Arab Open University Admission and Registration Requirements 1444

that Arab Open University Admission and Registration Requirements 1444 This is one of the things the student must know before applying for registration, as the Deanship of Admission and Registration sets a number of special conditions and criteria in the comparison between applications for admission Learn more about the conditions and steps for registration in the Arab Open University 2022 after learning about the Arab Open University 2022.

About the Arab Open University 1444

The Arab Open University in Saudi Arabia is one of the non-profit Arab regional educational institutions, and it is one of the tracks of the joint Arab League project in a number of Arab countries. By the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia, and the idea of ​​establishing this university goes back to instructions issued by Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and it was with the date of the year (1966) AD, where his idea is to establish a university with an open education system that guarantees the student flexibility and modernity in receiving information To complete the university education paths, the university branches are distributed in each of the following Arab countries: [1]

  • The Egyptian Arab Republic.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Sultanate of Oman and the Sultanate of Palestine.
  • Republic of Sudan.
  • Bahrain.
  • the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Republic of Lebanon.
  • Kuwait.

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Arab Open University Admission Requirements 1444

The Dean of Admission and Registration has noted a number of basic conditions and criteria for accepting applications for registration of students who wish to enroll in any of the courses and specializations of the Arab Open University, as follows:

  • The applicant must have obtained a general secondary school certificate, or its equivalent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • This certificate must be attested and attached to an official attestation issued by the Ministry of Education, if it is from abroad.
    • The high school diploma must be within the scientific track to accept applications for student registration in the University’s Computing College, and high school graduates with literary tracks are not accepted.
  • The applicant (male or female) is required to pass the performance test and the aptitude test issued by the National Center for Measurement.
  • Regarding the conditions for enrollment at the Arab Open University, It was as follows:
    • A student can join the ranks of the Arab Open University to study specific courses, where admission is made under the classification (unrestricted students) according to the conditions and controls determined by the University Council.
    • A student who in any of the previous years followed fields of study at the university under the classification (unrestricted) can follow one of the specializations at the university.
      • Provided that there is no conflict with the general admission requirements, as the university calculates the courses the student has previously studied, if they correspond to the courses he studies in the chosen academic program, and places them in his new academic record be with the same grades and grades he obtained in these courses.
  • Conditions for supporting papers and documents at the Arab Open University: It came as follows:
    • Attach an official copy of the high school diploma or its equivalent with the ministerial endorsement issued by the Ministry of Education.
    • Bring a copy of a valid personal status card.
    • The student is expected to attach a document proving the payment of university admission fees, which comes after the level at which the study is carried out is determined.
    • Attach two (2) personal photographs within a scale (4*6).
    • Bring a valid passport with an official copy of it.

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Majors of the Arab Open University in Saudi Arabia 2022

The Dean of Admissions and Registration has announced a number of specializations and academic programs in student registration. These specializations are as follows:

  • College of Computer Studies majors: It is one of the important colleges, and it is based on the presentation of a number of specializations, as follows:
    • Major in Business Studies (Accounting).
    • Major in Business Studies (Accounting in Arabic).
    • Major in Business Studies (Marketing).
    • Performance in Business Studies (Systems).
  • College of Computer Studies majors: Students in this college are divided into a number of specializations, which are as follows:
    • Major In Information Technology and Computing.
    • Major In Information Technology and Computing (Computer Science).
    • Major In Information Technology and Computing (Computer with Business).
    • Major In Information Technology and Computing (Network and Security).
    • Major In Information Technology and Computing (Web Development).
  • Faculty of Language Studies majors: This college is based on sponsoring a major subject (English language and literature), and the male or female student in that field gets a certified bachelor’s degree, as it is considered one of the most prominent colleges of the Arab Open University, what language attracts students.

Register At the Arab Open University 2022

The Arab Open University has made a large number of electronic services available, and the student can send the registration request electronically, following a set of steps, as follows:

  • Go directly “from here” to the option to apply for official admission to the university.
    • Check the laws, special instructions and university conditions.
  • We click on (the box at the bottom of the screen) which is the option to acknowledge that we have read and agree to the instructions presented.
  • Writing all the information requested in the registration application, in the special fields for each information, and the most prominent information was as follows:
    • Personal information about the student.
    • software.
    • basic information.
  • We load and send all the required paper documents, and the identification papers that came as follows:
    • A high school diploma (taking into account that it is attested if it is from an entity outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
    • The passport is valid.
    • Proof of identity or residence (where the student’s residence is required to be valid).
    • A recent (4) personal photograph.
  • By clicking on the option at the bottom of the screen (where it means acknowledging that the information in the application is true and accurate).
  • Submit an application and wait for the admission result.

Tuition fees at the Saudi Arabian Open University

The Dean of Admissions at the Arab Open University noted a package of reduced tuition fees for each course of study that the student should know, and came up with the following:

The cost of the semester study at the Arab Open University

The value of the amounts that the student has to pay for one semester This varies between university majors. It came as follows:

  • The fee for one semester is Between (5000 to 8000) Saudi Riyal, Where this amount includes each of the following things: books, study bags, registration fees, technical services, and a large number of public services that the student receives during his training in the semester, and a difference was observed in those fees in the summer semester , as it includes a rate of (15%) added value.
  • The value of the undergraduate fees in the College of Business Administration for an Arabic accounting major for one semester Between (6000 to 9000) Saudi Riyal Its calculation is based on the value of the academic hour (600 Saudi Riyal), and this cost also includes (books, study bags, technical services and various other types of services. These fees also vary in the summer semester to include (15) %) of the value added tax.

Arab Open University Services Fees in Saudi Arabia

The value of the fees that the student must pay at the academic stage varies and is shown in the following tabular data:

Services offered the cost
Unit price for general studies (299) Saudi Riyal
Unit price for program studies (312) SAR
Registration fee (437) SAR
Reissuance of the university card (64.4) Saudi Riyal
Branch transfer fee (517.5) Saudi Riyal
grievance (215.05) Saudi Riyal
Account statement fee (21.85) Saudi Riyal
Academic record fee (43.7) Saudi Riyal
Transfer fee between programs (431.25) Saudi Riyal
​Grit exam fees / mid-semester / final (561.2) SAR
Graduation certificate (431.25) Saudi Riyal
graduation dress (287.5) Saudi Riyal
Examination fees in another branch outside the Kingdom (431.25) Saudi Riyal
Examination fees at another center within the Kingdom (215,625) SAR
Final re-examination fee (​215,625​) Saudi Riyal

Arab Open University website

The student can enter the AOU website directly “from here”, as the university has made available through its official website a large number of electronic services that the student can access, in addition to a large number of answers to various important questions and inquiries.

Here we come with you to the end of the article in which we discussed the topic Arab Open University Admission and Registration Requirements 1444 We have moved with the paragraphs of the article to provide information about the Arab Open University, registration conditions and the method of admission, to conclude with the official website of the university in Saudi Arabia.

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