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What is the concept of love?

Love is one of the most important and best human feelings that a person can feel, and love is a strong feeling that God puts in the hearts of his servants, and man does actions because of words of love, unless it is through anything be implemented. else.

The effect of words on a man

Words are things that affect a person very much, they are powerful arrows by which one can win or lose another person, and the word in the Islamic religion has a great impact, and the good word is charity and the evil word is evil, such a person must choose the words that a person intends to address to others.

Strong and moving modern love

Words of love are considered the best things a man can direct to his beloved and between them:

  • You are just a pulse that refreshes me every day.
  • That will remain my first and foremost wish, no matter how many dreams I have. I will love you until my heart stops beating
  • You are my desire and I am your love You are my poem and I am your melody. Your love and presence is equal to what I have lost in my entire life.
  • I love you twice as much as I admit. Being around me is the same as the world and what is in it.
  • Absent in the middle of my ribs, my pulse only knows you.
  • Aspects of love differ, but it agrees with you. You are my soul, my eyes, my heart the memory, you find.
  • What a miracle my master has done in me to love you so much.
  • Forget the whole world in your arms.
  • It’s called love my heart will pray to take care of you.
  • Life became beautiful when the Lord gave me to you.
  • My husband, I do not die for your love, I love you only and only, I love you because you are the most beautiful, and I live for you a minute months.
  • Because you are my beloved husband, no matter how close or how close you are, I ask the responsive God to do the best part for you.
  • My beloved husband, thank you for always being by my side, loving me and caring for me, and supporting me with all my love on the path of life.
  • My husband has four rules of happiness: you, your smile, being good and being close to me.
  • My husband, I love you as much as the letters that lovers call, I love you a word that never expresses what is inside me, but I will tell you my love.
  • My husband, you are part of my body, you are my heart, you are a cloud that lives in the air of my chest, and everything that the earth bears.
  • My dear husband, you are part of me, and the eternal thing in my heart is that you are like all people.

Many romantic words in love

Romantic words have a magical effect on a person, one of the best gifts a man can give to his beloved and one of the best romantic words:

  • There is nothing better than hearing your voice and seeing your voice sonrisa. No, I want more, madam, because when I’m thirsty, I look at her, I forget my tiredness, and when I miss her, I keep my hand in hers.
  • The many battles I fought for you, defying my pen and my notebook, I write in you, my death did not do justice to the alphabet, but I needed a new, unique and original language to express your qualities write, to sing with the pure angelic qualities I found in you.
  • Love is the love that God has placed in my chest for you I love you with all the worlds my love.
  • Wait a moment when you come to make my cheeks bloom and my heart to bloom, my way to meditate your eyes, and witness this life in your arms. My love, your femininity is limitless, from your head to your feet, every part of you has the right to be pampered. I love that moment when you find your features in my memory and you involuntarily smile.
  • My love, oh beautiful women of the earth, with what you describe, to explain my meaning to you, and you are the one whose tenderness entered my veins, winds seeped your love into my veins, with what you describe and all the sadness disappears between the palm of your hand, oh that your smile draws joy to my heart and
  • My dear, I can not describe well feel the beauty of creating love, my characters echo identity, they are in the humiliation of torture, murder, do not say that my will is our choice, provided that, you do not want it impossible .
  • only with you; I see the part that completes my soul.
  • She does not know that he is waiting for half his word, nor does he know that she is waiting for him to begin, a strange philosophy of worship.
  • Someone who truly worships will find a thousand ways to achieve your satisfaction.
  • And I told you you planted something too deep to tell?
  • The people closest to your heart are those who know what you want in the language of your eyes without speaking. Your perfume is still in my hand after peace, friend, beautiful life after meeting.
  • The coolest you can be in life (worship), but the coolest is proud of achievement. Man has not stopped describing worship, worship has no limits, no history, no dates, and worship is pure words that arise from the heart to the heart.
  • All I want is for your hands to join my heart and whisper to you: I adore you very much. I love your soul only because it is different from the rest.
  • And I whisper in your ear: I promise you the love that never lived in you, I love you and enough.

short strong love speeches

There are some simple words that have many meanings, are the best words of love:

  • No matter how old I am, it is important that I stay with you for the rest of my life.
  • I want to be something beautiful in your life that brings a smile to your face every time you think about it. I wish I had everything you want.
  • One day someone may win the equivalent of what you lost in your entire life, but then: I will never love anyone, but before: Basically, I only knew the love in you.
  • It is good to be something precious to someone who is afraid of losing you one day.
  • A man cannot be cruel to the woman he loves.
  • The important person in your life is not the one you feel is there, but the one you feel is absent.
  • If you see me telling strangers about you, I’ll try to queue up strangers to love yourself from my talk.
  • I am bound to you; Even if you are not there, feel kindness towards me, no matter how far you are.
  • I like having enough of you and not enough of you.
  • If love were words to be written, my feathers would end, but love must have given souls, my soul would be enough.
  • All I want is to stay in my life forever.
  • I will love you if you turn into water to flood the whole world.
  • And when you hear your voice longing for you, you don’t know it.
  • It is said in love that hugs are life. I punish you because you are the most precious thing to me How could I not love you more than myself and every heartbeat that beats in your name?
  • I wish I had a big heart that loves you the way it suits you.
  • The beauty of living with someone you’ve loved for years. My heart just wants a lover.
  • I confess that all I can do is think of you when they ask me about you, I will say that happiness has come into my life and I don’t want it to go away.
  • Even if you were CO2, I’m glad you suffocated. If I had known that dream brought us together, I would have closed my eyelids forever.
  • Your feeling, your crazy love, your warm chest, the most beautiful love in the universe.
  • My happiness is limited to three characters: you. Words of strong love The most beautiful words of strong love for each other can be said: What a beautiful thing to have someone who does not know the meaning of sleep until they calm you down. He is the only one who, when you start talking to him, does not have enough and does not finish.
  • From the set of true love has the most beautiful moments of the minimalist, love the king as you own them all. O laughing confused heart your screams shake the universe All who have heard your voice have led a mad life.
  • It is sweet to feel my thoughts, see you in my heart and adore you in my soul. It’s nice to have someone who asks if you’re far and closer if you’re far.
  • When your love is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • You will live forever as long as someone remembers you love us left crucified in the face of our amazement we can’t escape we can’t walk.
  • In the heart there is endless prayer for you. I didn’t believe in the eyes and their magic until you drew me with imagination.
  • Lord, gather all those who love You and give them little children who see in their eyes the fruit of their love.
  • Life is beautiful when someone asks you when you wake up. And about your daily life and even your free hours.
  • Day by day, nothing but me loves you more. You will only feel the excitement and love with crazy. to be her lover.
  • That means being her parents every time you make mistakes! A friend when you have fun! her teacher when she thinks. It doesn’t matter who you are gone. it matters that you are okay.

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