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Talking about Moroccan national security stops us from asking about human security. Today, if we are faced with new alliances and bilateral and multilateral agreements, imposed by the preeminent situation of the Kingdom of Morocco, a new and preeminent situation is imposed on our old allies to work to reconsider their view of our country and even checking their political investigation. and economic accounts, based on the principle of “mutual gain” from which the new strategy of Moroccan diplomacy is based.

A diplomacy whose clever engineering, founded by the King of the country, developed to be strongly reflected by various stations, in which the decisive factor was the stability of the positions. Through the crisis of relations with Germany, reaching its deadlock and working to unify future visions between the two countries, Morocco raised the red paper in the face of the Spanish government, which ended in peace and calm with Chances’ visit to Rabat in the month of Ramadan this year, a visit that contained more than one indication, and what followed revealed the distrust of the eastern neighbor, embodied in the blaring of its horns and their paid flags, which before the world exposed and even seen through sports. competitions, flags that ignored the existence of a previous agreement contrary to the rules of international law, imposed regional cooperation instead of a policy of double standards and dragged the countries of the Maghreb into the abyss.

Instead of activating full cooperation in the framework of development that the people of the region are asking for, the eastern neighborhood has exchanged false accusations and assumed fictitious responsibilities, instead of looking for answers to the future of the region and the dangers what against it, which emerged through the Muradia military skirmishes, which benefited from media propaganda, not to mention the Flooding of the eastern border with Morocco with secret immigrants and support of human trafficking gangs, as well as Algeria’s eternal continued sponsorship of the Polisario militia and terrorist groups to harm Morocco’s economic and commercial interests with the countries of the Sahel and West Africa.

Talking about Moroccan national security, energy and food has become a real question and not just a plausible dream. As we are about to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, despite its repercussions and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, we must work together with all responsibility in the hope of a bright future, to discuss today about national national security to speak of. This inevitably falls within the scope of alliances that are not limited to geographic affiliation or identities.

We therefore proposed a respectable economic, social and political reality, for which elections were launched that produced a government, parliament, regional councils and territorial councils whose first goal is the ability to lead the country from an economic and social crisis to get rid of, councils capable of managing crises and mitigating their economic and social consequences. The future stage presents great challenges, projects, plans and downloads. In fact, for a new development model, it needs technical skills to download, manage and treat to achieve results.

Our clear vision of Morocco today before tomorrow, and after all these global crises, is a perception linked to the economic and social situation that mapped the new development paradigm, through the historic meeting of Fez and the great social reform workshops, not to mentions the leading economic role that Morocco has become to play not only with its African environment, but rather the international one, has signed important economic partnerships with the United States of America, China, Britain and Israel, in which Morocco has turned into ‘ a participant in large international investments instead of just attracting them, since we are talking about the production of vaccines, the production of military equipment and mechanisms, the installation of aircraft, the export of clean energy, and many projects. It is shrouded in secrecy for fear of leaking its news about the economic intelligence of countries hostile to Morocco.

The truth is that today we are living in an energy and lunch crisis, due to high prices and a water crisis due to the consecutive years of drought, to find ourselves before a real assessment of government performance and identification of responsibilities, before citizens’ demands to find solutions, and to speed up urgent measures to overcome the severity of the economic crisis and the alarming rise in prices, which The majority of citizens were stung by, leading to a bigger and deeper crisis, which is the destabilization of trust in government work, which was expressed by the hashtags that demanded a reduction in fuel prices, in light of the silence that affected the parties and union bodies to whom the constitution dedicated the framework of citizens.

Demonstrations in a large virtual public space worked to influence, albeit directly, the majority of citizens, and even made him feel patriotism and jealousy about his lot, which, between the jaws of money and businessmen, became the other side of those entrusted. with the reins.
A feeling and a cry in silence I asked for a lot of ink between a drummer, a critic and a supporter, and from time to time experts, scholars and thinkers emerged who insisted on demand and measure. Instead of our esteemed government striving to find solutions to the crisis, it dedicates a deeper crisis by describing the hashtags as traitors, tramps and other descriptors, until they became floating in The national arena are new terms and concepts that do not not based on reality or law, such as the concept of government destabilization….

Let’s go back to our Moroccan national energy and food security and ask about the consequences (the epidemic and the Russo-Ukrainian war), which are not limited to one geographical area. international If economic analysts are unable to unite visions and anticipate urgent solutions, then what food security can we talk about? Here we ask our esteemed government about the economic policies used to manage crises.

Moreover, the necessity of Moroccan energy and food security was not imposed by Corona, nor by the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Our ability to resist is linked to the extent to which we maintain balances between the economy and economic priorities, so that food security and scientific development must be linked, especially in various industrial fields, the first of which is the medical and food industries. The latter sets up a rule that serves as a breakthrough. Morocco and the Moroccan experience, as I said, is a lesson. At a time when textile factories were on strike during the height of the epidemic, the country went directly to the production of medical masks and respirators.

Two months after the epidemic, the Moroccan researcher started talking about advanced devices for sterilization and breathing. In terms of institutional, we are talking about a national strategy that Western countries like Germany and Italy have seen. In addition to agriculture, we must not forget that many have bet on the decline in Moroccan exports, but in fact it has risen compared to the year Previously, the Corona Pandemic Support Fund creativity and talent led by the king, and more than two million families have been supported, so the steadfastness of the Moroccan countries in the face of the current crisis, in my very humble opinion, is based on the principle of balancing between the different sectors and the involvement of our national institutions and citizens in building the Morocco of the future.

Mr. Al-Hussein Bakar Al-Sibai
Lawyer and researcher in media, immigration and human rights.

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