Scholarships for Al-Ittihad students: Meeting with the President of the State is a light for the future

Hana Al Hammadi (Abu Dhabi)

The students who received scholarships to study in France emphasized that the meeting of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, will be a milestone in the lives of each of them stay. They will guide them and chart a road map to a bright future of creativity and leadership to serve the nation.
They said during meetings with the “Union” that they carried their dreams with them to return the favor to the home country, which provided them with all care and support to join the most prestigious universities in the world and integrate into new societies with pioneering work. experiences in the world, but no matter how far the distances are, their feelings of belonging and love for the homeland increase, and they raise the flag of the Emirates High with the highest testimonies, emphasizing that citizenship is not only words or phrases are not, but an act and loyalty, as they are eager to show an honorable image of the state and introduce it with pride, pride and patriotism. They are also eager to show their zeal to acquire knowledge and arm themselves with science, and then return to the homeland for its advancement.

beautiful comment
Dr. Amal Al Mazmi, a neurosurgeon in France at the University of Lyon, said: “This specialty is characterized by high performance accuracy and due to the lack of national cadres in this specialty, the decision was made to discover more medical culture , and this specialization does not only require academic excellence.Academic, but requires a set of skills and rigorous training that the student acquires during his long period of study to be able to perform this type of complex surgery that does not include the brain and spinal cord . only, but extends to include many methods of treatment for diseases related to the nervous system that require careful study specializing in neurosurgery.

She adds: “My ambitions have no limits. I know that this dream will undoubtedly require a long study journey from me, but I am fully prepared to gain the experience and skills and face all the challenges that my guarantee to achieve this. The surgeon you see standing in the operating theater surrounded by assistants and nurses, has achieved this situation after years.” A long period of rigorous academic learning in the field of Neurosurgery, rigorous practical exercises, and maintaining his nerve and patience throughout the operation and follow-up period, together with high communication skills that allow him to quickly and effectively diagnose the diseases that patients suffer from.
Regarding the scholarship experience in the best universities in France, Al Mazmi notes that thanks to the wise leadership and his unlimited support for the scholarship students, she was able to realize her dream in the most prestigious French scientific universities, which is a beautiful experience in itself and ‘ an opportunity to learn a new language and learn about the many cultures of France. “The wise leadership always takes the initiative and is eager to give attention and support, which raises the ceiling of our duty to give back to the homeland, on which everyone bets that we can overcome all challenges and return the favor to the homeland . “

school alienation
While dr. Omar Ahmed Al Shukaili, a general practitioner who graduated from UAE University in 2014, joined the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi as an internship doctor in the same year, and was then accepted into the pediatric residency program at the Sheikh Khalifa hospital in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the best training centers for the pediatric department in the UAE. And he says about the scholarship experience in France: “To gain more experience and skill, I was sent to France, and alienation taught me many lessons, as it helped me realize the meaning of independence, self-reliance and responsibility . Different nationalities, and this made me a character capable of making decisions individually without resorting to others even in the most difficult times.”

Al-Shukaili has achieved many achievements that he is proud of, such as completing a training course in the Pediatric Cardiology Department at McGill Hospital in Canada, being a member of the Board of Specialty Doctors at Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, and many scientific research published in scientific journals in the field of children, holds the Arab Council of Pediatrics and is currently looking for a program Pediatric Fellowship in France.

Gain experience
As for Dr. Faisal Al Bastaki, he dreamed of medicine since he was 12 years old, but those dreams came true when he was sent to Ireland to study human medicine, and then complete this scientific journey to France so that Dr. Faisal Al Bastaki followed the path of his father, the doctor, and says: “Thanks to the support of Dr. The wise leadership, who did not hesitate to send me to the best and most prestigious universities in the world, and after I obtained a Bachelor’s degree. in Human Medicine, I returned home and worked at Khalifa Medical Center in Abu Dhabi for a year. I realized how important it is to travel abroad to the best French hospitals and institutes, in order to provide all the experience and knowledge to serve and provide for the country. the best healthcare in this field.
He added: “I was sent to France to specialize in “Endocrinology and Nutrition”, where my passion is to go deeper into the specialty, and the second motive is to achieve the aspirations of the rational leadership to scientific expertise at to obtain the best doctors in this specialty.

