With investments of 100 million euros for the region, the beginning of the work of the largest global alliance to build new enterprises in Egypt

The Creative Dock Group, which specializes in building startups in Europe, has announced its official acquisition of FoundersLane, becoming the largest independent startup building company in the world.

The two companies design and build start-ups and support and develop their bold digital products in various industries and sectors, and the two companies have extensive experience over the past years on more than 100 projects around the world in partnership with clients in Europe, the Middle – East and North Africa.

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Under this acquisition, Founders Lane Egypt was launched to become responsible for the company’s major operations in Egypt during the coming period, with the presence of Egyptian entrepreneur Mohamed Abul-Naga as chairman of the board, and Anas Rabah as managing director , to be responsible for the expansions of Creative Dock and Founders Lane within Egypt.

“We started working with Founders Lane two years ago, and today Founders Lane has effectively contributed to the creation of a bold enterprise building model for companies, and its founders are characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and innovation as well as their ability to attract successful entrepreneurs and talent Our goals will not be limited to building start-ups that can only make a profit, but we will strive to make a continuous positive impact on people’s lives, and we aim to create projects and products for our clients. building that will be used by one billion people around the world over the next five years.”

Felix Stearitz, co-founder and CEO of Founders Lane and a member of the Creative Dock Group Board of Directors, said: “The field of building bold corporate facilities is growing, and this is a golden coin in time of inflation that we live in now, and this partnership will have an effective impact in shaping the market, causing a quantum leap in the field of building daring facilities for companies.”

Bassam Al-Wabel, partner at Founders Lane, explained that the corporate enterprise building model is a new and rapidly growing trend in the region, and this model is capable of making a qualitative shift in the way companies and large facilities function as we know them. today, as it accelerates these entities’ adoption of digital technologies and keeps pace with development plans and digital economic transformation in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Major investments in the Middle East and North Africa

With this acquisition, the Creative Doc Group strengthens its presence in the Middle East and North Africa, as the group plans to invest more than 100 million euros in the region over the next five years, with expectations of a return on investment of 100 million to achieve. euro during the next twelve months from During the total sales of the group, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%, the group also intends to hire 600 new employees by the end of this year in addition to its existing employees to carry out its activities to support around the world, and the recruitment will take place in the group’s head offices in Riyadh, Zurich, Prague, Berlin and Vienna.

Creative Dock and Founders Lane believe in the promising capabilities of the Egyptian market, which offers Founders Lane Egypt a great opportunity to seize a large part of the investments allocated to the region by the group, based on the expertise of Mohamed Abul-Naga and Anas Rabah, who in recent years managed to build start-up companies that achieved tangible success, for example: Cleaver, Halal, Karim and other companies.

An Egyptian plan to seize the largest percentage of investments by Founders Line Egypt

Commenting on the launch of FoundersLane Egypt’s business, entrepreneur Mohamed Abol Naga, who since 2018 has entered the field of building startups in many industries such as healthcare, financial technology, educational technology and e-commerce, claims that the arrival of ‘ A large entity such as Creative Dock and Founders Lane to the Egyptian market will significantly contribute to achieving a qualitative leap in the nature of the work of emerging companies, noting that Egypt is one of the largest markets around the world in terms of of growth, which the Egyptian political leadership to direct the various sectors of the state by harnessing all means of support for budding companies, adding: “We aim to attract the largest percentage of the volume of investments.” dedicated to the Middle East.

Abul-Naga expressed his happiness and said: “The presence of large entities in the Egyptian market, the size of Creative Dock and Founders Lane, will give us additional incentives to support the entrepreneurship environment and start-up companies in Egypt. promote the concept of the building startups, which has become a global concept that needs to be widely spread and professionally applied in Egypt.”

Anas Rabah, who has extensive experience in various business sectors such as passenger transport, financial technology and e-commerce, adds that the focus during the coming period will be on emerging companies that have the desire to develop by possessing leading cadres and minds to to implement digital ideas that can serve society in general and the Egyptian economy in particular.

Muhammad Abul-Naga and Anas Rabah agreed on the need to benefit from the pioneering experience of the Creative Dock Group and Founders Lane in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which led to the building of leading startups in a short time.

Assem Al-Rajhi, Partner and General Manager of Founders Lane Middle East and North Africa, for his part said: “We are proud of Creative Dock’s acquisition of Founders Lane, which in turn will greatly contribute to supporting the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, social innovation and modern technologies, and we also strive to make our mark. On the map of entrepreneurship in the region, and to be the first destination for building startups, and one of our priorities in Founders Lane Middle East is to empower young people and support Arab talent, as we provide them with distinctive job opportunities and ‘ offer a competitive global educational experience, in addition to giving them ample room for experimentation and innovation.”

The Creative Doc Group recently acquired two companies, Spark Works and Germany’s Rohrbeck Heger, so the group spent 55 million euros on acquisitions in the last twelve months, while Founders Lane has a client portfolio of the biggest names in the region such as the Saudi company Mass Transportation (SAPTCO) and Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia in addition to other partnerships in Europe such as Vattenfall, Allianz, Adidas, Henkel and Trumpf.

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