Riyadh Newspaper | India is becoming a biotechnology hub in the world

India is becoming a biotechnology hub in the world

Over the past few decades, India has made rapid progress in the health sector as part of its determination to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, as the country has seen great progress in terms of the quality of healthcare it provides in stated. to provide it to its citizens as well as to foreigners, slowly becoming a center for medical tourism as well. .

India was ahead of many other developing and middle-income countries in terms of its ability to understand the great potential of the biotechnology sector in 1986, so the Government of India established a dedicated department within the Ministry of Health for this branch of science.

Since then, to everyone’s surprise, the biotechnology sector has surpassed many other sectors in terms of growth as well as benefits to the general public from this sector. Even during the spread of the deadly epidemic, the world looked to India with anticipation to find out the best ways to protect against the virus (SARS-Covid 2). Indeed, many scientists, including doctors, researchers and Indian virologists, responded to the call of the homeland to avert risks and protect against the epidemic. to clinical trials of vaccines.

During the critical period of the epidemic, doubts were raised in the country about the effectiveness of vaccines, manufacturing, infrastructure and available medical devices, and India was able to achieve far beyond expectations. In the congratulatory message for the remarkable achievement of administering 2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months in a country as large and diverse as India, UNICEF recognized it as a tremendous achievement: “… also on this occasion, we applaud the hard work of scientists, health practitioners and vaccine manufacturers.” and policy makers who ensured the timely availability of vaccines and equal access for all.”

Driven by its vision to vaccinate its eligible population, backed by careful planning, India has succeeded in realizing this vision.

In a later development, a new success story was written as close coordination between the Government of India and the biotechnology industry reached its peak. India”, “Atal Innovation Mission” initiative, “Made in India” initiative, and “India lives up to the principle of self-reliance”. Last month, a biotech startup fair was held in the national capital, Delhi.

These initiatives support global confidence in skills and innovation in the Indian IT sector at large. In addition, the Biotechnology Industry Research Attribution Council (BIRAC) played a major role in the development of this sector in the latter half of the current decade. With the support of the aforementioned board, innovators and fundraisers have been given a common platform to discuss ideas and developments, and solve problems that prevent these ideas from becoming a reality. Through its sustained efforts, the Biotechnology Industry Research Attribution Board has facilitated remarkable progress in the technology sector and conflict resolution, enabling the rapid development of mankind.

In the past few years, India has emerged among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world, and also as the top three destinations in the Indo-Pacific region. With the growth of India’s dynamic economy reaching double digits, India has seen a significant improvement in the global ranking of the Global Innovation Index (46th).

These indicators improve India’s reputation among the global players in the private sector, which also contributes to a tangible positive impact at various levels within the sector, as evidenced by the increase in the number of biotechnology incubators to 75 from 6 incubators a few year ago , and funding has increased Sevenfold in the past eight years, with the number of biotech startups growing past 2,800, and expected to reach 10,000 within the next half decade. There is no doubt that India is on track to reach the $150 billion target it has set for itself by 2025.

With a renewed focus on research and development, India is trying to prioritize building a self-reliant economy from an internal perspective, to ensure that the domestic R&D industry gets enough impetus to pull the nation out of the current crisis, and the emergence of this industry as one of the major drivers of growth in India. By playing an important role in global health and innovation, the entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem will help India stand confidently as an international giant and as the world’s biotech hub where innovations flourish.

As a result of these pioneering achievements in biotechnology, the sector has been able to employ the best minds of the world and develop affordable medical health care for a large population in a relatively short period of time. As the building process continues, India is getting stronger and is slowly transforming from the world’s pharmacy to a center of innovation and cutting-edge research in the biotechnology sector.

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