Nancy Ajram to Asharq Al-Awsat: I still dream every day

Nancy Ajram to Asharq Al-Awsat: I still dream every day

She played in the Lebanese beauty party and developed her singing style with “Sahh”

Wednesday – 28 Dhul-Hijjah 1443 AH – 27 July 2022 AD Issue No. [

Lebanese star Nancy Ajram

Beirut: Fatima Abdullah

The Lebanese beauty stepped up on Sunday night with three glamorous looks by Nancy Ajram. Artists are joy makers, beating sadness. A star with the rank of queen, among the queens at the “Forum de Beirut” evening, witnessing the coronation of Yasmina Zeytoun on the throne. The more she looks, she steals the spotlight, for the elegant, feminine and stars. The determination needed someone to sing from Nizar Qabbani’s poems “All that Lebanon asks of you / that you love a little.” Her meeting with Asharq Al-Awsat is at the heart of the award-winning hope.
Aimee screams asking her about attachment to a country that is bleeding, and she’s done singing “To Beirut the Female,” ushering in the beauty queen’s election ceremony. Love overflows in the form of a tremor in the voice, and she answers that she will always love Lebanon; And life is a wonderful madness, like the achievements of his basketball team and the beauty pageant after an absence. She gives the Lebanese a bouquet of hope. Then two elegant performances of two songs on each tongue: “Salamat” with the rhythms of the drum, and “Saheh” with the American “DJ” Marshmello, with the rhythm of the east and the west.
What a wonderful success when it crosses borders, because its pictures topped the giant screens in New York, Los Angeles and Times Square with the song “Sahah” and “Heat” of the summer! How to generate a successful song? Is it driven to the light by a feeling that comes from the heart, or does success have measures that are not necessarily related to feelings?
She sums up the way: “The most important criterion in art is talent combined with unstoppable perseverance. It is also important to choose the right people to support the artist, who give intelligent advice closely related to art and to him personally. I’m talking about the image, the style, the media…
What about feelings, do you follow heart signals? She immediately replied: “Of course! I follow my feelings in the affairs of my life, not only in art. It feels right most of the time. But I also realize how important it is to listen to those around me, so we share opinions to make decisions that serve continuity.”
You don’t find that the successful song has a specific time, by answering the question: When was this song born, and with what specifications? “Sometimes we choose the right time, topic and people,” she says. Sometimes the song pierces the heart effortlessly through the thoughtful choices. It’s enough to move my feelings until I choose it without hesitation. The most important thing is to focus on the speech and the topic, so that the melody fits the words so that I feel the song fits me.”
Nancy Ajram does not perform an incomplete stunt. We ask her about her concept of the change in the lyrical style, from her latest release “Sahsah”, which is played with musical sophistication and is a mix of Eastern instruments with Western rhythms. Explaining that what happened in “Sahih” is not a change, but rather an evolution, she reveals to “Al-Sharq al-Awsat”: “The song is my choice of lyrics and melody. It has been before there but we didn’t feel it was the right time to release it.When producer Wassim Salibi offered to collaborate with Marshmallow, I told him that with this song we will present a remarkable composition. That’s what happened. Marshmello moved it to another place on his Beat level, and Tarek Madkour became interested in spreading Arabic tracks in a distinctive way.”
Let us slow down in the face of the concerns of the future. Are you worried, Nancy? There is no escape from anxiety and from loud voices urging the true artist to advance his choices: “I can only think of the following. This is my personality in art and life. Tomorrow keeps me busy, and I’m constantly looking for everything new.”
Essence and radiance. Is there a secret to brilliance, such as dexterity secrets? What makes it shine is “the love for people”, describing it as “the treasure of the great artist; When he feels his success from the enthusiasm of his fans, love appears in different forms and is manifested by their anticipation, eagerness and unlimited support.”
The road was not always paved with roses. The maker of success is fatigue. She agrees, and replies: “No, it was not an easy journey. I remember it in detail, I started it at a young age. I stood on the stage when theaters were not my age. I remember the lessons from the oud and the vocalist, then I go home and keep memorizing them for a week before it’s time to recite them next week. My eagerness to master my work does not change.”
The owner of “The World is Sweet” does not forget the fatigue she experienced at the age of Al-Baraem, to the extent that she slept in the car with her father all the way, when they returned from ‘ a party he performed at. She recalls images that don’t budge from memory, and laughs at them. It’s like saying to oneself, “Yes, I did it,” proudly and confidently! She looks at Nancy and sees a child who has grown up and achieved part of her dreams, waiting for more: “I still dream every day.”
Tours and concerts in the best theaters, and an audience of millions. Does heart rate change with time? Does the heart calm down or speed up its beat like the first time it encounters loved ones? With each party, Nancy gets more scared. It is a fear of dreaded cloth. It respects people’s love, “The older I get, the greater the responsibility I feel. Their love for me makes me think of the next step. I am responsible for their joy and for providing songs that show their faith in me is worthy. Errors are forbidden here, as I ensure the stability of trust. I am in a position of eternal maturity and continuous learning. There are always things we don’t realize, so we learn them through experience.”
If only life were without disappointments and stings. Did Nancy suffer on the way to arrival? Beyond the “perfect” image of a star who has money, lights and family, do you blame? She claims that misery is the tax of fame, “and no one can do it easily.” She prefers to distance her loved ones from the “ups and downs” days, “because they only deserve joy.” She keeps disappointments to herself and emphasizes: “In the life of every artist there are people who love him, and destroy others and try to harm and limit success.”
Her deep faith in God, her helper to confront and confront; And her family supported it. From the source of faith, she poured out praise and gratitude: “So far what I asked of him has been fulfilled, so I strive to achieve more. My positivity prevents me from focusing on the negative, so I don’t waste my time and energy on it. Everything I wanted and didn’t come true was for my own good, so I later realized its wisdom to withhold what I wish for and it didn’t happen.”
Before parting, closing with motherhood. Mother Nancy, one of the cutest mothers of her generation. “By the one who doesn’t leave girls, he doesn’t get tired of henna and he doesn’t crush sweets.” What changes in the mother after the birth of three daughters? Tell us more about “Mama” Nancy.
She talks about the double responsibility with each daughter she gave birth to: “I fear for my name because of them. I adjust my time and work schedule to stay with them. I sacrifice like a mother and strive to reconcile work and family time. I am a mother who cares about the smallest details of her daughters. I watch over their comfort, follow their problems, imitate their interests and do my best to protect them from the evils of life.” Greetings to every working mother: “I appreciate your effort to achieve achievements with your family and wherever you are.”

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