That’s why I refused to participate in “Kira Waljen” .. Then I agreed to it

2022 seems to be a lucky year for her as she made her first two works as an actress in films and drama. She is an Egyptian of Italian descent, Lara Iskandar, who is currently showing her two works simultaneously, namely the series “The Eight” and the movie “Kira Waljen”. Although the two experiments began a long time ago, they were presented to the public together.

In her interview with “Al” about how she was nominated for the two works, and their scenes, especially that her character in the movie “Kira Waljen” is the closest to her, because she thereby portrays the character of a ” Armenian” girl, and he is linked to her and her family of the same origin. She also revealed how her husband helped her nab the role of “Alexandra” in the film.

Lara Alexander

* What is the reason for your decision to act even though it was a delayed step for you?

** Indeed, it was a delayed move for me as I was interested in working on my musical career, but when I was nominated to work, my work team in Egypt told me that there was a nomination for me in one of the films was , so I refused at first, but when they told me the film was with the director Marwan Hamed, I immediately agreed. I would like to know the person who nominated me to participate in the film so that I can thank him.

When my manager told me that the film’s director was Marwan Hamed, I asked my husband and my mother to immediately ask them to agree, especially since I had read the original novel and I really liked it, and I said myself: “If you will act for once in your life, this must be the time.” My dream to act with the makers of the work and Marwan Hamed came true, then I went to the audition expecting that the makers of the film would not agree with me, but they asked me to audition again to do, and then they told me to join the film. After that I was shown the series “The Eight”, which is also a special experience for me.

* In the movie “Kira Waljen” she presented an Armenian character. Tell us about her

** At first I did not know the details of the role until I learned the details and that I will present the character of an Armenian girl who fled her country and came to Egypt 5 years before the period in which the events of the film take place. The role is very important to me, and the character is close to my heart because it is Armenian. My husband and my daughter are basically of Armenian origin, and I would like to embody a character with a history and a purpose. , and the character has a musical dimension and I am originally a singer.

* Was your role in it since you read the novel?

**Unfortunately, my character was not written in the novel, but he helped me introduce it that she is of Armenian origin, so my husband helped me a lot in everything I needed. The role is for a young Armenian-German girl who lived in Egypt in 1919, and she joined the resistance, and it is known that the Armenians came to Egypt in 1915 to escape from the Turks. I really loved the character of “Alexandra” and sympathized with her as one of the reasons for joining the resistance against the British was her feeling that she was defending the cause of the motherland.

* What was the work like behind the scenes?

** The scenes of the film were characterized by warmth, and the heroes of the work were one family, and behind the scenes of the relationship between Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz is one of the best scenes, and I am very happy to working with them I really love Karim and Ezz, and from the first day of filming the movie, they made me feel like their friend, and they treated me in a nice way. As well as the rest of the staff. Most of my scenes are also with most of the heroes, but the artist Hend Sabry helped me a lot by knowing her before filming. She accepted my responsibility, and she reassured me all the time and advised me to take things simply. I was very lucky to start acting with big stars who helped me and were confident. Their help was from their heart, and the scenes of the movie were very wonderful, and I imagined before filming that the scenes would be serious, but I found a kind of joy and simplicity in everyone during the filming period.

How did you feel before the movie was shown?

** I felt very nervous before the movie was released in cinemas because it is my first time in front of the camera as an actress. And that the first acting experience with stars of this magnitude would be, it was not appropriate for me to wander, since there is no place for it. I should have been on the same level as them even if I wasn’t an actress. In the end, the tension was there because it was a new experience for me. It was like a challenge, even though it was an important experience in my life. There was a big risk in my direction of acting, and entering the field of art. But when you love art, the fear has to be removed, and I felt that the “Kira Waljin” experience was the perfect and appropriate time for me to go through the acting experience and for people around me on another way to see away from a singer.

Lara Alexander

Lara Alexander

* What is the secret of your admiration for that period?

** I am known for my love for the old time, and I wanted to live in this time specifically in the period from 1920 to 1960, because we are now losing many details of this time, people were better and enjoyed more humanity, and everything was better than the present time.

* In the series “The Eight” did you play a small but essential role in the events?

** This is an important experience for me, as this is my second artistic experience, where I filmed “Kira Waljen” for the first time, then I contracted the series, since I shot the movie in conjunction with the filming of the series fired simultaneously. In it I presented the role of “Sarah”, a character close to me, as she loves music, and for this I present one song throughout the series, in which I embody the role of assistant artist Aser Yassin, and we have ‘ a love affair. Aser helped me immensely during the filming of the scenes. And the series continued for almost a year and a half, despite the fact that it consisted of eight episodes, but it contains a high degree of action, and this is what the creators of the series and its writer , adviser Turki Al Sheikh, meant This work is the first work he writes dramatically. The scenario and characters are different, in addition to the working team of the great stars I have worked with, as I consider myself very lucky to work with the stars of the work, Aser Yassin, Khaled Al-Sawy and the stars of the Arab world . .

* What was the work like behind the scenes?

** Bewitched a talented actor and he helped me a lot behind the scenes of filming and did not neglect me with any advice. From the first day he removed fear from me and asked me to calm down and not stress, and for that I am very grateful to him, in addition to the artist Khaled El-Sawy. It was a great experience to work with two stars like them and I sang in the serial and I felt I was doing something similar.

* What about the new in the coming period?

** In the coming period, I will focus more on singing and presenting new lyrical works, and I will not present acting experiences unless it is on the same level as “Kira Wal-Jin” and “The Eight”. I used to love acting but it can’t be what I aim for in the coming period. I am happy with the reactions about the film and the series because I like to take responsibility for the things I do, besides I have a daughter who is a year and a half and I want to take care of her.

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