In pictures.. The opening of the exhibition “Artistic Mood” in the presence of a group of different art schools

Member of the Shura Council, Reda Farag, inaugurated the exhibition “The Artistic Mood”, which comes under his generous sponsorship, yesterday in Al-Ayyam newspaper hall. It is hoped that the exhibition will continue until the 26th of this month. was attended by a group of artists and those interested in this field, as well as a number of associations, institutions and platforms different technical.

While the artist Abbas Al-Moussawi, head of the East Colors platform, was of the opinion that the exhibition has beautiful harmony and harmony between the different schools of art, there are paintings concerned with the Bahraini environment and others with Arabic calligraphy and others, which the artistic tone. diversity and the high level And the multiple technical skills that the Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved.

He emphasized that the exhibition includes a conscious generation that needs care and attention, and that is what it was intended for. artistic career , and note that it was a beautiful station where it was filled with great artists as well as amateurs and beginners in this field to benefit and exchange different technical experiences.

Al-Moussawi considered that art exhibitions are the artist’s path to prominence, internal building intellectually and artistically, and the transition to new stations Contributes to his presence and prominence in society, and here is the role of platforms, institutions and artistic associations around their hands to other stations.

Mahdi Al-Jalawi, Executive Director of the Alwan Al Sharq Platform, emphasized the great interest that the Kingdom of Bahrain attaches to art and artists Together, as it was and still is one of the most prominent pioneers of art in the region, and pointed out that the establishment of such a These exhibitions are proof of the passion and love of the Bahraini street for art and visual arts.

He also emphasized the social concern in representing art to him in various local and international forums with a variety of participation and levels and various schools, noting that the platform is eager to support and involve artists and their hands to take to creativity, brilliance and representation Bahraini society is well represented.

The artist confirmed Ali Ahmadi, whose participation came with a number of paintings that combine drawing and calligraphy. The color coordination is unique and characteristic in that he is eager to participate in art exhibitions that include a selection of artists and another mix of beautiful art affiliated with the schools of realism or impressionism and even abstraction and surrealism and others.

And about his artistic painting, in which he participated, he said that it symbolizes peace, derived from the noble hadith of the Prophet and from the peace that the land of Bahrain is permeated by the beautiful harmony or coexistence between all its sects , where drawings mix with Arabic calligraphy as well as mixed Different cultures and affiliations on the land of the Kingdom of Bahrain in peace and harmony.

And he has found a good turnout from the Bahraini street to art and to going to art exhibitions, noting the great encouragement he enjoys. Artists and art by the Kingdom of Bahrain and official bodies, led by the Supreme Council of Arts and the Culture Authority and other institutions and art platforms, as evidenced by the beautiful diversity in holding various art events and exhibitions.

The artist emphasized that holding such exhibitions is an important gesture by decision-makers and officials and those concerned with showing the skills of artists, especially the novice and amateur youth, and even the professional, and it shows the extent of Bahrain’s antiquity and her interest. in the arts of all kinds, and this is not strange for this Gulf country, which is one of the first countries that started with an interest in art and zeal to hold all artistic events

He also asked that all artistic levels should always be involved in these exhibitions, especially the novice and the amateur among them, and he promised to undervalue their right to participate and avoid limiting exhibitions to only senior artists to to give a chance. a new group of artists floats after taking their hand and giving them the opportunity to show their creativity differently technically.

For his part, the artist Abdul Jalil Al-Hayiki said that his participation in the exhibition represents the authentic Bahraini heritage since the 60 years and a number of professions that

The profession of grocer, municipal employee, etc. has disappeared, and it is necessary to place it in such exhibitions to link it to the new generation of contemporary art.

He continued, “My paintings are an embodiment of the old Bahraini heritage environment in terms of simplicity and originality together, which still attracts many lovers of Bahraini art, who have asked for its presence in all art exhibitions, as it represents the identity is what should be Not to disappear between the different technical schools, which is a healthy and good condition to learn about and benefit from the experiences of other Technical and NHL.

The artist and university student Elias Rasti, who participated in the exhibition with two paintings representing nature and portraits, agreed with him and noted that To fall together within the schools of impressionism and realism, and he has many artistic ideas that he found in such exhibitions. , it adds a lot to him by getting to know personalities from different schools of art that reflect one’s personality and artistic tendencies.

Rusty confirmed that day after day, through his participation in various exhibitions, he began to form impressions and ideas. She contributed a lot to the development of its technical level and its public relations work, and appealed to young amateurs, beginners and even professionals to go out. tracking artistic ceremonies and closed rooms to those exhibitions where knowledge, benefit and communication.

In turn, the artist, Dr. Salama Al-Haddi, who participated in a painting representing the purebred Arabian horse, said of her acumen The permanent presence in such art exhibitions, which includes a selection of senior artists from different Technical schools, drawing on many experiences, which technically contribute a lot to it.

And she continued: “I found in the exhibition a high level of art, which motivates her to compete and present the best of the paintings she painted.” It reflects her personality and her art school, indicating that there are many paintings in the exhibition that indicate her Unparalleled quality, artistic sense and unparalleled precision, delighting the audience and participants.

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