since there was no social media then, and it should be noted that the preparation of fashion shows one of the hardest.

Are you targeting a specific category with your content?

I target the common audience from (A class) to the simple, I present it to people, and I make sure that the method presented in it is moderate so that it becomes understandable at all levels, which I have learned from my years of work in television.

In your opinion, can a simple citizen follow the etiquette of food and drink?

Yes, he can accept it if awareness spreads more, for example in the past women were not aware of sunscreen, cream application and skin washing, awareness was poor 20 years ago in the field of fashion and cosmetics.

Do you apply the etiquette rules for food and drink in your home?

Yes, I eat like this, and the same goes for my children, my friends and many other people.

You have faced criticism because of your opinions on some covered clothing. What is your reaction?

On the contrary, there was no objection to the clothes. All I said was that the clothes should be in order. The criticism came to me after I warned a number of veiled women against wearing a certain type of clothes.

For example, I advised the veiled women not to wear tight clothes, which was supported by some women who volunteered to respond to the critics of my speech, and I also said that if the veiled woman has a “cat dress”, she may not wear. this, because it is not possible to wear a “body” under it, especially and that “it is inappropriate”.

After you appeared with the media a few days ago, Amr Adib, a Russian fashion designer launched an attack against you because of your clothes. What is your reaction?

I don’t react and I don’t like to say any word that offends anyone, it’s her opinion and I respect it, I’m confident in what I wear, I’m peaceful and things like that don’t bother me.

Do you intend to continue providing the same content during the coming period despite the critical and sarcastic reactions?

I will continue. People’s reactions did not bother me, on the contrary, the videos “her blood is very light”, and some of their creators write to me and confirm their love and respect for me, the Egyptians, “their blood is light and I have my soaked. soul in many videos”, we have to deal with it from the positive side, not the negative.

From your experience, is there a difference between showing your content on television and showing it on social media?

Television had power, intensity and resonance, and I don’t know the reason for the decline in recent times, but people have moved to social networking sites and information comes through them faster.

Away from the focus of our discussion, what drew you to the world of fashion despite graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science?

I participated and won the Miss Egypt pageant, representing Egypt abroad. From childhood I wanted to be a model, and when I returned to my country, I told my mother that I wanted to work as a beautician, and I agreed on the condition that I finish my university studies in Egypt.

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