Raising a child at the age of 10

At the age of ten, the child undergoes some changes; As his interest in friends increases and he makes an effort to gain their affection, he gets to know his body more, and even tends to improve his body, and don’t forget… that a ten-year-old is approaching puberty; Where he lives in the middle stage between the characteristics of beautiful childhood and his serious efforts to prove himself .. as an independent person with his choices, friends and hobbies, and for all this, raising a child at the age of 10 years of patience, effort and a special method of education, we will learn about the rules and methods in this report. Meeting and dr. Fatima El-Shennawy, professor of psychiatry and expert on family matters, for explanation and explanation.

10 years..a special breeding method

An education that combines interest, love, firmness and intensity
  • The majority of parents struggle to handle children at this age of 10 years; Some feel happy and satisfied, and others do not realize the best way to deal with them – to raise them – causing anxiety and annoyance.
  • The reason is that children at this age are sensitive, quickly affected by the way parents treat them, especially if they reject what they do or ask.
  • There are some parents who are unaware of which side they are being biased and encouraged; The childhood stage with its simplicity and spontaneity, or the strange new choices of children at the age of ten, and their great adherence to them!
  • Here education books and the opinion of educators indicate that the age of ten is a separation age; Children must be treated differently, combining care, attention and love, and firmness and seriousness before every new behavior and thought.
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Rules to understand before trying to educate

Encourage your ten-year-old to new experiences
  1. It is important to give children the opportunity to experiment and discover what is going on around them.
  2. Experience teaches children new skills, and if the skills are present, their practice contributes to their development and refinement.
  3. Raising children to treat the people around them with love and understanding suggests that children reflect feelings that exist within them.
  4. It is necessary to show love to children, and take more care of them, so that the feelings of hatred and disgust, if they exist, disappear.
  5. Children at this age fear experiments to avoid failure, and here comes the role of parents to encourage children to experiment…even if failure is the result of these experiences.

Rules for raising a child at the age of 10

Spread love and affection in your relationship with your tenth child
  • Parents should spread love and affection in their relationship with their children, by spending a lot of time with them, talking to them about their friends, about the achievements, challenges and problems they face.. It is better to to be loving and without limitations. which makes the children feel that they are active members of the family, and increases their confidence in themselves.
  • It is important for children to feel the love of their parents, therefore they should allocate specific hours – daily – to sit with children at this age, and to have an enjoyable time for conversation, entertainment and dialogue as well, with the record and record these activities with pictures or writing.
  • It is necessary for parents to be patient and calm, while avoiding anger and raising their voice – shouting – at their children, especially if they insist on doing unacceptable behavior, which causes them stress and annoyance.
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10 years old a child needs new experiences

New experiences develop the skills of a ten-year-old child
  • Children before the age of ten must buy a toy every day… to feel happy, but the child at the age of ten must go through new experiences; Until his skills develop and he discovers himself, which improves his confidence and personality.
  • The psychology of children is influenced by the family atmosphere in general; When children feel an atmosphere of happiness and welcome in the family, this is reflected in the children.
  • Do not exaggerate expectations of children, in terms of studies or good behavior.. At the age of ten.. These high expectations make children more vulnerable to anxiety and frustration, due to children’s sense of failure if they are not met .

Teach a ten year old child.. Take responsibility and its consequences

A ten-year-old child must accept responsibility and its consequences
  • It is important for parents to teach their children to think positively, to stay away from negative thoughts, to speak with optimism and not with effort and pessimism. That positivity is reflected in the lives of children, so that they psychologically normal, and more successful in their social and practical lives.
  • Listen.. It is important for every parent to listen to their children and understand their feelings.
  • When children feel the parents’ concern for their feelings, children’s self-confidence increases, and their personality becomes stronger.
  • Take responsibility It is important for parents to teach children to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions; Whether the results are positive or negative.
  • When children take responsibility, they are better able to act in the upcoming situations and challenges they are exposed to, thus becoming more successful in life.
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