Karim Abdel Aziz’s lightness made me feel familiar. I hope to offer action and Psycho roles| a dialogue

Monday 25 July 2022 – 07:49

Razan Jamal: I received praise for my character in Kira Waljin.. I hope to offer action and Psycho roles| a dialogue

Razan Jamal: Karim Abdel Aziz has a light shade that feels familiar… I hope to offer action and Psycho roles| a dialogue

We are talking about a talent that imposed itself on the artistic scene from the beginning, and his performance won the admiration of the audience, and it appeared since Maggie’s character in the series Supernatural, and his renewed Razan Jamal Her meeting with the audience in the movie Kira Waljen as Emily.

Cairo 24 interviews the artist Razan Gamal, who revealed to us the scenes of her participation in Kira Waljin, her preparations for the character and her dealings with the artist. Karim Abdulaziz Directed by Marwan Hamed.

Who initially nominated you for the character of Emily in Kira Waljen?

Emily is a character full of life and love and loves adventure and has a passion for pharaonic culture and has ambitions and a love to rebel against the familiar, and that’s what draws me most to the character dressed up and attached myself to him, and my choice of the role came late, as the filming of Kira and the Jinn began before they found the embodiment of Emily’s character, and it is worth noting My embodiment of the role of Maggie in the series Supernatural is what drew attention to my talent, so my choice for the role of Emily came from the director Marwan Hamed, as he wanted a mainly British character instead of pretending to be British is or only speaks with a British accent.

Razan Jamal from the filming of “Kira Wal-Jin”

What are the similarities between Razan Jamal and Emily’s character?
Emily is a dreamy, trusting personality that she and I have in common, as well as our shared love of drawing, belief in justice and doing the right thing, even if it’s not what everyone says, she’s not afraid to don’t speak

Tell me about your collaboration with the artist Karim Abdel Aziz in the film?
Karim Abdel Aziz has a lightness that makes you feel familiar and positively affects the scenes of the work, the atmosphere behind the scenes was incredibly beautiful and full of fun and comedy.

The heroes of the film “Kira Waljen” from the scenes of filming

How was your collaboration with director Marwan Hamed in the film? What advice did he give you for the role?

When I first moved to Egypt, I wrote a list of the best directors I wanted to work with. At the top of this list was the name Marwan Hamed, an incredible thing, which after 8 years I could dream of achieving it. Marwan Hamed is a very collaborative director and with the actors and a brilliant leader within the filming site, and his dealings with me were very smooth, especially because he resembles me in a very important detail, which is his examination of things and his investigation is. great attention to detail, small before big, and thank you too Marwan Hamed Who exactly understood how to lead the site, in addition, all the members of the staff were very helpful, and this is the most important thing and to find such a spirit in the place that encourages you to work every day with enthusiasm and love to go.

Marwan Hamed from Location filming the movie “Kira Waljen”.
Marwan Hamed and Ahmed Murad of Location, filming the movie “Kira Wal-Jin”.

What difficulties did you encounter in the character of Emily?
Since I was a character belonging to a long time in which I did not live, in very special political circumstances, I had to study this period well historically, and read a lot about all the social and behavioral data of the character; How you walk or sit, how you talk and eat and other such daily life details in that period.

Razan Jamal from the filming of “Kira Wal-Jin”

Did you expect Emily’s character to succeed in this way?
Although the space for the role was not huge, I put in a lot of effort as I was keen to give an honest performance that people would remember. I did not expect the amazing responses I got to my portrayal of the character Emily, to the extent that many viewers took the time to write me messages praising my performance of the character and how much they love her, which is something that made me. very happy and touched me a lot. Most people tell me that Emily is like a breeze in the midst of all this violence, so I am very happy, that the essence of the character reached the audience, these reactions made me feel of success in the show strengthened. of the character, in which I would not have succeeded if it were not for the insightful vision of the writer Ahmed Murad and the direction of the director Marwan Hamed.

Razan Jamal from the filming of “Kira Wal-Jin”

What role does Razan Jamal dream of presenting?
I hope to offer new and different roles, such as fantasy, science fiction and time travel, and to play villain characters, and others with complex psychological dimensions (Psycho), who suffer from psychological disorders. I also like topics that highlight marginalized communities. I also have a desire to participate in action films.

Razan Jamal from the scenes of the filming of the movie “Kira Wal-Jin”

Can you offer a popular role?
I actually portrayed the popular character as Carla in Empire of Maine, which is my absolute favorite character, I loved every detail of it, and definitely love introducing new and different characters with different socio-cultural backgrounds.

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