Western Union money transfer fee

Western Union money transfer fee. If you need to transfer money to friends in one of the countries around the world, you should know about the transfer fees and the famous Western Union company. Providing you with transfer and reception services to all parts of the world, electronically or in person, around the clock, seven days a week, through very simple steps that will not take more than 6 minutes. To complete the conversion process, here are some important things that every customer should know to always stay safe.

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What are the Western Union fees?

What is meant by? Western Union money transfer feeIt is a certain amount of money that is collected as a commission in exchange for services that the company provides to the person who needs them. While these fees may vary from time to time.

Western Union offers discretionary fee inquiries when transferring funds. In addition to setting certain preferences for sending and receiving money and the preferred method of payment. You can also join the “my wu” program and earn points for the transfers you make and you can use those points for exclusive member benefits such as transfer fee discounts. Note that you will earn 1 point for every $1 in transfer fees you make.

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Western Union money transfer fee

You can send money anywhere in the world, and Western Union money transfer fees are determined by region, and the amount to be transferred. Here we will mention the Western Union money transfer fees as follows:

  • The fee for transferring an amount up to $50 is $5.
  • The fee for transferring an amount from $51 to $300 is $8.
  • The fee for transferring an amount from $301 to $500 is $10.
  • The fee for converting an amount from $500 to $1,000 is $12.
  • Transfer fees of more than $1,000 and up to $50,000 as a maximum, which is 1% of the total amount.

Note that each country has a maximum limit for transfer amounts. For inquiries, you can read what the limit is for a transfer via Western Union.

Western Union Transfer Services

In some areas, the country’s banks are involved in the money transfer business, and they set Western Union money transfer fees as representatives of the company, and the branches offer you many services such as:

  • Transfer money internationally and locally via various methods:
    • Online after registration.
    • Transfer through the application and pay bills.
    • Transfer in person.
  • Track your transfer status.
  • Check remittance rates and exchange rates.
  • Cancel the transfer.
  • Check conversion history.
  • Change the recipient’s name.

There are also many services that Western Union offers electronically through the company’s website from here.

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Types of Western Union money transfer fee

If you want to transfer money via Western Union, it will definitely be subject to a money transfer fee. This depends on several factors, including the representative bank itself, the type of transfer (domestic/international), and whether there is an intermediary bank. The most common types of transfer fees in the world via Western Union are:

Money transfer fee

Each bank or financial institution will have its own fees for the transfer of funds determined on a bank-by-bank basis. Most banks announce the transfer fee in the case of sending or receiving, and whether the transfer is domestic or international.

Intermediary bank fee for money transfer

Fund transfers involve a third party or intermediary to facilitate the transfer between banks, even if there is no financial relationship between them. That intermediary bank may charge a transfer fee, in addition to the transfer fee, from the sending and receiving banks.

Exchange prices

The exchange rate is not a fee, but must be factored into the transfer cost. Where the exchange rate indicates how much one currency is valued against another. Therefore, the amount transferred varies, and therefore its fees will vary based on exchange rates. It is worth noting that some banks charge a higher fee when converting from local to international currency in the form of a percentage of the total amount. So it can have a significant impact if the amount being transferred is large.

Extra cost

There may be additional fees associated with transferring funds such as:

  • Online transfers versus in-person transfers.
  • Transfer cancellation fee.
  • Correspondent bank fees.

You can inquire at the branch from whom you want to transfer about the transfer fees according to the amount you want to transfer. And based on the country from which it is being transferred, the addressee, etc.

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International Bank Transfer Fee

As mentioned above, Western Union money transfer fees are always variable, based on various factors. Below we will mention some of the most prominent and well-known international banks and their transfer fees:

Bank of America

Transfer fees are up to $30 per domestic transfer, $45 per international transfer, and $16 per received transfer.

rush .bank

The bank charges $35 for domestic money transfers, $50 for international transfers and $15 for each transfer received.

citi. bank

Transfer fees are up to $25 for domestic transfers, $35 for international transfers and $15 for each transfer received.


The refunder charges 3% of the amount transferred, and does not charge a fee for transfers received.

pnc bank

The transfer fee is $30 for domestic transfers, up to $45 for international transfers, and $15 for each transfer received.


The domestic transfer fee is $20 per transfer, the international transfer fee is $45, and the received transfers are free.

wells fargo

The bank charges $30 for each domestic transfer, and for an international transfer, the bank charges a percentage of the total amount, plus $16 for each transfer received.

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How to save money transfer fees

It’s easy to earn high Western Union money transfer fees, especially if you’re active in transferring money locally or internationally. But to help you out, there are some ways that will help you save on international transfer fees, such as:

Looking for the cheapest?

As we mentioned to you above, each bank has a different fee rate, which is determined according to various factors. So it is good to look for the bank that charges low fees, inquire about fees of all types and patterns and compare between banks. Note that the cheapest may take longer, but it is still cheaper overall.

Transfer money in person

Instead of online transfer. A higher fee may be charged for an online transfer, to go to a branch.

Find exchange rates and remittances

Many financial institutions use a high exchange rate as part of their service fee. On the other hand, there are institutions that charge lower fees if there is no conversion between currencies.

Use Western Union money transfer service

The company can help you send money anywhere easily and the money transfer fee can be lower, compared to traditional banks. Moreover, Western Union can be the best option as there are several ways to send and receive money You can start sending money from here.

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Communicate with Western Union

You can inquire about Western Union money transfer fees by contacting the Western Union Company. Through the company website and on the following social networking sites:

Inquiries about sending and receiving money and its fees can be made through the company’s money transfer application or through agents located around the world. You only need to register by simply going to the registration website, entering the personal information and the required data accurately and then start the transfer.

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Western Union branches in the Arab world

It is not difficult to find a Western Union branch in the age of speed and the Internet. Find out more about Western Union money transfer fees by branches and centers. They are available to provide services through agents, which you can find on the website to locate the company’s locations and centers here.

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Transfer money online

After knowing the Western Union money transfer fees, we note that money can be transferred through the Western Union mobile app. The app is one of the most used money transfer apps to receive cash or transfer it to a bank account anytime, anywhere. To download the application from here.

Western Union money transfer

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How to Win Western Union

Western Union makes money from money transfer fees, currency exchange and money transfer patterns. Each transfer fee should be compared with exchange rates, which may vary from time to time.

Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand and location. Depending on various factors, transfer fees may change without prior notice, and fee reductions apply to transfer fees
Western Union Money Transfer® or Quick Collect® transaction, excluding any other services. For example, pay bills online, transfer money via social media and chat apps.

Points used are redeemable and if the transfer fee amount is less than the discount redeemed, no cash, credit or refund will be provided. The company reserves the right to offer promotions and discounts that cannot be combined with the “my us” program fee reductions we talked about above.

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It was all about the fee Western Union money transfer To get to know the company more, you should visit our articles related to Western Union on our trading platform, which is always interested in providing you with everything you need to know in all commercial fields, financial transactions and companies.

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