He emphasized: “My goals are being achieved thanks to God and the prayers of my parents, and my future aspirations at this stage of scholarship are success, excellence and excellence in my higher studies, to return to the beloved homeland after this achievement to the favor

Management support
And because his ambitions did not stop at the success station in high school, his aspirations were to be sent abroad to study human medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and this was the first step to realizing his dreams. Abdullah Al-Fazari says: “I was accepted into the Royal College and during the study trip it is natural that there will be special problems at the beginning of exile, such as language and dealing with members of a society of different cultures, but thanks the unlimited support of family, friends and the State Embassy, ​​it was not a big obstacle, but rather a point of inquiry. Ambition and excellence.
Note that the study tour was not in Ireland, but also at the Royal College of Surgeons in Malaysia, and it was an opportunity for him to gain experience in the health system in East Asian hospitals and gain a lot of medical expertise there do, and despite the difficulties he faced, it did not diminish his determination in learning.
He added: “After graduating with an honors degree in human medicine, I completed the internship year at the Cleveland Hospital in Abu Dhabi, and then I did a year in the specialty of neurosurgery at the Rashid Hospital in Dubai accepted, and then I decided to complete my training in neurosurgery in France in Toulouse.. Al-Fazari points out that the reason for his passion for this specialty is that it is due to the lack of national cadres, and his love for delicate operations, and then he aims for his specialization in skull base operations and vascular surgery in the brain.

top universities
Abdullah Al-Fazari proudly believes that the wise leadership’s support for medical students in France has no limits in all respects. It is enough pride as Emiratis, he says, that we learn in the most prestigious and best universities in France, gaining experience and skill at the hands of highly qualified and experienced French doctors.

He added, “Learning in France is very advanced scientifically, open to the world, and advanced in scientific research. It is an opportunity not only for medical training, but also for Emiratis to open up to other people, our culture and customs, and introduce people to the UAE, while at the same time gaining knowledge of the French language.”

Representation of the country
Dr. Aisha Al Shehhi, a graduate of UAE University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, pointed out that achieving success and excellence and giving back to the country is the goal of many Emirati doctors and students on scholarships in France. Majalat, she is a resident doctor in the field of anesthesia and intensive care in the French city of Lyon, and emphasizes that her passion for scholarships and completing postgraduate studies began during the year of training as a resident doctor, where she realized that the specialization suffers the reluctance of many medical graduates, so they like to acquire a lot of medical knowledge in this field. Al Shehhi spent a year at Cleveland Hospital in Abu Dhabi before being sent to France.
Al-Shehhi says: “At the time, I realized that choosing anesthesia meant taking great responsibility and working long hours, but it was an enjoyable specialty and far from routine work, and during the training I had a wonderful mix of various clinical cases encountered. .”
Mubeenah Al Shehhi: “I aspire to be a successful doctor in the field of anesthesia and intensive care, and as we all promised in the medical department, my greatest ambition, in addition to applying science for the benefit of mankind team, “to educate those who are younger than me” so that we can see prosperity in the field of clinical education in the country of UAE in the future.
Regarding the support of the wise leadership of doctors in France, Talfat Al-Shehhi said: “The prosperity and development that we experience today in all fields is nothing but fruits that we reap thanks to the support of our wise leadership, and it is the biggest incentive to move forward, and there is no doubt that we are receiving material support along with continuous moral support, and we hope that we will respond The beautiful country of the UAE, our leadership has made us aware that we are qualified to achieve achievements and profits, and to record bright fingerprints around the world.

During exile, Aisha Al-Shehhi does not hide the obstacles of exile, that she is bitter, and learning a new language was not easy, and adapting and living in new cultures requires a lot of flexibility, but it is a beautiful opportunity to get the ability to handle and accept responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities she carries, she says, “is that I represent my country wherever I am, and I always want to be the best representative of it.”

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