In the elegy of the late Hajja Sana Al Shelleh – Umm Essam

Jafra News – Retired Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Raqad and his children and grandchildren

In the elegy of the wife and loving mother of the late Hajja Sana (Praise) Abdul Hamid Darwish Al Shelleh (Um Essam), may God have mercy on her.

“Oh, peaceful soul, return to your Lord satisfied and well-pleased, therefore enter into my servants and enter into my heaven.”

My late wife, Umm Issam.. my companion on the trail

Forty days after your departure we do not know whether we will mourn or cry. Lament and weeping are two sad and touching things, the best of them is bitter, and what made us sadder was that you were gone while we were looking at you have from behind a veil Doctors and nurses around us, and those who put us in a vague medical confusion that has no explanation or meaning, the will of God Almighty was above the will of all, and your soul ran over to his Creator, rested, pleased and satisfied with the call to dawn prayer.

Our dearest..

A person loses some loved ones from family and friends, and every loss has a meaning, but losing you and you (wife and mother) is a different matter and has a different meaning, which only one she has tasted bitterness and been stung by a fire can realize it.The ear is for hearing, and the heart loses its pulse..No, it is much further than that..It means the separation of the soul from the body.. .Strengthen the body without a soul. .?

The late Umm Essam..

You have gone and we need you badly, and we have not yet completed the journey of life, as we have some stations left to reach together, and some endings that are not complete without your presence with us.. You left without saying goodbye, and hours before your death, the doctor told us – and the news came to us as good news – that your health condition had improved and was on the way to the better, which gave us more hope have for recovery and you will come back to us again. is the strongest, death has snatched you away faster than we expect, and it is the habit of death to come quickly, while it is indifferent.

Dear Umm Essam…

You have endured enough aches and pains, and you have the ability to understand the nature of your illness, and its repercussions, and you realize its meaning and remain silent. The severity of the pain, and you have affected yourself with patience and endurance, for fear of us and for fear that we should not see you weak before the power of this accursed disease, but your faith in destiny and fate and that death is true, gave you a hidden strength to endure the to bear treatment imposed by doctors, and if it were not for the desire to heal, you would not endure the cruelty This treatment, and the severity of its impact on the vital organs in your body.

And after each treatment session, you come back to us with more pain and less tricks, and you ask us to stop and not take you back to the treatment sessions because you have understood the nature of this disease and its deadly silence.

dear mother…

Death is a right like life.. and the love of life is of the nature of the human soul which resists to the last moment, and one of the blessings of God Almighty over us is that death we are merciful, for death is a mercy to the soul and comfort to the body Instinctive instincts, and together with family, relatives and friends you were also the just and the kind friend, and that the fact of your death your eternal absence of this world and your departure from us and your family, is a translation of this divine right that is inescapable.

Your loved ones, your neighbors, and everyone you know, wept and mourned and received mourners with us, and the funeral ceremonies and condolences were as great as the people’s love and respect for you, and their appreciation of your noble qualities, and the words of sympathy we heard from them and from all who knew you or had to do with you, it was the balm that heals wounds and calms The pains. So I sleep next to the One Creator, Sunday, comforting as much as you are a great entity in our lives. We see you morning and night to inspire you with determination and strength, to face life’s difficulties and difficult circumstances offer.

Dear deceased…

Your departure as your life is a model of honesty and loyalty when all the lovers came out in your last farewell, and they pray for your mercy and forgiveness and it was truly a sincere farewell from the heart, the place filled with love and loyalty, it will forever be engraved in the memory.. Goodbye as many years as you lived despite the pain Goodbye, as much as you endured pain and suffered from fatigue.. Goodbye, lady of the house, faithful wife, companion of the road.. Farewell, tender mother and dear grandmother.. Farewell, pure and pure angel, to the eternal gardens, satisfied, satisfied, the eye reassuring in mercy. God and His pleasure. O God, who made us taste the bitterness of losing her, make us taste the sweetness of meeting her in the gardens of happiness, together with those whom You have blessed from the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs, the righteous and the good. of it are companions. And to God and to Him we will return.

Your husband, children and grandchildren

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