Zahrat Al Khaleej – Jalila: I’m a good role model for girls… I don’t mind acting with Tamer Hosni

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Beautiful, bold, controversial, and she has always made headlines in newspapers and news sites for one reason or another, and despite her name being linked to Egyptian star Tamer Hosni, “Jalila” refuses to mention his name, and only refers to “someone”, or “that person”, during an encounter that brought her together. Zahrat Al Khaleej, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, during her recent visit.

Moroccan artist and well-known Moroccan social networking sites Jalila believes that she sets an example for the girls of her generation, and for those younger than her, saying: “Yes, I see myself as a role model for girls. who are younger than me, if i wasn’t a role model for them, i wouldn’t have reached this number of followers, no Can you imagine my happiness when one of them comes and says that her wish is to be like being me, I always try to teach them everything that is useful, because this mistake is forbidden in the things I present on (Social Media), and I always try to present positive energy and take away my sadness for people sting so that I can be a source of constant joy to them”.

And Jalila claims: “(I am a very good role model), unlike many celebrities who have nothing but absurdity and trifles to present to others, and they can even insult themselves to make others laugh, and these people must know that their followers came with the purpose of mocking them and nothing more.” .

My fame is mine
Jalila categorically refuses to consider that her fame came at the expense of one of the artists, and because of the news spread about their relationship, stressing that she almost entered the world of fame in 2018, while that story that she didn’t mention. starting with “this person”, who she also hasn’t named yet. It’s a whole year, and she adds, I was the one who made me famous, while others became famous just because she was the wife of a famous artist, and her name was associated with him.

On this subject, Jalila says: “If I had not been famous in the first place, and had very large numbers of followers when I spoke about the subject, the news would not have spread throughout the Arab world, and the story would did not die in its place and no one spread it,” emphasizing that all the situations she went through and were spread by the media. She was long after her fame.

And she continues: “If my fame was due to any artist or other, it would have been temporary fame, and it would not have continued and increased from day to day. In the end, I could continue in this way, while great artists, for example, could not continue with it.”

I make the lights
Jalila hides the name of the artist who linked the rumors to her, although everyone knows him well, and she explains about this that she does not want to link her name to someone else’s, especially since this story is completely over for her , and indicates that she wanted to announce the name explicitly, after being exposed to some recent situations, but she withdrew it, and prays to God to help everyone, especially this artist, whom she respects, and wishes him all the best .

Jalila completely denies the accusations that the media is absent from her that she raises a certain story, but she says with pride and confidence: “The lights are never far from me, and I am the one who makes them, if I cough I top the trend,” refuses to be described as a maker. According to her, she is rather an upright, clear person who is not afraid of confrontation: “I punch in the face, I don’t punch in the dark , and I have nothing to hide and fear, while others make up stories and pretend that they are living feelings of love… The reality is completely different.”

Various experiences and surprises
Although she started singing and was known as a Moroccan artist in her early days, Jalila prefers to be described as an “influential and famous person”, indicating that she does not regret her singing experience, and she has strengths and weaknesses seen through her. and then confirmed that her real strength is in the world of “Social Media”, not Art that needs big budgets and big production companies.

And she adds, “If he was offered a job that suited me perfectly, whether it was singing or acting, I would never turn it down,” especially since my fame would serve and promote this job, and her surprise to her will announce. followers with a video clip that will be released soon, with which one of the stars of Arabic singing participates without revealing about her. His name, emphasizes that it will be presented in a surprising way, and she eagerly awaits this work , and she wants to know the public’s opinion about it; If he achieves great success, he will continue with other works.

As for acting, she showed that she received many offers, both in the Arabian Gulf and even in Egypt, but the roles offered to her did not convince her, and her ambition is to be next to a great artist and appear a convincing role. , so whether her appearance is distinctive or not, and she wants to present a joint Arabic work First, since she has mastered all Arabic dialects.

If Jalila continues to talk about drama and acting, Jalila does not mind appearing with a work that she brings with the Egyptian star Tamer Hosni, as he is a great and skilled artist and presents many successful works and anyone has the honor to work with him.

I support plastic surgery
The famous Moroccan young woman does not hesitate to announce her full support for plastic surgery, and since these operations are considered financially expensive, they are often done after fame, and this is a right for everyone, because all girls must after their appearance care. , and looks in the best shape.

And she continues, “I’m the first to talk about plastic surgery in (Social Media), but I filmed one of the surgeries and showed it to the followers, and I opened the door for others to talk about this and to film their operations, although they initially denounced the same thing.”

It turned out that Botox and fillers are not considered cosmetic surgeries, and that she beautified her nose, as well as sculpting her body, and she will not hide this matter, because any girl should take care of her appearance in parallel with her interest in her culture.

closest people
She describes her boyfriend Hamouda Hussein as the closest person to her, and that what they have in common is a very rare honest friendship these days. He is her brother, and he greatly influences her decisions and always gives her advice, and loves her interests.

Fast lights
Jalila refuses to advertise any product she is not convinced of because, as I mentioned before, she considers herself a role model for others, and she cannot deceive them.

She supports Barcelona, ​​and loves Messi and Ronaldo at the same time, but the balance always tilts towards Messi, so she will support Argentina in the next World Cup.

Beauty is a secondary factor, and the most important is always personality, charisma and acceptance by others.

If she wasn’t popular on social media, she would be a flight attendant.

Jalila concludes with a message to all her followers that she wants to convey her true personality to all people, to know her, her morals, her upbringing, her sincerity, her spontaneity and her heart, and she says to the millions who follow her: “You are my family and my family.”

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