The conscious Sudanese people before the oppressive regime.. Written by: Bashir Abdel Qader – Sudanile

I previously wrote an article with a title similar to or similar to the title above. Since the situation has not changed, but rather has become more complicated, even for its perpetrators, and I do not say its perpetrators. Because I am fully convinced that they are nothing but tools and “servants” who carry out the supreme orders that come to them from many sides with conflicting interests; These many parties know that there are other parties also giving orders for implementation. The intelligence remains in subordinating every supreme party to the orders of the party contrary to its own interest. Through the tools implemented in Sudan, that is, the Military Sovereign Council and those who hide behind it from the security committee of the ousted Al-Bashir, which is nothing but a front for the non-Islamist movement.
The confusion of the Sudanese people begins to realize that there are groups that always lead the scene and bully them with the power of arms and the power of money. There are groups less powerful than them who want to impose their partisan views on him and believe that they are the people who know the interests of the people the most and are strengthened by the armed forces of the regular and irregular forces.

Therefore, stakeholders from major foreign countries, specifically the United States, Russia, China and Europe in general, have noticed that many Sudanese raw materials, especially minerals such as oil, gold and uranium, can be seized and owned at a low price. Similarly, stakeholders from other countries such as Iran, Turkey and some Gulf countries, in addition to Egypt, noted that they have strategic interests in Sudan, especially in the areas of food and water security, and in addition to controlling world trade by controlling strategic ports on the Red Sea, and how they can share it at low prices and maybe for free. In the presence of corrupt governments, especially military governments. As the military governments need supportive external protection to remain in the seat of government in a stable and sustainable manner and are not afraid of change, and for that they are ready to sell all the country’s resources and bounties in exchange for entering the seat of power.

On the other hand, the opportunists, the non-patriots and the merchants of wars and crises were convinced that their tribal, regional, partisan and personal interests were loyal to the military, the owners of arms, and the security, intelligence and police services, in exchange for the army’s protection for them and in exchange for them running as civilians from the civil authority under the protection of the “swords” of the army!!!
This analysis applies to all third world countries, especially African countries, and as proof of that, most of those countries remained under military rule for the fifties without a mechanism to get out of that catastrophic predicament!!! If we now look at Sudan, we find the same situation, with no reasonable and acceptable solution for the majority to get out of the impasse!!!
It remains that all those major countries or other stakeholders know for sure that the Sudanese people reject the continuation of the military in power, and that their stay in power will lead to the collapse and fragmentation of the state and thus their interests will be lost or delayed, even temporarily. Also, the critical global economic situation does not allow them to waste the resources and bounties of Sudan, not even temporarily!!! These countries also know that the beginning and end of the solution to the Sudanese crisis is represented in the existence of a civilian system of government in which all citizens enjoy the same rights and duties without any tribal, regional or partisan discrimination, and that there a political succession system and free and fair elections.

The question remains that the military and their opportunistic political incubators own weapons, power and money, so how can they accept to give them up, especially since they know that if true civilian rule is achieved, they and those behind they can be held accountable for all the war crimes, murder and corruption they committed, not to mention the confiscation of that money they “stole”. People’s money!!! This is something that is difficult to address without negotiations, settlements and a security exit for them!!! Otherwise, they will stick to the verdict until the last breath, and the evidence is that despite the coup speech of Al-Burhan on 04/07 and Hemeti’s speech in and although the apparent meaning of the two speeches is to leave the political arena for the civilian parties and resistance committees to form the civilian government, but the truth is completely different, and the evidence is that Al-Burhan then appointed. Some of the army are ambassadors in some countries, which means that he himself as the head of state. Hemedti also says in his speech that he was surprised by the destruction in Darfur, while the tribal war in Darfur, the burning of villages and the displacement of the local population would not have happened without the participation or approval of Hemedti and his militias.

On the other hand, the political, tactical and strategic differences between the various parties among themselves as well as with the resistance committees are natural, given that during the 66 years since independence they only had the opportunity to practice politics for 14 separate years. However, even if it becomes difficult for them to agree within a short period of time, it is a matter that does not compromise the military’s continued commitment to the equivalent of 82 percent of the state’s resources, and the continuation of the smuggling of the country’s wealth in gold and other things. Rather, the military should, if they are honest, perform their constitutional duties, which are maintaining security internally and maintaining borders externally. While they prove more than two points to fail them. Which necessitated the resignation of all these great ranks in the regular, police and intelligence forces. Especially since the number of these ranks of generals, lieutenants and first lieutenants is more than their number in the French army. In addition to the presence of large numbers of all ranks in the Rapid Support Forces and all armed movements.

It remains for the political parties and the resistance committees to form a primary government and take over power this week and before the end of the current month of July, and they can then make various adjustments in the ministries in relation to the stage. The Sudanese people should also prepare for the announcement of the sit-in in all cities on 07/30/2022 AD and not return from there except by handing over the government to civilians.
The late Hassan Khalifa Al Atbarawi sang
“Welcome to our beloved country
The worms of the Nile, the baboons of the forest
Oh our home, we are friends.
We love Adela and satisfy hardship
We are our country with goodness
What country do you look like?
This is our life and we are our life
We don’t have a panorama without it and Hatta
With our help we will build it
And never overdo it.”


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