The size of one of them is equivalent to 3 football fields combined.. the largest 9 war submarines in the world

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The use of submarines in naval warfare was common, especially during the World War period, but submarines at the time were manually operated, and were very slow, until the launch of the first nuclear-powered submarines, named USS Nautilus, in 1955. .

Since then, these attack ships have become among the deadliest tools of war, due to their great speed and enormous capacity to carry large quantities of weapons and torpedoes.

Today, submarines are an essential part of a nation’s naval fleet, serve as a nuclear deterrent, and are used for surveillance and patrolling in territorial waters.

In this report, we review a list of the 9 largest submarines in the world, ranked by their length and size.

1. The largest submarine in the world, Belgorod

The Belgorod submarine or “the end of the world” is the longest and the latest in our list, as the Russian Navy announced the readiness of this submarine and its delivery in July 2022.

This submarine is equipped with very powerful nuclear torpedoes, which can cause “tsunami” waves up to 500 meters high, and are intended to cause extensive destructive radioactive contamination.

The Belgorod submarine has a length of 184 meters and a weight of 30,000 tons, which is the largest submarine built in 30 years, and the fastest submarine at a speed of more than 59 km per hour.

This submarine can be equipped with six Poseidon-class unmanned nuclear torpedoes, each approximately 24.4 meters long, and armed with a nuclear payload of up to 100 megatons, according to a report in the British Daily Mail.

2. Russian Hurricane submarines are the size of 3 football fields combined

Soviet Russia built these giant nuclear submarines in the 1960s and 1970s to confront the United States and its Cold War allies.

The size of these submarines exceeded three football fields combined, and were loaded with unusual features, such as swimming pools, saunas and golf courses.

Hurricane-class submarines were 175 meters long, 76 meters wide and 38 meters high, weighed more than 48,000 tons and reached speeds of 46.3 km per hour.

It is equipped with 20 massive R-39 Rif ICBMs, RSM-52 missiles and an efficient engine system to launch a silent and powerful attack on its enemies.

In addition to the above, these submarines are designed to cross the icy waters of the Arctic. So it has an ice breaking mechanism and a strong rear fin.

And only one of them is still in service, by the name of Dmitri Donskoy.

3. Russian Borei-class submarines

The Borei-class submarines were the first to be built by Russia since the end of the Soviet regime, and were supposed to replace the old Delta and Hurricane submarines, and serve the Russian Navy.

The first ballistic missile submarine of this class was the Yury Dolgoruky, launched in 2008. Eight submarines of various designs were built as part of this program, of which 4 are still in service.

However, it is smaller in size compared to the hurricane category, with a weight of 24,000 tons, a length of 170 meters, a width of 13 meters and a speed of 46.3 km per hour.

Interestingly, these are the first Russian submarines ever to use pump-jet propulsion technology, and can carry 22 missiles.

4. Ohio-class submarines are the most capable of carrying missiles

These submarines are the fourth largest in the world and were in service with the US Navy between 1977 and 1998.

Each Ohio-class submarine is equipped with 24 missiles with a range of approximately 12,000 km. As a result, they have a greater capacity to carry missiles than the Russian Hurricane and Borei class submarines.

The submarine of this class weighs 18,750 tons and has four decks. All eighteen submarines of this type are equipped with eight launchers and four torpedo tubes, with a range of fifty kilometers and a depth of 3,000 feet. In addition to a digital fire control system.

It is worth noting that it contains more than 50% of the thermonuclear weapons possessed by the United States.

These nuclear-powered ships are 40 years old, and all are still operating, and will be replaced by the newly developed Columbia class by 2030.

5. Russian delta-class submarines

Delta class consisted of a series of ballistic missile submarines that formed the basis of the Russian submarine fleet in the 1970s. It consists of four subcategories, delta 1, 2, 3 and 4, with a length of 167 meters and a width of 12.5 meters.

Delta 1, 2 and 3 submarines carried 12 to 16 missiles, and had missile launchers that could hit multiple targets simultaneously, at a range of 7,000 to 8,000 km, but all their submarines were decommissioned by 2005.

But the Delta 4 submarines are still in service and are part of the Russian Northern Fleet.

6. Oscar-class Russian submarines

There are 6 Oscar-class submarines, all of which are in service and part of the Russian Northern Fleet, but they are subject to constant modernization over time.

Eleven submarines of this class, which are 154 meters long and 18 meters wide, are built to accommodate advanced electronics and noise cancellation systems, and they have a larger fin than their predecessors, and seven-bladed propellers.

These submarines also have a double hull and a secret emergency escape capsule that can accommodate 100 people.

This class is equipped with 24 missiles with a range of 600 km. It contains ten compartments that can be separated from each other in case of accidents.

This submarine weighs 24,000 tons, and has an underwater cruising speed of about 55.5 km per hour.

7. British Vanguard class submarines

The Vanguard class includes four ballistic missile submarines built for the British Navy as part of the 1994 Trident nuclear programme.

Each ship can carry 192 warheads, contains 16 missile tubes and nuclear missiles with a range of up to 5,000 miles.

It also contains the best sonar system that can detect ships that are within a range of more than fifty miles. However, they will be replaced by Dreadnought-class submarines by 2030.

These submarines contain 16 torpedoes with a target range of 65 kilometers. It is 150 meters long, weighs more than 16,000 tons, and has a speed of 46 km per hour. These are the largest submarines made in Britain.

8. Russian Yassin/Granny Class submarines

The Yasen submarines, also known as the Grani class, were designed by Russia’s largest shipbuilder. The first ship of this class started operating in 2013. Two more entered service in 2021.

Five ships of this class are under construction and will be launched by 2029.

These submarines carry around 32 cruise missiles to launch land attacks, and have superior combat capabilities.

It is 140 meters long, weighs 14,000 tons, is powered by a nuclear reactor and has a noise reduction system.

9. The victorious French submarines

The first Triomphant-class submarine was launched in 1997. Four ships of this class were built, which are currently an active part of the French fleet.

These submarines are 138 meters long, 12.5 meters wide and 14,335 tons in weight, with an underwater speed of 46 km per hour.

The first three ships of this class were equipped with 16 M45 ballistic missiles, with a range of more than 8000 km, and a thermonuclear warhead.

But this class will gradually be replaced by the third generation of high-tech submarines by 2035.

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