New experiences at The St. Regis Vommuli Maldives Resort

The multi-awarded five-star St. Regis Vommuli Maldives Resort announces the launch of exciting new experiences as it resumes on July 16, after being closed for 45 days for renovations and maintenance. Today, however, Vommuli Resort reopens its doors to visitors after a long wait to welcome them to the most sought-after destination in the Maldives, offering the highest standards of luxury hospitality to live exceptional and unforgettable moments.

Aiming to elevate the guest experience to unparalleled new levels, the rooms underwent a renovation process that included the installation of new wood, ceilings and floors, as well as repainting the walls to restore their luster. These aesthetic changes aimed to elevate the appearance of the rooms to match the level of excellence, services, world-class facilities and exceptional programs offered by The St. Regis Vommuli Maldives Resort.

On this occasion, General Manager of The St. Regis Vommuli Resort Maldives, Vincent Buchon, said: “We are pleased to once again welcome our valued guests to enjoy a stay on the captivating island of Vommuli in a new atmosphere of luxury and innovation. We used this time to reflect on our programs and create concepts New and distinctive features in health and wellness, lifestyle, food and beverage and sustainable spaces.”

Thanks to all the resort enhancements, guests will await an unparalleled luxury island stay that captures the splendor of experiences at The St. Regis Vommuli Maldives reflects. And it doesn’t end there, the extension of Alba Beach has been completed and all the beach villas have also been completed. In addition, a breakwater has been built in the lagoon, allowing guests staying in villas located above the water surface and recreational water activities practitioners to enjoy calm waters, and it contributes to the regeneration of coral reefs and also provides many other benefits.

At the same time, the world famous Iridium Spa has launched the Ayurvedic Monsoon Residence Package for those who want to enjoy the best wellness experiences and the most luxurious treatments during the monsoon season when the benefits of Ayurveda are at their peak. Available for 7 days and 14 days from August 3, two packages include a variety of innovative body and mind services under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctor and spa director Dr. Sudhi Suresh. The package also includes a wide range of activities and treatments using herbs from the Ayurvedic garden that will take visitors on a life-changing journey. In addition, the package includes individual wellness consultations, daily group yoga, water aerobics, TRX and patata as well as beach camp classes and Ayurvedic sessions such as Abhyanga, Shirudhara and Churnaswedana. The Ayurvedic Monsoon stay package also includes informative health and wellness workshops and an anti-ageing caviar facial.

The St. Regis Vommuli Resort, managed by Denise Schmitz, founder of We Love Art, will launch an exclusive art retreat, where the three-day experience will begin with a mentoring session and drinks, followed by a cocktail and dinner at the Oriental restaurant. . In addition to the intimate painting sessions with Denise, participants can benefit from a carefully curated series of activities such as sunrise and aerial yoga, soothing treatments at the Iridium Spa, wonderful dining experiences and unforgettable activities such as a turtle hunt and a soda experience.

Cocktail lovers and gourmet travelers alike will enjoy a new lounge program launching in August, featuring signature sunset rituals and New York-inspired cocktails in homage to the iconic House of Astor Hotel. This festive celebration of the art of drinking features a selection of 40 cocktail recipes inspired by five New York City neighborhoods, blending Manhattan charm with local touches to create authentic drinks that capture the senses.

Additionally, this five-star resort aims to enhance its line-up of exquisite restaurants and cafes with the launch of a new restaurant called T-Pan. This exceptional restaurant will be characterized by its artistic touch in the serving of dishes, the use of high quality ingredients and its acceptance of the concept of simplicity to the maximum. Foodies will enjoy a visit to this tranquil garden restaurant on the edge of a white sand beach overlooking the breathtaking views of the turquoise Indian Ocean, where they will experience the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy to appreciate the beauty of imperfections, the nuances and impermanence to appreciate everything. the elements around us and a journey of discovery of the senses. Opening in November, T-Pan offers omakase menus bursting with flavors from the highest quality ingredients from the Maldives and around the world. Guests can indulge in the finest Japanese spirits, gins and beers, and indulge in specially selected grape liqueurs by the resort’s expert blenders. And no experience is complete without sipping famous Japanese cafes and sake drinks from the prestigious Dasai brand.

This resort is located in a beautiful natural environment in a luxurious atmosphere that together offers unparalleled relaxation experiences and moments of a lifetime. The resort covers an area of ​​22 hectares and contains 77 luxury villas with a swimming pool and private entrance to enjoy the utmost seclusion and privacy. The luxurious two and three bedroom villas, including the stunning John Jacob Astor Estate, the largest overwater villa in the Maldives, are ideal for families and groups looking for a dream escape.

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