The Children’s Museum hosts a variety of cultural, scientific and artistic events

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The activities of the summer program organized by the Children’s Museum at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth in collaboration with the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, from last June to mid-August, emphasized the zeal to contribute to the consolidation of values ​​and good qualities in the younger generation, such as cooperation, respect for others and self-esteem in them. Emphasizes the values ​​of belonging and raising awareness of the importance of using the time of the summer vacation in the pursuit of various activities, refining their abilities and talents, and developing their various experiences and skills. This year’s summer activities and programs included a series of episodes in many skills that contribute to their development in their different categories. The activities varied between cultural, scientific, sports and related events represented in dialogue activities, theater, plastic arts, life skills , security and peace. The events also included episodes in electronics, astronomy and aeronautics. Information technology in addition to many different skill applications. Salwa bint Saif Al Rashidiya, supervisor of the Children’s Museum, pointed out that children are the core of society, which should be given more importance, following the requirements and needs of the current and future phases of knowledge, skills and abilities that are compatible. with the technologies and functions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The program, which continues until next August, aims to introduce Various training programs that help them hone their expertise and improve their skills in line with various fields. Among these programs is the scientific seminar (Journey to Mars), which aims to create a simple scientific environment for young people that matches their intellectual level to explore the world of space and astronomy in a beautiful interactive way, the minds and activate imaginations of young people. people, develop their creativity and innovation, and occupy young people with useful and enjoyable scientific activities in their free time, which are easy for them to implement. And the art circle, How to make your tools distinctive with your touch, which aims to develop a love of art in children, develops cognitive skills (artistic imagination), and unleashes creative abilities Children’s drawing abilities. A scientific and cultural seminar entitled “Sustainable Development Goals 2030” was also implemented, which aims to raise awareness of the youth category of the sustainable development goals, direct them to interest and work towards goals for their upcoming future, and their role to empower and strengthen them in their coming future. society in line with the sustainable development goals and Oman Vision 2040. Two technical workshops were also conducted. The first montage is titled How to Choose Your Camera (Independent Cinema), and the second is titled Basics of montage and its accessories (Independent Cinema) and aims to enhance creativity in various types of photography and unleash the imagination of young people to express their feelings through photography, and also introduce the skills needed for photography, and provide a lot of information. This creates an atmosphere of tension and anticipation. In the area of ​​creativity and innovation, a virtual reality technology session was implemented for modern technical education, a robotics session to educate young people in the field of robotics, and another cultural and sports session entitled Free Diving and the Marine Environment aimed at educating the younger generation and introducing them to sports and educating them on how to preserve the marine environment, and a cultural session titled With the story aims to educate the participants about the concept of the story and the storyteller and the method of presentation, and to develop his ability to tell and speak in front of the audience, and to introduce the participant to the importance of the folk tale, training in storytelling and strengthening the self-confidence of the participant by speaking in front of the audience and presenting a good and distinctive presentation. story. A cultural seminar was held in the field of agriculture with the title “Basic Agriculture for Children”, which aims to teach children the basic principles of agriculture and plant parts, as well as to identify insects.
And during the month of August, the summer program will join the mobile laboratory of the Fab Tech laboratory (technologies of the fourth industrial revolution), the scientific circle (fun sciences), which aims to learn through experience, a culture of love of science, and occupy the youth’s time with what is useful, and another episode titled (Generations of the Sea), which It aims to teach young people the skills of sustainability and marine challenges, children’s design thinking skills to develop, develop a sense of conservation and preserve the marine environment and natural components, improve the skill of recycling waste, teach children the skill of caring for fish, and develop a spirit of challenge and teamwork.
A workshop will also be organized in the field of invention and innovation entitled (Programming the drone), which aims to understand the parts of the aircraft and its functions, and to know the use of aviation terminology in programming, and to the use of the programming program for aircraft, and a scientific guidance seminar on ways to deal with fires – evacuation, and a technical workshop entitled (The composition in photography) and aims to help the success of the photograph, since the composition helps to simply arrange the elements within the frame of the image, and to form the photographic image, and a sports event on the basics of football will be implemented with the aim of bringing the largest number of children for the exchange and sharing of values ​​Humanity and enjoy the sport of football, and an (Environmental Awareness) seminar will be held with the aim of guidance and direction to the culture of preserving the environment and knowledge of the dangers of plastic, environmental awareness and knowledge of endangered animals and creatures in the Sultanate of Oman and the world.

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