In Depth: Summer Travel and the Ethics of the Omani Character

Opportunities for travel, tourism, leisure and movement between many diverse tourist destinations around the world, where nature, history, heritage, culture, art, customs, civilizations, the enchanting vital environment, scenic views, gardens and forests, make summer travel a period of contemplation, waiting and evaluation station, a space carved out of the age of time in which the individual contemplates in It is self, and stands therein on the innovations of God’s making, and the greatness of what God has bestowed upon it, to reread the life in his new dress and his arrival with a bright smile, and his spontaneous and conciliatory nature with people, a station where the indications of the summer details go to something deeper and more influential than this, since the edition does not become only measured by the number of tourist destinations, their diversity, the duration of their stay and the photographic memory monitored through the lens of smartphone cameras, to put it on the personal pages of social platforms, its wide presence and its small details, to form a civilized memory in the redesign of the self and an opportunity to evacuate the echo of souls by exposing them to situations that challenge reality and their conscience simulates in order to win opportunities and obtain rights, which are rights that today are the size of the conscience that the soul possesses of present responsibility and self-sufficiency. Al-Hassan, and how he renews the opportunities to take advantage of his principles and values ​​and compare or measure them with reality and the level of their ability to resist, survive, transform, and their ability to mix, merge and harmonize with reality I welcome her to further explore the strengths and weaknesses and correct the superficiality of thinking and negative opinion, then compare it with what others have, and how they differ from them become and how they earn these benefits. It interacts with the values ​​of humanity and human morals and is familiar with the circumstances, conditions, crises and places to appear in its solidity and strength, not changed by events or distorted by influences.
Although talking about tourism and travel is not limited by a home country or shortened by distance, it is also not linked to a tourist destination alone, and the mechanism of its approval and the continuation of its travels and the multiplicity of his destinations and his choice of his regions and countries remains a behavior that people differ in their appreciation, and people differ in dealing with their priorities, and the bet is on selection The choice, the appropriateness of circumstances and the assessment of conditions, the availability of possibilities and the achievement of priorities, but what we believe in the importance of his obligation and commitment and to approach and participate in it, and everyone stands on his responsibility towards him, present and future, in urban and travel, accommodation and movement, within and outside the country, is that summer is a journey of morals For values ​​and principles before bodies, readiness to comply with instructions, rules of conduct and requirements to, and belief in the necessity of bringing it to mind before preparing baggage and cases, they are the guide of the faithful traveler and his bright light to a wider cosmic world.
From here comes this article of ours, bringing this good news to the people of my country, embodied in their solution, their journeys, their presence and their journeys, the specific values, the sources of morals, the places of virtue, the approach of advice, the principle of dedication, sincerity of work and good trust, inspired by the perfumer of the sublime speech of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, the construction period. Mozon of wisdom, and the approach to change. “The world has known Oman through its ancient and honorable history as an effective civilized country, influencing the development and prosperity of the region, and establishing security and peace in it. A great legacy, and lofty goals, built and not destroy, and nearness and distance, and this is what we will take care to continue, with you and yours, so that we all perform with determination and determination our civilized role and our historical honesty.” Education curricula, which are taught in the facilities of science and torches of knowledge, as a method of action, a way of building, and a consolidation of the optimal image that makes for the peoples the rights of power. The present and the future is their way of living in a turbulent and accelerating world in its conditions and changes so that they can remain pioneers, raise morals and elevate life for them.
And if the world knew Oman in that image painted by the exalted speech, then the world has known the Omanis in the course of their ancient history to be people of grace and generosity, good manners, wisdom and approach, moderation and balance is. , intuition and intuition, stability and truth, interdependence and cooperation, coexistence and tolerance. This in turn embodies the harmony between what this character carries and what summer travel requires, and the standards that any tourism system needs for its sustainability and strength secure in what contains the variations, collect the contradictions and create a spirit of change in them. The starting points in the consolidation of the civilized role of the Sultanate of Oman, and the leadership position it enjoyed in the ancient eras of history, and today it represents a station for all the positive indicators and advantages that make the Sultanate one of the best tourist destinations in the world, one of the safest and most secure countries in the world, and one of the most acceptable tourist destinations. achieved the zero number in terrorism, and that the city of Muscat is the The third level among the most beautiful cities in the world. Linked to the Omani personality and imbued with the values ​​of intellectual coexistence, pluralism and sectarian tolerance are essential components of the Omani model in the human and shared values, and major stations for the production of a tourism model that in able to influence and absorb reality and in which the various others find an opportunity to live and coexist in the light of humanity, human morality and the credibility of principles.
Therefore, project this integrative image onto the personality of the Omani citizen as he roams the world, stopping in his cities and landmarks, invoking human morals and humanity in all the situations and contingencies to which he is exposed, or through a positive behavior and a clear moral path in dealing with the various natural components and showing their benefits with all taste. Respect its aesthetic value, and appreciate all efforts that seek to make this environment’s purity, cleanliness, purity, sweetness, beauty and meaning linked to areas of tourism awareness, safe behavior and a sense of personal responsibility The characteristics, and how he can apply it in dealing with situations, embodied in reading events and circumstances and interacting with them in the light of bridges of affection and grace, to create greater opportunities that occur in the resulting cross-fertilization of experiences and expertise and the maximization of their impact on the life of the individual, and read in his travels and stations the experiences of countries, How people maintain their achievements, invest in their assets and maximize their cultural, moral and ethical heritage, and how do they read their historical and cultural balance and values? to others, and how to market it through these discreet practices and wise attitudes; To be a bet that can contribute to these principles and directions that the citizen embodies in his summer trips, opportunities and a presence in his beliefs and interests for a safe summer away from inconvenience and sadness, to play the role of a conscious , educated and loyal citizen by example by imparting the values ​​of tolerance, dialogue, respect and appreciation of the guest and providing him with all facilities.
Dedication to the principles and ethics rooted in the Omani constants and linked to the character of the Omani man remains the stronghold that ensures compliance with instructions, compliance with orders, and application of all standards and requirements approved by states for those who follow them comes to guarantee, and when this positive spirit is strengthened, and this mental image expressing human sincerity, intellectual sophistication and passion interacts By seeking excellence in his journeys away from all distortions, warning himself and his peers to fall into suspicions fall, be careful in dealing with situations and situations, then he has all the opportunities that express his willingness to travel, so he will have worn the seat belt, for the safety of lasting, and put everything in His right position, in an authentic sense, good planning, clear thoughts and a refined feeling, in the depth of his principles and morals, he is the ambassador of her country in the world, embodying her biography that she was known between the two worlds, and her image that stuck in the mind and characterized it among the various cities, carrying the message of peace and security, an appeal to kindness, love and commitment, and roots for the approach of rapprochement and communication with others in their countries, or in dealing with the global tourism performance, aware of the cultural, social and civilized peculiarities of peoples. The positive impact he leaves on non-Omanis inside and outside his country, the image reflected by the morals of the Omani person on the one hand, and his wisdom to act and handle situations during his travels, or his commitment to the instructions and responsibilities to which he must come, and the level of readiness for them, and bring this into all land and seaports. And the air, and when he enters the tourist facilities, is the reminder of a nation that makes future benefits for him that appears in the amount of appreciation and welcome he will receive on his travels, that increases the level of facilities and the procedures, cooperation and interest he finds as soon as he enters the territories of those countries.

Dr. Rajab bin Ali Al Owaisi

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