Delivery in the cinema .. a “hidden” presence of the “sad” profession

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The presence of a “bird” did not achieve a real “presence” that creates a state of coexistence with the viewer.. This is how the character of the “delivery worker” in Egyptian cinema can be summed up, who began to appear in “rolls” without a clear name in black and white films, but she does the same work “Delivery” as we know it at the moment, and perhaps the closest work to the body of the owner of this appeals the singer “Karim Mahmoud” in the movie “Lewer.”Sorry, flowerWhich was produced in 1950, directed by Barakat and starring Shadia, Zaki Rostom and Siraj Mounir.

Karem Mahmoud in the film works in the grocery store owned by his father, “Abdel-Fattah Al-Qasry” and practices the profession of “delivery” only for his beloved “Shadia” through Saturday Which is still found in some buildings, where the delivery worker places orders to save his effort of climbing the stairs.

The profession in the film is an obstacle to the relationship with the girl, as her father sanctifies work over self-employment, but with the escalation of events he realizes that self-employment is much better.

In the end, luck, as usual in those films, falls on the two lovers, and the film remains the first to point to society’s view of this work and the ambiguity of its future.

In 1958, cinema was introduced through a film Ismail Yassin in the mad hospitalDirected by Issa Karama and starring Ismail Yassin, Hind Rostom and Zeinat Sedky, another sign of this incomplete occupation is through the child who helps the Fakhani, and carries the purchases of Zeinat Sedky, who gets the goods she wants have from Al-Fakhani, Al -Jazzar and Al-Khudari in exchange for a promise to marry her daughter.

The child carries the heavy goods and climbs with her to her apartment to discover her deception, especially when she gives him in exchange for the “sal”, which means the transfer of the goods as a “fare”, which the events of the film on fire. and the conflict between the traders over the marriage to Hind Rostom. The child in the movie Carrying the Goods to the Home is an old picture of this profession, the pillars of which are not clear, and it therefore remained an expression of a “hidden” presence in a number of films.

It presents a movie Love on the pyramid plateauIn 1986, directed by Atef Al-Tayeb and with Ahmed Zaki, Athar Al-Hakim and Imad Hamdi, a scene of the success of Al-Muji, the financially capable “plumber”, who decides to save his wife from trouble to cook so that her family will eat dinner. For the house, but the meaning of the work expressed by the hero, “Ahmed Zaki,” the employee who is unable to marry, and who sees that the price of this “determination” is equal to a month’s salary from his job.

So the scene expressed the state of the plumber’s wealth, so the delivery was present without a “diagnosis”, and in the same year 1986, and for the same director Atef Al-Tayeb, we find a clear appearance of the delivery in the introduction to the moviefile in literature Starring Madiha Kamel, Salah Al-Saadani and Farid Shawqi, the events of the film begin with the arrest of the moral officer “Salah Al-Saadani” for a delivery worker in the distinctive clothes of the restaurant where he works and a kebab carry meal. a suspicious apartment, and the officer changes clothes with the worker so he can enter the apartment and arrest those inside.

The film is the first to present the role of the delivery worker in a clear and serious way. Many films dealing with this job later dealt with it in a comical way, the most famous of which is perhaps the delivery of a heart patient in the movieSaidi at American UniversityDirected by Saeed Hamed, produced in 1998, starring Mohamed Henedy, Mona Zaki and Ahmed El Sakka, where the delivery worker seems unable to climb the stairs and panting continuously, and despite the comedy of the situation which was repeated in two scenes. the film, he clearly expressed the problems of the profession.

Henedy also appeared in a movie What a crime In 2006, directed by Wael Ihsan and with Lebleba and Bushra, the character of the delivery worker in a “pizza” restaurant, but his misfortune falls on a sick customer who cannot bear to hear the bell, so he throw the worker from the balcony.

Although the scene is fleeting, it hints at some of the problems of the profession as the delivery encounters various personalities behind closed doors.

The comic character of Delivery also appeared in the movie watch out for Directed in 2003 by Saeed Hamed, starring Ahmed Rizk and Ahmed Eid, revolving around comical situations in the monument, including when the con artists dressed in police uniforms stopped a delivery worker and took the food he was carrying .

Another symbolic image submitted by Movie The promise Produced in 2008, directed by Muhammad Yassin and starring Mahmoud Yassin, Aser Yassin and Ruby for the death bearing delivery where the killer “Bassem Samra” wears the delivery clothes to carry out the killing mission in which the head of the gang sends him, and the clothes here and the box he carries in his hands are what give him the right to enter the house, and what this means is the reassurance and the advance security that the owner of this profession obtains, and the danger of “entering houses”.

These characteristics of this profession still appear in one image and another in a number of films without an integrated work that really embodies them, even when the 2016 movie titled “”Hassan deliveryDirected by Fikri Abdel Aziz and starring Rico, Engy Abdullah, Hassan Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Ratib. Unfortunately, a movie that is closer to contracting cinema is very poor, to the point that it has not had any critical attention, serious viewing or showing on a satellite channel until now.

The film revolves around Hassan “Riko” who works as a delivery man in a restaurant and is exploited by a gang to transport drugs, then he works with the police to arrest this gang, and the film has no does not succeed, so this difficult and important profession still needs films that express it seriously, which suits her.

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